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LESS LIBERTY MORE TYRANNY: Oregon Private Sales Background Check Bill Passes

LESS LIBERTY MORE TYRANNY: Oregon Private Sales Background Check Bill Passes……


Wild Bill. Obama’s Sons. Pictures! Fraud! Glock Block!

“Guns, Kids and Tea Teams”


Sons of Obama

Gang bangers shoot up downtown Columbia, MO


More Freedoms falling by the wayside…Trampled by Government obsession to catch Americans doing SOMETHING illegal..Not terrorists..Americans!

The Nebraska Information Analysis Center (NIAC) has recently equated picture taking with terrorist activity, something American’s have done and enjoyed for years.


Should read ‘Votes to Allow More Dhimmcrap Voters!’

US Supreme Court Votes to Allow Voter Fraud


Effing stupid…So stupid and the fact that some idiots have signed it…


Armed citizens, legally armed, are taking matters into their own hands…

Oregon “Glock Block” adds new dimension to Neighborhood watch

Of course…if other neighborhoods follow this example the criminals will have little choice but to move to another state all together that abhors personal responsibility and gun rights…say coastal California.


R‘Straight’ Men Should Be Banned From Driving, Says WH Petition – See more at: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/straight-men-should-be-banned-driving-says-wh-petition#sthash.YNmCptLG.dpuf

The Stupid! Nanny State! More Stupid! Scandal! FBI? UN. Gorebull Warming!

The stupid that is our Public Schools today..Thankfully my Son is DONE!

Are schools not supposed to be ‘teaching’? No wonder we lag behind the rest of the world in Education standards!!

Nebraska School Says Deaf Boy’s Name Sign Is Too Similar to ‘Gun’


The Left Coast State of Oregon…Proves being a Nanny is not exclusive to Bloomberg‘s version of Utopia in NYC!

Oregon Legislature Bans Smoking In Cars With Minors Present


Bring a toy gun to a gun fight!!

You lose..

One Teen Dead, Another In Jail After Attempting to Rob Man With Airsoft Gun


Scandal after scandal…Maybe if Buck Ofama actually did his job instead of golfing, vacationing, fund raising and campaigning…

EPA accused of singling out conservative groups, amid IRS scandal

“The FBI is rewriting history in order to help al-Qaida,” said Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton. “This shows that the law enforcement agency is in need of serious top-to-bottom reform.”
Such Bullcrap from the Federal Government. Top to bottom change is needed!!! Expert my ass…Propaganda goon is more apt!!

FBI expert: Quran is ‘revealed word of God’


This is how dictators, thugs, criminals and narcissistic assO named Buck Ofama operate like this!!

UN Small Arms Treaty May Be Signed Under Cover Of Darkness


Top 5! Bite Me!! Gun-Do! Get High and Die! Marker. What Attack? Code Brown!!

This works!

Top 5 Reasons to Own a Gun

1. Because you can’t (legally) poke Michael Bloomberg in the eye.


At least..

Conservatives Must Build a ‘Bite Me’ Coalition


From a Doc…Go read it!!

Gun-Do Trumps Judo When Lives Are In Peril


What are your Teens doing for fun? As a Father of 2 I am always watchful…As a Paramedic I know all to well what kids can do and what can happen…

Straight-A teen dies after inhaling computer cleaner amid ‘huffing’ trend

Oregon teenager dies after inhaling helium at party


Marker. Paintball. Fun..But tell me…What would a ‘lethal’ Paintball Marker be?

Heckler & Koch P30 CM (Non-Lethal Paintball Marker)


WTH? Sounds like…never mind just go read it..If you dare!!

Cops: Escort charged in penis attack


Problem?? I don’t see it..

Pelosi: ‘Very Little’ Gov’t Left If Spending Cuts are Matched with Debt-Limit Increase


In my world we would call this a ‘Code Brown’..

Medics called after man falls into toilet pit