Gun Bits ..

The coming onslaught against our Rights from the totalitarian left…

How New York City Is Denying Residents 2A Rights

Anti-Gunner Says NRA is Responsible for Capitol Occupation, Meanwhile Video of Alleged Antifa Members Surfaces

SAF Launching Nationwide TV Campaign to Protect 2A from Biden-Harris

Washington State Legislature to Introduce ‘Large Capacity’ Magazine, Open Carry Bans


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

Avoid New York…or any other Democrat run city…

49 Shot In 72 Hours In New York City As Violence Continues To Surge

She is a Socialist, her mouth is open and lips are moving…

Kamala’s Big Fat Lie About The Trump Economy

Of course she is lying!!

When Democrats are in charge edition XXX…

DeBlasio’s New York; AntiFa Thugs Terrorize Jewish Neighborhood, Break Windows, Loot Stores..

When you let the idiots loose…

Slate Reveals ‘Sinister Side’ of Coloring Books: ‘Dark, Forgotten History’

Read the Constitution witch…

Kamala Harris’ Limited Vision of Religious Liberty

Makes sense …

Libs protest in Person to Oppose having to Vote in Person


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …


A Politically Correct Church Is A Worthless Church

Hoe…Don’t tell me what I should or shouldn’t own. Especially when it comes to protecting my Rights and self from politicians such as you..

Kamala Harris Doesn’t Think You Have The Right To Own A Gun


In Bid For White House, Harris Promised to Usurp Constitution In Quest for Gun Control

Good ..

NH Governor Vetos Red Flag Bill

Civil War …

Portland protests move into ‘usually quiet nighttime streets,’ report says

Wonder why…

New York Nursing Home Deaths Are ‘A Significant Undercount’ But Gov. Cuomo Doesn’t Want An Independent Investigation

Once again the Media shows it’s bias and irrelevancy..Does not fit their worthless agenda..

National Media Silent After Black Man Executes 5-Year-Old White Boy In Front Of His House Featured

Need more of this..

BLM Protesters Took A Wrong Turn Into MAGA Country, Run Out Of Town By Armed Locals In Rural Nevada

Truth..Is what she does…

Woman of color


Wikileaks Posts 137 Documents on Kamala Harris Hours After She Is Named Joe Biden’s Running Mate 

Quite a list…

Fun Facts Wednesday – 269 Corporations that Financially Support BLM

And a little snark the Barb Wire…

Joe Biden Said To Be Elated After Kamala Harris Picks Him To Be Her VP


Gun Bits and Ridiculous….

Public Schools. Not getting our monies worth. Not even close.

As The Teachers Unions Fight Reopening Schools

H/T: ZendoDeb

Gun control..Chicago style..

July in Chicago

It’s popcorn time!!

New York AG Announces Lawsuit Against The NRA To ‘Dissolve The Organization In Its Entirety’

NRA Sues New York Attorney General For Seeking To Dissolve Gun Group 

Fact Check: Yes, the Mob Is Coming For You

H/T: Disturbed…..

Yes, Virginia. There really is Media Bias

Pelosi has no ‘sense’.

Everytown To Award Pelosi with ‘Gun Sense Lawmaker of the Year’ Award

A hysterical screaming harpy..

What did Minneapolis expect to happen after allowing businesses to be destroyed by rioters and thugs??

Dozens Of Minneapolis Businesses Consider Leaving, Cite Possibility Of Police Being Dismantled

Racist old bahs-turd…

WATCH: Biden Doubles Down on His Racist Comments About All Blacks Being the Same

Dumb ass question of the day..

The answer is a resounding YES!!

Should people be allowed to own guns at all?

We have a Right to self defense…Not given by man. It’s a Human Right!!


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

Democrats…Should be outlawed..

Democrats Seek Coronavirus Aid Bill Provision To Limit Federal Agents From Patrolling Cities

Minneapolis…New Chicago? Thanks Soy Boy Jacob Frey..Democrat..

More Shooting Victims in Minneapolis So Far This Year Than in All of 2019

Which leads to this..

Minneapolis Communities Form Watch Groups, Build Barricades To Fight Crime Surge

Go ahead. Defund the police, Ilhan Omar will get her Mogadishu that she so desires..

And Bill De Bloviate, Democrat..

NYC BLOODBATH: Over 30 Shot, 10 Killed, as Violence Surges in de Blasio’s hellhole

This one of many reasons I call bullshit on all the COVID-19 restrictions!!!

US Supreme Court won’t intervene as Nevada limits church services but casinos can host thousands

Wrong! Judge is nothing but a political hack!

Judge Orders Police to Hand Over Private Information About Gun Owners


To Hell With Professional Sports


Gun Bits and Ridiculous…

Gun control. Chicago style…

Multiple Victims Shot Outside of Chicago Funeral Home


LAPD Officer Under Fire For Competitive Shooting Background

Stupid people…In politics..

