Gun Bits ..

The coming onslaught against our Rights from the totalitarian left…

How New York City Is Denying Residents 2A Rights

Anti-Gunner Says NRA is Responsible for Capitol Occupation, Meanwhile Video of Alleged Antifa Members Surfaces

SAF Launching Nationwide TV Campaign to Protect 2A from Biden-Harris

Washington State Legislature to Introduce ‘Large Capacity’ Magazine, Open Carry Bans


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

A win…

One less thug out there..

Portland Shooting Suspect Killed By Federal Authorities

With Michael Reinoehl gone by LEO hands, tomorrow may get nasty


Media Now Blaming Record Gun Sales On “Trump’s Scare Tactics”


Former NRA Exec. Josh Powell Says Gun-Rights Group Should Support Background Checks, Red Flag Laws

Pervert Biden …

BOMBSHELL: Secret Service Agent Was Suspended for Shoving Biden After Joe Grabbed Girlfriend’s Breast

Bears like pepper spray. They use it for seasoning…

Bear Spray Failure in Alaska, 46-Year-Old Killed Clearing Trail

Minneapolis fail…Thanks to Soy Boy Mayor Frey…

Minneapolis salon owner says rioters burned her building to the ground and then the city stuck her with a $200K bill

It’s my Right…

“Why Do You Carry A Gun?”

And you can hem and haw all you want…


Gun Bits and Ridiculous….

Public Schools. Not getting our monies worth. Not even close.

As The Teachers Unions Fight Reopening Schools

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Gun control..Chicago style..

July in Chicago

It’s popcorn time!!

New York AG Announces Lawsuit Against The NRA To ‘Dissolve The Organization In Its Entirety’

NRA Sues New York Attorney General For Seeking To Dissolve Gun Group 

Fact Check: Yes, the Mob Is Coming For You

H/T: Disturbed…..

Yes, Virginia. There really is Media Bias

Pelosi has no ‘sense’.

Everytown To Award Pelosi with ‘Gun Sense Lawmaker of the Year’ Award

A hysterical screaming harpy..

What did Minneapolis expect to happen after allowing businesses to be destroyed by rioters and thugs??

Dozens Of Minneapolis Businesses Consider Leaving, Cite Possibility Of Police Being Dismantled

Racist old bahs-turd…

WATCH: Biden Doubles Down on His Racist Comments About All Blacks Being the Same

Dumb ass question of the day..

The answer is a resounding YES!!

Should people be allowed to own guns at all?

We have a Right to self defense…Not given by man. It’s a Human Right!!


News/Gun Bits …

Who says we ‘accept’ cars being ‘regulated’?

Apart from “It’s in the Constitution”, why do people from the USA accept driving a car to be regulated but not carrying a weapon?

Who let the stupid out?


It’s not …

Is the NRA on its way out because of Parkland?


Try one! Don’t listen to the lies of the anti gun crowd, lamestream media included, as they are clueless! Those that comment as such, are also clueless!!

Can an AR-15 fire 150 rounds in 15 seconds?


“As a Canadian”, says it all. Brainwashed..No spine..

Why is it so hard to pass common sense gun control laws in the USA? As a Canadian I just don’t get it.


For the record III: “If you show up with cancer and you’re 95 years old, we should say, ‘Go and enjoy. There’s no cure. We can’t do anything.’ A young person, we should do something. Society’s not willing to do that yet.” —Michael Bloomberg, who appears to be endorsing death panels


That doesn’t justify indulging in your own sin: “My marriage never involved me having to send hush money to a porn star.” —Pete Buttigieg


Demo Debate: Warren Scalps Bloomberg, Aids Sanders



Bloomberg and Sanders Want More Government Healthcare



George Soros Makes Totalitarian Demands: Oust Zuckerberg For Allowing Free Speech


News/Gun Bits …

And boom..Once again CNN proves it’s a liberal hack news network.

And Don Lemon is a complete hack and asshole..

