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Gun Appreciation Day..and…

I’ll probably be in trouble…

Went to a nearby Pawn/Gun Shop, as going to the Capital was out of the question and I decided to fore go the Gun Show after hearing the stories about the crowds and prices..

So I headed there and looked their small selection over..They had an interesting selection of Shotguns…all the way from Sears and Roebuck Ted WIlliams to Springfields and Mossbergs on up to Browning, Beretta, Benelli  Novas…and prices were pretty good. especially if one wanted to pick a Mossberg 500 up. A Mosin M44 for 250 bucks.A Yugo Mauser and an assortment of .22s, one Winchester Model 70 and this…


Remington 597 with a Simmon’s 3x9x50 scope…Now do I ‘need’ another .22?

Yes…You can never have enough…and now I have one for each of the boys to take with them and me!!

Got it for a pretty good price, better then any I have seen elsewhere and most of those had no scopes..He knocked 20 bucks off and threw in a hard ‘cheap plastic’ case..

It is remarkably clean for a .22..


Yes I am happy…But now to explain to the MBWITW…I did buy here a new HP All-in-One computer the other day and she was pretty dang happy with that!!

Well see..as they say is better to beg forgiveness……..


New Gunz!!!

Okay new ‘used’ gun..

Followed me home today!!

Mossberg 500.

Found it here.

Went there to poke around and talked to ‘Herb’ helpful salesperson.

Told him my budget and he showed me a couple of pump actions. 12 gauge. I was somewhat, kinda, maybe interested in them, but not really, until he came back with the Mossberg.

Yep, price was good..

And the MBWITW is letting me keep it!!

Nice experience there, no complaints, big selection and they were BUSY on a Friday..

‘Herb’ said is has been this way for the last 5 years and I agree, every time I stop by to snoop around it is busy…

Goes bang and now it will be in the woods tomorrow with me as my #2 Son and I do a little Wild Turkey hunting..