Hey Amazon!!

Looking to lose customers? Sure your so damn big you won’t notice a few leaving….

But, keep this shit up and..

Amazon Suspends Parler, Threatening to Take Pro-Trump Site Offline Indefinitely

Is your right to do this, I suppose.

And it’s my right to shop elsewhere!!


Social Media…

Yes I use used Facebook. 15 years ago I campaigned for the GOP nomination for the State House of Representatives in my District. Damn near won the nomination as a first time campaigner, while this was happening one of the GOP Tech Geniuses told me if I could not get 5000 followers on Facebook to give my run up. I had 4500 plus.

I followed that up with a run for School Board, missed by a couple hundred votes. but I had a bit of a rep as someone whom asked pointed questions and did not take any shit from Administrators or teachers, my eldest boy was a bit of a handful throughout his years in school, many meetings with Principles, etc. Time for parent/teacher conferences…Teachers ran away.

Today I use Facebook for keeping in touch with Family (my family is spread all over the damn place. To be expected when there are gypsies in one’s ancestry) and friends.

I follow a number of pages on Facebook  regarding firearms, reloading, curio and relics and a ton of fishing sites.

I had started looking at Gab and Parler, set up accounts, etc. But never really using it.

That is changing..





Also poking around MeWe.

Madd Medic there.

A host of Firearms related forums there!!



Yet rabid, hate filled rhetoric is constantly to be on social media, of Leftists and SJWs. No facts, no truths, just accusations and threats…But those that post truth?

The Social Media Censorship Dumpster Fire

Twitter Suspends Accounts of Sidney Powell, Michael Flynn

Parler Removed From Google Play Store, Apple Threatens Ban

And of course….

Trump Permanently Banned From Twitter

Free speech?


Social Media Censorship and the Law