CNN Segment Mocks Trump Supporters as Illiterate Americans Who Can’t Understand Maps


And Everytown, a Bloomberg puppet organization is pushing gun control all over the country.

Everytown Discovers The NRA Isn’t Behind 2A Sanctuaries


Yet they are concerned the NRA is supporting the Gun Sanctuary movement??



Gun Control Group Takes Aim At LEGO Artist


“Journalist” Can’t Decide: Slumping Gun Sales or Best Year Ever?

Stop with the journalist! None out there today. Hacks is more fitting and I am including Faux News in this..


Yes. So much disappointment…But when and if it ever comes to violence…They’ll learn..

Second Amendment Rally Seems to Have Anti-Gun Extremists Disappointed … That it was so Peaceful



What don’t you get about the gun control debate?


Pretty much.

VA Gun-Grabbers Charging ‘Racism’ Demonstrably Following Communist Agenda


The child whom thinks he knows guns…

David Hogg And The Gun Control History That Never Happened


Bloomberg. Bad for gun owners, bad for our Rights..

Bloomberg Just Gave Gun Owners 60 Million Reasons To Get Involved This Year


A message <Click it!!

Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children….


Imagine that…It’s all about the money..

Not about American Citizens..


Corrupt Senators Took Ukraine Cash

Kudos to Steve Hilton for pointing out the corruption of the first group on the Oct. 13 edition of his Fox show “The Next Revolution” – a group of Democratic senators took cash from a Ukraine lobbyist to push Ukrainian gas interests at the same time the Democrats are pushing the Trump-Ukraine yarn. As Hilton states in a transcript of his show available on Fox Opinion:






News/Gun Bits …

Turning Us Inside Out

According to Hoyt…


This is our future if Conservatives in office don’t show some balls and Conservative voters don’t get off their asses and force them to.

Radical Left’s 1st Item of Business: Retire Bill Of Rights, Starting w/ 2nd Amendment


Avoid New York..

Hundreds of gun-toting tourists have been arrested at NYC airports

Transporting Firearms and Ammunition

So laws. Know them. Avoid places that disarm you.

Like Virginia also..

Virginia revokes handgun permit agreement with 25 states

I will no longer travel to any state that does not honor my PTC.

It’s why we need this..

S.3139 – Lawful Interstate Transportation of Firearms Act


Eminem Drops Surprise Album With Anti-Gun Song, Video

Dropped a big old turd did he?

Looks like it.

Never cared for his music or his thug life..


Another RINO shows his true colors…Gimme the money and I’ll do as you ask…

Florida Alert! Donald Trump, Jr. Blasts FL Republican Bill Galvano Over Taking Money from Bloomberg


Yes, she is this stupid..

Elizabeth Warren Wonders How Americans Could Ever Vote For A Liar


Another ‘woman’ full of shit and lies…

Sorry Shannon, But Those “Random Civilians” Are What Are Known As NRA Members


Failure of Government Education…again..

State of Ignorance: California Pushes False Information to School Kids on the Second Amendment


NBC Reporter Deletes False Tweet Claiming Gun Rights Event Is ‘White Supremacist Rally’

Don’t be this guy…No media bias here!!


And finally..An epidemic? Global?

A video of medics in hazmat suits scanning plane passengers for China’s mysterious Wuhan virus is stoking fears of a global epidemic








Gun Bits …

What You Need To Know About The NRA’s Actual Position On The Bump Stock Ban

When the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives reversed its position on bump stocks, a lot of people were outraged. Yes, I was included in that. I’m still included in that. However, I also saw a lot of Second Amendment….
I’ve had it with the attacks on the NRA, I expect it from “The Trace” and “Mother Jones,” but I find it repugnant when so-called 2A supporters….

Quote of the day—Alan Gottlieb

The gun control crowd invariably loses its voice when a bad guy is shot while committing a crime. Groups such as Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action scream loudly when they push restrictive gun laws to disarm….