Gun Bits and Ridiculous…

The shit will hit the fan soon. More and more I am hearing from Conservative friends how they have had it with Government, Politicians: Demo Rat and Repuplikan, Leftists, mandates infringing on our Rights and the out of control protesting by leftist’s.

And many of these are solid, hardworking, business owning people. They are angry, some whom  are they calmest,  easiest going folks I know. They are pissed.

It’s getting ugly.

It should be important!!

NSSF Likely Voter Survey Shows Firearm Free Choice A Key Election Issue

Freedom. Apparently our esteemed institutions of so called ‘Higher’ learning no longer believe in it..

Austin Tong’s Fight For His First And Second Amendment Freedoms

College Student Forced into ‘Political Reeducation’ For Photo with AR-15

Member Spotlight: Meet the student who was harassed for posting a picture with his firearm

See above..

Florida State Student Government Ousts Student for Catholic Beliefs

So now they will decide what is and is not food?

Gov. Cuomo Declares Chicken Wings Aren’t ‘Substantive Food’

New York Slimes…

New York Times Announces Podcast Blaming ‘Nice White Parents’ for Downfall of Public Schools

Everytown..Lie and lie some more..

Everytown’s Hail Mary

Well that does it…

Every player on Nationals, Yankees kneels prior to national anthem

This guy is an expert on viruses…Been producing them for years..

Bill Gates: Multiple vaccine doses might be necessary to protect from virus

And I trust him as I do any rich bastard…Not!!


Quick Bits ….

Need more of this…..

Armed veterans stand guard at memorial against ‘violent thugs’ who might try to destroy it

Why you should always be armed and never stop for protestors!!

Protester shoots 60-year-old driver whose SUV is blocked by mob of demonstrators; suspect arrested for attempted murder


Seriously? Study claims riots SLOW spread of coronavirus

A liberal backed by Soros, need I say more??

Who is Kimberly Gardner, St. Louis prosecutor investigating gun-toting couple?

Crooked Democrats?? I’m shocked I tell you, SHOCKED!!!

Four Toledo City Council members, all Democrats, arrested by FBI on bribery charges

I say New York Slime needs a little dynamite..

Dynamite? NY Times take aim at Mt. Rushmore

Propaganda and outright lies…From another pointless rag…

FAKE HISTORY: USA Today Pretends Democrats Didn’t Found the KKK, Start Civil War (They Did)

The truth is there…

Hannity: Decades of Democrat rule has resulted in disaster for many major cities


Soros..Evil Bastard..

George Soros — The Money Behind Social Destruction — International Arrest Warrant Now Issued


Quick Bits ….

Not OK

Globalist engineered pandemic…??

They’ve Been Lying To Us

Asking for a friend….

Do not often put much stock in polls..


Race Stats for Protesters Finally Come Out, Destroy Leftist Narrative

New York Slimes again..

NYT Finds Themselves in a Blunder Over Their Botched Russia-Taliban Story

Go read it…

A Brief Look Of The 1st And 2nd Amendments


Ridiculous ……

The truth will set you free..

Will also piss off those whom don’t want you to hear it…

Terror-Linked CAIR Sues Arizona Community College for Teaching the Truth about Islam and Terrorism

Gun free zones, cop free zones. What could possibly go wrong…???

School Districts Across The Country Move To Cut Contracts With Local Police After Minneapolis Public School Voted to End Its Contract With MPD

Now how would Trump have done this??

New York Times Columnist Paul Krugman: Trump may have cooked the books for strong May jobs report

TDS I guess…

I would have to say, some would say, Oh Hell No!!!

‘We will take over!’: Aussie Muslim leader says riots an “opportunity” for Muslims to seize global leadership and impose Sharia


Defund the Police… Because Climate Change


DailyKos: It’s OK for Climate Alarmists to Make Things Up Out of Thin Air





‘Antifa kid’ who smashed a police car and incited riots in Pittsburgh is escorted into custody — by his mom and dad

If it were my kid, and I found out, he would be begging to be turned in….

So this is okay in the name of???

Black Americans Killed in Riots Across American Cities Featured

New York Slime….

