You Will Comply and Obey!!!

The Coming New Order

For many years, a handful of people have postulated that those who control industry, finance and governments are essentially the same people – a cabal of sorts that have, over generations, solidified their relationships in order to gain greater wealth and power, whilst systematically making things ever more difficult for the free market to exist.

But why should this be? Surely, corporate leaders are more ardently capitalist than anyone else?

Well, on the surface, that might appear to make sense, but once a significant position of power has been achieved, those who have achieved it recognize that, since they’ve already reached the top, the primary concern changes. From then on, the primary concern becomes the assurance that no others are able to climb so high as they have.

Bits N’ Pieces …PM

Lets have all Democrat run cities, dissolve their Police Forces..See how it works out for them.

Poll: 55% of Democrats Support ‘Defund the Police’; 64% of Americans Oppose

Pretty soon real Americans will be forced to take up arms…

The New World Order Has Begun: Woke Insanity Among A Cultural Revolution 

It’s worked before…

Roof Koreans: How Civilians Defended Koreatown from Racist Violence During the 1992 LA Riots

BLM. Another scam run by???

Top Black Lives Matter Activist Questions Where the Millions of Dollars in Donations Are Going? – No One Knows! 

10 Rules for Surviving The Left’s Zombieland

Buy a gun(s). Learn how to use it. Keep it handy and accessible…And don’t forget the Boolits…

Yep …

Escape From Minneapolis

Minneapolis put a student government in charge and destroyed the city.


Free Citizens Do Not Kneel


And You Wonder Why Globalists Want Your Guns ..

NWO: Globalists Want To ANNIHILATE 90% Of The Human Race

The NWO and globalization has been happening for some time now, but there always appears to be a moment when the agenda’s rhetoric is ramped up to disturbing levels, complete with apocalyptic death.  Even leftist totalitarian comedians like Bill Maher have joined in the horrific agenda pushing by saying he just wants people to, “Not have kids, DIE, and stay dead.” Maher said humans hurt the environment, so the solution is for them to die. (Did Maher forget he’s a human?) “As he argued that humans hurt the environment, he concluded that it would be better for Earth for more people to ‘not have kids, die and stay dead,’” reports

I’ll be at the reloading bench…..Never enough bullets with these nuts running around..

Good Guns! WW3? Riots! Holder! Rights Activists!

What good guys do with guns.

Stop bad guys.

Cops? Were none around..

Be safe.


Distracted whilst WW3 brews?



From anti American protestors…Is all they are!

25 Shocking Photos From Zimmerman Riots Sweeping The Nation


Like they did with Benghazi? Fast and Furious?

Stand your ground!

Holder wades deeper into Zimmerman battle, calls for review of ‘stand-your-ground’

Another group of liberal idiots doing their best to impose their ideals on others. Pressuring a non elected government agency to impose unlawful harassing restrictive laws on Americans.
Bet these assOs are Pro Abortion also.Save the pigs, kill the babies!!
Animals have a right to be treated humanely, slaughtered humanely and grilled, barbecued, etc.
Is why the good Lord gave them to us!!
Boyfriend Shoots at Armed Home Invaders to Rescue Woman and 2 Children – See more at:
Boyfriend Shoots at Armed Home Invaders to Rescue Woman and 2 Children – See more at:

Wild Bill. Disability. N. Korea. Felony BB Gun? Strike? War? Iran! New World Order! Loons!

Wild Bill..

Ignorant, arrogant community organizer… With no experience…


How does that work? Or not..

Record Number of Workers On Disability


North Korea Provocation Continues as Pentagon Suits Up


Holy crap…Fail all over the place here..

7-Year-Old Nabbed On Felony BB Gun Charges


NKorea Clears Military for Nuke Strike on US North Korea warned that its military has been cleared to attack the U.S. using “smaller, lighter and diversified nuclear” weapons, while the U.S. said it was strengthening protection in the region and seeking to defuse the situation.

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This is disturbing…Buck Ofama would probably go down in history as the first President to get our asses kicked!!

Is Obama Looking for a War to ‘Fix’ Economy?


Iran also?

Iran taking a page out of North Korea’s book


Biden: New World Order!!!??


Loons. Complete and total Loons. Am so glad my sons are grown and ready to move one…If and when they have kids and we are close enough..We will be damn sure to help them raise them and keep the Loons at bay!!

It Takes a Village of Left-Wing Loons

Gun Stuff..A Warning…Ammo?…Teachers and Guns…Banks..

Retired Special Forces General Issues Stark Warning To AmeriKA

Where’s the proof UN soldiers are operating on American soil?…
Foreign troops to confiscate American guns under UN treaty…
FEMA exercises include foreign troops…


From Rabble Such As This, Rise a People Whom Defy Kings.

All that is required for the success of evil is for good men to do nothing. Do not be mislead. The good men are not doing nothing. The good men are biding their time, waiting for what comes next. Tyranny will not pull through, and the triumph of freedom will always be there for those who are vigilant, patient, and prepared.


Nationwide Ammo Shortages: The Ammo is Gone

Got some? No!! To bad I guess….


Ban alcohol…Oh wait..Tried that once…

Blevins failed a preliminary alcohol test at the site

Like banning drugs…that ain’t working so well either..

He has two previous felony drug convictions.


Wrong House…


Only in California…Could someone say this…

Yes..She said shot with an ‘unloaded’ gun…Damn the stupid is strong….


Teachers And Guns: An Educator Explains Why She Learned To Shoot

Fish was one of a dozen or so educators in the Tar Heel State who attended the free firearms training course at Triangle Krav Maga combat center in Cary, just west of the capital, Raleigh.

“I’m still debating whether I want to even have a gun of my own,” Fish tells AOL Jobs. “But I wanted to be well informed if I decide to do that.” (Fish asked to be identified by her maiden name to protect her privacy.)


CBS’s Charles Osgood: ‘Is the Constitution Worthy of the Reverence in Which Most Americans Hold It?

Excuse me? The media should just shut up and report..

Let banks go Bankrupt?!?! Worked for Iceland!!!


Will You Submit & Obey?

No I will not and I agree with this…

“I will not register my weapons…

“I am not your subject…

“I am not your peasant… .”

I am not a “tough guy.” I am not looking for a fight. Rather, I desperately wish to avoid one. I’m a middle-aged American just trying to live my life, work, enjoy my pastimes and my friends and family. To be an American. A free American. I dearly value my life. Which is precisely why,  if I am backed into a corner by those who refuse to leave me be – even though I harm none – then I will turn and fight. God help me.

God help us all.

Totally agree and I hope those in power realize this..But I think they do not…I see blood on the horizon..