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One Word…

Anonymous Warns Israel: ‘No One Cuts Internet On Our Watch!’ :.

For such a statement…

one Word..



Israeli kills 2 Palestinians, says they attacked him

And now we listen to the lamenting and wailing from the left over the ‘poor’ Palestinians and the ‘murderous’ Israeli..

Similar to America where a man defends self, a white man, and the assailant errr murderous thug err victim is ‘non-white‘.

And the pious Left begins lamenting and whining about a persons Rights.

Yet reverse the situations Palestinians kill Israeli and they become ‘Freedom Fighters” or a black errr non-white kills a white man and chirp…chirp…chirp is all you hear from the lame-stream ‘progressive’ media and the anti freedom/gun crowd..

Sick of this and they wonder why we are so angry…