COPS SHOT, KILLED, Rioters Target Police Across US, Widespread Looting: New York Times “PEACEFUL PROTESTS”

You clowns have no legacy, spoiled assholes, should shut the hell up…

John Legend, Megan Rapinoe, Other Celebrities Sign ‘Defund The Police’ Letter 

Worthless …

I kneel for one thing and it sure hell will never be anything other then that!!

Black Lives Matter Thug Forces White Woman to Get on Her Knees and Apologize For Her “White Privilege”

Dear lord I hope this never happens around me…Being shot would be the least of their problems…

And you can take this ‘white privileged ‘ bullshit, along with your ‘black lives matter’s ‘ and shove it up your ass.

What is it with these Cuomo assholes?? So if they can’t be ‘poite and peaceful’ shoot the bastards…And those promoting them..

WATCH: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Goes to Bat for Looting Thugs By Insisting Protesters Don’t Have to Be ‘Polite and Peaceful’

Eating their own…

6 Cities Where Looters Are Ransacking Minority-Owned Businesses

Or breaking a few eggs?

And lastly…Good question!!

If protesters can march, why can’t businesses open?

We go from stay at home orders, social distancing, no more then 10 people per gathering, to this shit…

Are you locked and loaded?



Christians! Buck Ofama! NYT Race Baiting! On A Rail! Hairy AssO Reid!


Christians Need Not Apply

Who will defend America then?


Buck Ofama, despot, tyrant. Looking for a reason to destroy America, any reason.

Yes, the Obama Administration unlawfully conspired to “get George Zimmerman”. PC wanted this one, big time! PC sent out a clarion call to its enforcers, Bring me the head of George Zimmerman!


Race baiting!

We turn to the New York Times, America’s newspaper of record, for an inciteful (sic) reporting of the facts. Editorial comments and emphasis added.


How it should be…

The New Black Panther Party tries to protest outside the home of a man, Joe Horn, who shot and killed two men burglarizing the home of his neighbor. The local residents chase the organization out of town.


Because Harry Reid is a complete, total, arrogant asshole!! He claims it is not over!!

Harry Reid on the Zimmerman verdict: “this isn’t over with”


Lapdogs! ObamaScare! Which? Delaying? Stimulus!

Dear Leaders faithful lapdog doing his bidding and protecting the evil bitch!!

New York Times profile scrubs Valerie Jarrett’s radical ties



Parts of Obamacare Delayed To Hide Truth & Save Elections


Works? Nothing…Pointless, worthless POS!!

Morning Bell: So Which Part of Obamacare Works, Then?


Delaying ObamaScare? Why? Oh..Until AFTER the 2014 elections thats why!!!

Worked? How? Still believing their lies and bullshit!!

White House Still Claiming Stimulus Worked

Only a dam(n) fool would say it didn’t work. Look at all the vacations it has afforded the KING, QUEEN, and her entourage plus the Queens Mother and friends


Post 4th… Stuff, Meanderings …

Mooch…She makes me gag, if she is a she…

Michelle Obama’s Staff Costs Taxpayers $1.4M


A moment of silence for one whom actually did something important and useful…unlike Mooch and her Worthless dipwad husband Buck Ofama..

Douglas Engelbart, Inventor of the Computer Mouse Dies


Okay Mr. Obvious…Does not take a poll to tell one this..You can see examples of it all over the country, some places may as well be another country as they do not appear to be America!!

Gallup: Republicans more proud to be American than Democrats


Ummm…Well this would be a bad ending to your day!

Police responding to ambulance call run over patient with car


Warning!! Bread is apparently not only bad for you, but will destroy the World!!

The Dangers of Bread


This Week’s ‘Braying Jenny’ Award

“There are some prison elements to [being first lady]. But it’s a really nice prison. You can’t complain, but there is [sic] definitely elements that are confining.” –Michelle Obama

This Week’s ‘Alpha Jackass’ Award

“[N]ow we the people must … live up to the words of that Declaration of Independence, and secure liberty and opportunity for our own children, and for future generations.” —Barack Obama

As much as Obama resembles George III, he might be more careful what he wishes for.