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Gun Stuff…Low Level Terrorism…Free Speech..Planned Murder..

Obama Could Not Pass a Background Check

  • His official, long form birth records were SEALED.
  • His Occidental College records were SEALED.
  • His Columbia College records were SEALED.
  • His Harvard College records were SEALED.
  • His College thesis – SEALED.
  • His Harvard Law Review articles – SEALED.
  • His Indonesian adoption records – SEALED.
  • His passport file – SEALED.
  • His medical records – Unavailable
  • His baptism records – Unavailable
  • His papers from his service in the Illinois legislature – Unavailable
  • His Illinois State Bar Association records – Unavailable

The birth certificate that the White House released is reputed by document experts to be false.

Apparently exercising our Freedom of Speech..is low level terrorism…What a pile of horse manure our Government has become..

Despotism in America

President Obama’s announcement last week on his plans to make sweeping changes to our nation’s gun laws by presidential executive order is yet another example of his continual disregard for the United States Constitution and the separation of powers it set forth to protect the American people from government by fiat.

The victim, a 35-year-old male, was stabbed after punching a San Francisco 49ers fan, witnesses told Channel 2 Action News. After being punched, the 49ers fan stabbed the Falcons fan in the throat area, according to the report.

Almost 150 Newtowns, Every Single Day

Every day around 3,835 innocent lives are taken by abortion, higher than any other cause, and yet this sad fact is known by so few of the public or rarely reported by the media.

But apparently that is okay. The hell it is…

The Five Hosts Get Into Slamming Exchange Over the Left’s Hypocrisy on Gun Violence

Bob Beckel is at a serious disadvantage…Facts and truth confuse him…

Chiloquin, Oregon Gun Code Mandates Ownership

Homeland Security hoarding ammo,
depriving police

China poised to play debt card – for U.S. land

That’s part of an evolving proposal Beijing has been developing quietly since 2009 to convert more than $1 trillion of U.S debt it owns into equity.

Under the plan, China would own U.S. businesses, U.S. infrastructure and U.S. high-value land, all with a U.S. government guarantee against loss.

Yu Qiao, a professor of economics in the School of Public Policy and Management at Tsighua University in Beijing, proposed in 2009 a plan for the U.S. government to guarantee foreign investments in the United State