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Palin Again! Illegal Tool! In the Face! Undocumented Democrats! Struggling!

Palin Mocks President Obama and Karl Rove in CPAC Speech

Both of them deserve what ass kickings we can give them and more!!


Another article of senseless blather in the Red Star and Tribune…Wonder whom paid them off for this line of bullshit?

‘Illegal’ Gun? What makes a tool illegal?

If you kill someone with a hammer? Fist? Baseball bat? does that make those items ‘illegal’?

Nope…Not in your lameassed world!

But a gun!! Now a gun obviously has a mind and will of it’s own!!

Has to for it to go and kill. Illegally!!

Damn I hate the Government run media!!


Is what I would like to do some days…

Starting with a few local assOs around here…


Poll: Legalizing Undocumented Democrats Illegals Will Spur More Immigration

Most Americans would prefer to send illegal immigrants back to their home countries rather than give them legal status in this country, a new poll reveals.

The poll by Pulse Opinion Research also found that Americans largely believe that politicians who push for giving illegals a path to citizenship are “pandering” to Hispanic voters.

In the survey of likely voters, divided fairly evenly among Republicans, Democrats, and persons of other affiliations, 52 percent said they wanted illegal immigrants to return to their home countries, while just 33 percent would like to see them receive legal status.

But those who oppose legal status feel much more strongly about their position — 73 percent said they felt “very strongly” about that view, while just 35 percent of those who prefer legal status feel strongly about that.

“One reason the public may prefer that illegals head home is a strong belief that efforts to enforce immigration laws have been inadequate,” according to Steven Camarota, director of research at the Center for Immigration Studies. He noted that 64 percent of respondents believe enforcement has been “too little,” compared to 10 percent who believe it has been “too much,” and 15 percent who said it is “just right.” The rest were unsure.

The poll also found that 69 percent agree with the statement: “Giving legal status to illegal immigrants does not solve the problem because rewarding law breaking will only encourage more illegal immigration.” Only 26 percent disagree.

Other results of the poll:

  • Asked if they had confidence that immigration laws would be enforced after legalization, 70 percent of respondents said they were not confident.

  • Fifty-three percent of respondents said they would be more likely to vote for a political party that supports enforcing immigration laws, compared to 32 percent who say they would support a party that backs legalizing illegals.

  • Sixty percent believe that politicians who push for legalizing illegal immigrants are pandering to Hispanics to get votes, while just 25 percent think they are “generally concerned” about the immigrants.

  • Twenty-three percent say America needs large numbers of immigrants to fill low-wage jobs because there aren’t enough citizens willing to do them, but nearly three times as many — 67 percent — say there are plenty of Americans willing to do those jobs if employers paid them more and treated them better.


More Americans Moonlighting to Make Ends Meet

Last month about 340,000 Americans took a second job, the largest monthly gain in nearly 16 years, as workers struggled to pay their bills in the Obama economy.

Almost 7.26 million people collected two paychecks in February, up from 6.92 million in January, according to data from the Labor Department.

And the proportion of total employment made up of workers holding more than one job rose to 5.1 percent, from 4.8 percent the previous month.

The increase came shortly after a hike in the payroll tax left many workers taking home smaller paychecks, MSN Money observed. Congress allowed the temporary payroll tax break to expire, sending Social Security taxes back to 6.2 percent from the temporary 4.2 percent.

The tax increase will cost Americans $120 billion more this year than last year, Roberton Williams, a tax economist and the Sol Prince Fellow at the Tax Policy Center, told MSN. That’s nearly equal to the full-year sales of Procter & Gamble, J.C. Penney, and McDonald’s combined.

Most moonlighters work as food-service employees, retail workers, personal-care professionals, bookkeepers, computer technicians, and office administrators, according to the New York Post.

More Americans also are relying on part-time jobs as they have trouble finding full-time work in the still-struggling economy, The New York Times reports.

Part-time positions have risen by 2.8 million since December 2007, when the recession began, but 5.8 million fewer Americans are working full-time.

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Editor’s Note:


Nanny York!! Leave! ObamaScare! The Reason. Gun Stuff. Joan. Remington.

“Any single man must judge for himself whether circumstances warrant obedience or resistance to the commands of the civil magistrate; we are all qualified, entitled, and morally obliged to evaluate the conduct of our rulers.” –English philosopher John Locke (1632-1704)


Bloomberg. The wealthy assO wanting to ruin your lives by having complete control over it.

