Ridiculous…and Pantifa ..


These are punks…They produce nothing, provide nothing…Except violence….

ANTIFA Inciting Violent Riots, Stealing Flags, Forming “Spears” At Million MAGA March

Real hardasses or it that just asses??

BLM, Antifa Explode in Violence After Tens of Thousands of Trump Supporters March in D.C.

WATCH: BLM Attacks Pro-Trump Black Woman Pushing Stroller after D.C. Rally

More toughs…if attacking the elderly is tough!!

Democrat Protesters Stomp on Trump Supporter’s Head, Attack Elderly After D.C. Rally

Damn….And of course the restrictive gun laws, unconstitutional laws, make it hard to defend oneself..

DC is a shithole..

Well wasn’t that convenient as hell….

Developing: Milwaukee Elections Chief Lost Elections Flash Drive in Morning Hours of November 4th When Democrats Miraculously Found 120,000 Votes for Joe Biden

When you don’t understand Economics or want to screw Americans…Make them servile and dependent on big government…

20 Million Unemployed & Biden Wants A Super Lockdown?


REPORTS: Facebook Strips Trump of Presidential Title; Labels Him ‘Political Candidate’

Because the servants should not be allowed to speak!!

Nancy Pelosi says Facebook is “part of the problem” for allowing people to claim election fraud

But of course!!! Can’t have a platform for those Freedom minded folks!!

Fear of Freedom Is Driving the Coming Assault on Parler by the Media and Big Tech

National Felon League…Promotes..Felons!!

NFL Continues Anti-Cop Super Bowl Halftime Trend as Cop-Puncher Tapped To Perform

And from the Far, Far, Left….

SPLC: You Should Not Worry About Vote Fraud


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

The Red Menace

Ignoring 244 years of constitutional law

War, Civil War and the American Temperament

As it should be..

How Detroit’s Police Chief Saved His City from Black Lives Matter

What did they expect??

NFL? The “No Fans League?”

This is unacceptable…

Wounded female L.A. deputy, shot through jaw and both arms, gave partner emergency medical treatment after ambush

And these assholes should be held responsible, along with numerous politicians stoking the flames…

Athletes, coaches, and sports media should be held responsible for the war they’ve stoked

Tucker Makes Case Dems Are Complicit in Targeted Shootings of Cops

Words fail me….

High school indefinitely suspends football players for carrying Thin Blue, Red Line flags in 9/11 tribute

How it should be done, when LEOs are not there…

NOT CLIMATE CHANGE: Oregon Woman Catches Arsonist on her Property with Matches — Holds Him at Gunpoint Until Police Arrive….


Gun Bits and Ridiculous ….


Good question, but it’s okay to protest…

ANTIFA’s Top 5 Weapons

New Research Paper Tells Us ‘The Meaning of Guns to Gun Owners’

NSSF Responds to Study that Claims Permissive Concealed Carry Laws Don’t Deter Mass Shootings

If so I may have to rethink where I do my banking…

Is This Major US Bank Preparing To Give The Gun Industry The Cold Shoulder?

Because we don’t condone violence and mayhem because your a bunch of angry little pissants trying to get your way…

Left’s Latest Troll: Why Don’t Conservative Gun Owners Back Portland Riots?

And we do not agree with you..

To Keep and Bear, by Joshua G.

“To conquer a nation, you must first disarm its citizens.” That was spoken by Adolf Hitler, one of the twentieth century’s most hideous leaders. These words serve as a dire warning to all freedom-loving Americans. As active shootings have become more and more publicized so has a rising clamor for stringent government action. Screeching fabricated mendacities from between their parched lips, liberal politicians, some openly communist, encourage people to support new Red Flag gun laws. They vigorously insist that these laws will keep Americans “safer”. This is false. Many have been deceived. The danger is real. Common sense refutes their proposed “common sense” gun control laws.

Sounds about right…

Government Teachers’ Unions Unveil New COVID-19 Demand: Pay Us For Doing Nothing

We need change. When you cannot speak your mind in fear of repercussions from moronic entitled assholes. It’s time…

Nearly Half Of Young Americans Say It’s Okay To Fire People Who Support Trump


Quick Bits …

Snowflake alert…

Street-blocking protesters freak out that cops won’t arrest ‘white woman’ they’re terrorizing in her car

She should have run your lame ass over..

Shoot back…Maybe these assholes will get a clue..

Colorado BLM ‘protester’ marching on highway shoots at car trying to pass, hits fellow comrade


NFL’s Mike Ditka blasts kneelers: ‘If you can’t respect our national anthem, get the hell out of the country’

You best be armed and ready in Seattle..

Seattle Police Chief Sends Letters To Residents: We Cannot Enforce The Law, You Are On Your Own


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …..

You never can be certain and with how some segments of the population are acting today……So be ready!!

