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Buck Ofama! Brilliant! Reality! Free Classes! Gun Free! Whose Hands? BB Guns! Throat Punched! Amazon!!

Apparently Ofama is pissing off both sides now…With his constant campaigning and lack of doing anything related to being President..Which pretty much tells the story of his limited time in Washington, golfing and vacations also keep him busy!!!

Buck Ofama’s California fundraising trip irks left and right


Ha!! Back at ya!!

Bloody Brilliant! Hack attack? Israel hacks back:


And with 88,000 thousand jobs apparently added (how many were Gub’mint jobs?) they hysterically proclaim all is better..


Americans discouraged by economic recovery leave labor force


Damn… This would cause hysterics and panty wetting and anxiety attacks here if so offered!!!

Hundreds of Texas educators take free concealed handgun class

Besides getting past the MBWITW never moving there….Seems like the place to head for..


Refuse to be a victim and live. Why should we as Americans and parents allow our Sons and Daughters to go off to a College where they are not allowed to protect themselves, are to far away for you to protect them and the College/University cannot provide protection? Hell, local college here is a ‘dry’ campus…Pulled more drunk students out of that campus then the one on the other side of town which was NOT a dry campus!! Tell you anything?

Why we need more of these..Avoid Gun Free Zones!!!

Students Refuse To Be Victims


With all we hear about ‘Sheriffs’ claiming they will stand up against Federal Government Gun Grabbing…One must remember…Only a small percentage of them have done so, so far..

In Whose Hands Is YOUR Freedom?


Is that what we are coming to? Pellet and BB guns? Airsoft? Paintball? And you think the Bad Guys will be using the same?? You foolish GunGrabbing Politicians and AssOs!!

Crosman MAR 177 gives AR-15 shooters a viable ammo alternative


Some people just need a good……Throat punch..and this is one of them..

Leftist respect for free life and free speech…

Yes she has her right to free speech. But that does not include destroying what others have put up….Nor what others are saying…


Just ordered…

Umarex XBG CO2 Pistol air pistol

Yep and the accessories to make it go pop…

One must do what one must do to shoot something in these trying times of Ammo shortages!!

Also one of these for the MBWITW!

Ninja NJ600 Pro Blender

Wonder how blended squirrel will taste?



1.5 Seconds.Media.Skeet.Cops. Rock Heads.Welfare.

Gone in 1.5 seconds..

Unprecedented Demand: Americans Purchase a Gun Every 1.5 Seconds

Wow. Now what the hell does that say to the oppressors of Buck Ofama?


Why do we hate the media?

Why Americans Hate the Media

Numerous reasons.


A collection of ‘skeeters’.


To protect and serve..

Not so much I guess..

Click here for the full story.


Yeah lets keep smacking the hand that protects us!! That always turns out well!!

Panetta To Recommend Troops Have Their Pay Cut – Update: Set To Pay For Benefits Of Military Members Gay Partners…


The hell Buck Ofama is my ‘Daddy” what an ASS Chris Rock is…Not turned into . Always has been. Getting worse it appears..

Chris Rock on Gun Control: “Do What Obama, the ‘dad’ of America Says” Celebrities never cease to amaze me with their desire to get involved in areas of government that they clearly do not have the mental capacity to comprehend. Why is it that most celebrities live life in a clueless bubble? How … READ MORE


Welfare baby!!

Oh yeah…Is all free…


Snake oil salesman at it again…Buck Ofama’s Traveling Anti Gun, no Freedom for you show!!


Oh they are probably just upset the Peckers errr Packers did not make it to the big show and some rookie QB ran them silly…

And showed up Aaron Rogers..



Guess that is another reason to cling..


Closing murder clinics one by one…