What you eat. How you protect your self…

Report: N.Y. Mayor Bloomberg bans 2-liter sodas with pizza delivery


Wyoming Reps response to those whom are not happy with how they do things there..

‘By All Means, Leave’

Heh….Maybe need to head there, sounds like my kind of place…


But MsNBC and NBC lurves Buck Ofama and OfamaCare!!

But wait!! What is this??

Irony! NBC owned Universal Studios Orlando will cut health care benefits for part-time workers at end of the year because of ObamaCARE

Maybe it sucks to be employed by NBC?


The real reason Obama wants our guns..



Department of Justice Report Finds Gun Control Proposals Ineffective


Self-Defense Guns: Home Defense and Survival Guns

Choices. I like choices…The sound of a revolver being cocked, a 12 gauge pump cycling…Just saying…


Bring friends…Lots..

DOJ Memo: Outlaw and Confiscate All Guns


MRCOLIONNOIR responds to ‘senile’ Joe Biden..


Since this anti gun hater Joan Peterson is from Minnesota I should probably, try, to pay more attention to her antics..

But Weerd does pretty good at doing so.



Take a stand!


Resist. Expose Marxists. Derelict. Worthless. FBI.

Resistance to New Gun Laws Builds in USA

With State of the Union This Week, War on Guns Heats Up. Still, Resistance to New Gun Laws Quietly Builds in USA


Expose the Marxist..Although they seem to be doing a good job on their own.

Lets help them along!!


DHS: We don’t worry about the 4th Amendment..

An internal review of the US Department of Homeland Security’s procedures regarding the suspicion less search-and-seizure of phones and laptops near the nation’s border has reaffirmed the agency’s ability to bypass Fourth Amendment-protected rights.

We take your stuff..Whenever we want!!


Dereliction of duty. Buck Ofama has a few questions to answer..

8 Key Questions that MUST be answered by President Obama

1-Where was the Commander-in Chief during the crisis in Benghazi that cost four American lives and What was he doing?

2-Why did he not take charge as Commander-in-Chief?

3-Who was really calling the shots?

4-Where were LeonPanetta and General Martin Dempsey during the crisis and What inputs, recommendations and decisions did they make?

5-Where were the National Security Advisor, Tom Donilon, and his Deputy, Denis McDonough (known as “the Fixer”) during the attacks and more importantly, What inputs and recommendations (if any) did either of them make to Obama?

6-As has been reported, Were Obama and Biden on the phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for an hour (or more) on “other more important business” after the attack in Benghazi began?

7-After the attacks were over WHEN did Obama reappear on the scene?

8-HOW will he explain his DERELICTION OF DUTY as Commander-in-Chief?


What did Pelosi say??

Nancy Pelosi gets her amendments confused – says First Amendment protects the right to bear arms

Holy cow…What an idiot..




Why is it we do not have enough ‘talent’ in Science , Technology, Engineering and Math?

So that leftist Dhimmicrap Amy Klobuchar introduces a bill to allow more work visas to foreigners?

Klobuchar in midst of contentious visa debate

The debate centers on whether there are enough Americans with skills in science, technology, engineering and math — a cluster known as STEM. Many companies say they can’t find the talent they need here.

Is it because we have created such an ‘entitled’ society that no one wants to work hard at getting a worthwhile degree anymore? Why bust your butt to get become a Scientist? An Engineer? When you can get a degree in something lame and bizarre like ancient some forgotten culture studies? Or forgotten language? SOmething totally worthless, but you can tell everyone you have a degree, as worthless as it may be.

What good is that?  Worthless…


The FBI trolls another victim and ‘stings’ him. Another effort to make an excuse for their existence is it?

FBI arrest one Matthew Aaron Llaneza for trying to blow up San Francisco bank.

Short version: the feds arrested one Matthew Aaron Llaneza for attempting to blow up a bank for the Taliban; as is the FBI’s wont, they got him via a sting operation that was kept up right up to the moment where Llaneza pulled the remote trigger on the ‘bomb.’ Which is, obviously, fine by me: I want the FBI out there actively trolling the fringes for people who really, really want to blow up Americans. It saves a lot of time – and, of course, lives.

OK, do we all understand each other on the basics? Yes? Great. Moving on then… well, isn’t this just spiffy. . . . please click here for the rest of the post →