Best Guns For Alien Invasion

Four Forgotten Heroes Of The War of Independence

Must be one of them ‘Uncle Tom’s…

Burgess Owens Rips NFL Following Decision to Play ‘Black National Anthem’ Before Games

How Did the Liberal Media Cover July Fourth? It Can Be Summed Up in Three Words.

we hate America

It’s damn well past time…

It’s Time To Fight Back

Orange Man BAD!!!
Media worthless…

TDS: CNN calls Mount Rushmore a ‘monument of two slaveowners’ after extolling its ‘majesty’ with Obama 2016 and Communist Bernie Sanders

Ridiculous….Stupid people, doing stupid shit…

Report: Crowd attacked fire, EMS responders trying to save crash victim.

Kaperingdick at it again, or still…

Colin Kaepernick condemns 4th of July as “celebration of white supremacy”

Truth..And the left is in hysterics..

Trump: American children “are taught in school to hate their own country”


Gun Bits and Ridiculous….

Any which way you can…To eff with America..

CAIR Sucks Up to Black Lives Matter

1619 must be stopped and the New York Slimes into the ash bin of history…

Nikole Hannah-Jones’ Hatred For America Is The Basis Of The 1619 Project

So long NFL…National Felons League..

Two NFL Head Coaches Will Now Consider Kneeling During the National Anthem 

I truly hope you go broke..



Watch: Democrat Congressman Jerry Nadler Says ‘Antifa’ Is Imaginary


‘George Kirby…Floyd Taylor’ — Both Schumer & Pelosi Forget George Floyd’s Name

When government is playing stupid, again, and winning again…

10,000 assault weapons seized during shipment to Brevard County, Florida.

Awful small assault weapons…

Think Airsoft kids..

We don’t owe you.

One. Damn. Thing.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley says Black Lives Matter is a mandated directive: ‘Pay us what you owe us’

So shut your pie-hole..

Umm no…as in Hell NO!!

Nothing ‘cool’ about this. Ugly as sin..

Ranger Point Precision Makes Lever-Actions Tacticool

Snowflake alert…

Professional Athletes Quit Over Team’s Pro-Trump, Pro-Anthem Tweet and Call It ‘Backhanded Racism’

Poor brats..

He is right you know…

Mike Huckabee: The Radical Left Is Becoming Like ‘Islamic Terrorists’

About time and doing it right..

Stupid little shits..

If your going to be wearing a mask and getting in my face, not that I wouldn’t have taken actions to prevent that, and threatening me… I may apply some force and you ain’t gonna like it.

BREAKING: Journalist Jack Posobiec assaulted by Antifa in front of Emancipation Memorial


Quick Bits …

Another busy day….Teaching the brand spanking new Residents, ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support)…


Chief Justice Roberts Afraid of Restoring the Second Amendment

What does NOT offend these SJW twerps?

Snap, Crackle ‘n STOP!!: Cancel Culture Going After Iconic American Brands Featured

How low can they go??

Craigslist Ad Sought People Infected with COVID To Attend Trump Rally

You have to have standards before you can have double standards….

The Media’s Double Standard On Armed Americans

Truth..Be safe, but quit being sheep!!

Americans Should Never Again Comply With Pandemic Lockdown Orders

Idiot Governor…

Cuomo: Police forces are optional

And this shit happens…In New York..

Man charged with shoving 92-year-old woman has been arrested at least 65 times: NYPD

How effing stupid is Cuomo??

And from the National Felons League..

Dolphins star Xavien Howard won’t be suspended for domestic incident


Gun Bits and Ridiculous Pieces …

The NFL slides into the abyss…

Goodell Supports Signing Kaepernick, Welcomes His Guidance on Social Justice Featured

I have always enjoyed football. I played in high school and college.

I followed my Vikings for years. But began to lose interest a number of years ago.

But when Kaperingdick started his antics…I quickly lost any interest and it seems he won’t go away..

It’s over..

What did you expect from a Democrat?

After Getting Caught Breaking Ethics Rules, Colo. Dem Hickenloooper Finds a Way To Blame GOP

SCOTUS. Impartial? Not so much.

Legislating from the bench? Not their job.

US Supreme Court rules LGBT employees protected from discrimination

Gorsuch Helps Transform the Supreme Court Into the Supreme Legislature on LGBT Rights

SCOTUS…Ignoring our Rights..

2A Advocates Shocked, Disappointed By SCOTUS Denials

But we remember them…

Our Rights that is..

While SCOTUS Shies Away, Americans Embrace Their 2A Rights In Record Numbers

One would hope so..

Do gun control advocates now see the importance of the second amendment since the police have not defended people and their property from looters and rioters?

Or facts..

Anti-Gun Activists Pushed By Tragedy Rarely Use Reason

Truth..Change needs to happen..

How Our Anti-American Education System Made Riots Inevitable

Does not fit their agenda of crazed, blood thirsty, gun nuts..

Media Silence On Armed Anti-Police Protestors And Private Guards Is Deafening

We knew this. Akin to the ‘Do Not Feed the Animals; signs..

New Study Confirms That The Welfare State Discourages Work

Shouldn’t come as a surprise…

A Staggering Number Of Homes Just Hit The Market In Minneapolis

Good luck with that. But I am sure there are some pathetic liberals whom will comply…

CHAZ Occupier Suggests ‘Rounding Up All the White People’ into Work Brigades

“Keeping the white menace under control.”

Would you give up your guns if your future spouse was against guns?