NYC Assemblywoman Hoping To Disarm Peace Officers

Maybe there is a correlation here? Don’t think to hard, you might injure yourself..

How do gun rights supporters in the US explain the fact that, although crime statistics have dropped in the last 50-60 years, gun ownership has risen? Isn’t that a sign of paranoia?

Because New Zealand does not have “Rights’ per say. They have whatever the Government gives them…

New Zealand is so quick to modify their gun laws after a massacre. Why can’t the USA do the same even after series of mass shootings?

Lock and Load….

Treacherous Americans Pose the Greatest Threat to Our Nation – Part One

Twitter…Sucks ..

Twitter bans Star of David images as ‘hateful’

Pelosi…Bitch, corrupt, old hag.

Federal Unit Behind Arrests In Portland Reportedly Identified. Pelosi Smears Them, Makes False Claims.

Because they can..


Google Blacklists NewsBusters, Conservative Sites From Search

Democrat controlled..

Hiding behind Mom…

‘Wall of Moms’ Shields Portland Rioters From Federal Officers


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

Really? It’s the cops that are running around shooting one another? Looting? Destroying property and lives?

Head of Moms Demand Action: “Police Violence is Gun Violence”

In another Democrat run defund the police city…

One Dead, Eight Wounded In DC ‘Targeted Shooting’: Police


‘A Matter Of Utmost Urgency’: Democratic Lawmakers Seek Investigation Into The Use Of Federal Force During Protests

Did what correctly? Kill off 32,000 people??

‘Did it correctly’: Fauci lauds New York COVID response after enduring more than 32,000 deaths

Corrupt bastards…

Nancy Pelosi, Other Lawmakers Tied to Businesses That Profited from Virus Relief Aid They Passed

Whats next for gun grabbers???

Laying the Anti-Gun Groundwork for 2021

Those Czechs…Getting it right..

Czech Government Endorses Human Right to Armed Self-Defense Constitutional Amendment

Believe It or Not, Gun Laws Change Nothing

Sounds like a threat. Secret Service needs to investigate this drunk old hag…



Gun Bits and Ridiculous….

There is so much stupid in this piece it’s mind-boggling…

New From Teen Vogue: Sleep Is Systemically Racist

H/T: Disturbed,,,The Deputy, not the band!!

How about…Oh Hell No!!

Beyond Masks: This Portable Head Pod Could Be Your Future

Where would one begin???

What in the world is wrong with the NBA?

Good luck with that….

Democrats Must Control Speech & Firearms to Control Americans

Typical Democrat….No accountability, no responsibility, just blame and point fingers in attempt to cover their asses…and the media helps them.

Cuomo: Trump Single-Handedly Infected NY with WuFlu

Oppose HR 7468 – The Home Build Ban

Bans all homemade guns, criminalizes possession of “firearm manufacturing devices”


WATCH: Portland Antifa Tinkerpot Tries To Blow Off Police Warning… That Was A Bad Idea


More Portland…

Okay it’s Portland Day here..Because we stand for Law and Order. Not rioting, destroying, bullying…


How about you piss off..

And you expect sympathy because you were never disciplined as a child and expect the same as an adult….

WINNING: ANTIFA Thugs Say Comrades Snatched Off the Portland Streets and Thrown Into Unmarked Vans

The hypocrisy of the left and it’s bought and paid for media lackeys…

If Trump’s 36 Clemencies Are an Abuse of Power, What Were Obama’s 1,927?


Gun Bits and Ridiculous ….

MSNBC: Morons Spouting Nothing But Crap..

MSNBC Trashes US/July 4 As ‘A Celebration of Independence For White Men’

Have no clue do they?

The web of evil that has fallen over all of America is clearly described in Isaiah 59:4-8:

Horowitz: We can no longer celebrate our independence. We must fight for it again

But are we willing???

The Rising Blood Tide of The Alt-Left & the Real Threat of Antifa ~ VIDEO

‘National protector’ needed as ‘Democrat mayors and governors’ allow lawlessness

Democrats, allow wholesale slaughter for the sake of …WOKE!!

79 Shot, 15 Dead Over Fourth of July Weekend in Chicago: Officials


Chicago Mayor blames yet another bloody weekend on “guns”

41 SHOT last night in Democrat-ruled NYC, at least 4 dead in citywide explosion of gun violence, NYPD Budget cut 1.5 billion

Six Weeks, Six Cities, 600 Murders

Violence Is Engulfing the Smaller Cities

GOP also needs to grow a spine…

GOP Saps Need to Quit Being Idiots

Can you say BITCH???

Democrat Senator: Founding Fathers And American Heroes Are ‘Dead Traitors’

Crushed, burned, stomped…

Democrats Push Socialist Agenda Without Restraint