News/Gun Bits ..

Politicians make me angry….

Especially Democrats…Because they only know how to lie and threaten…

Mayor Pete Sounds Off On Democratic Talking Points, Including Gun Control

Sanders: Gun manufacturers should be held responsible when criminals use guns they made

As should all other inanimate objects used for nefarious purposes…

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s greatest achievement-Banning plastic bags

New York…State of mind…is dumbass..

Immigrant Restaurant Owners Face Backlash For Attending A Trump Rally

Effing hypocritical leftists..You apparently are not supposed to be successful and leave their plantation.

CNN and MSNBC Air Bloomberg Ad with 9/11 Lie, Don’t Bother Calling It Fake News

Lies by Bloomberg. Supported by the lying media…



News/Gun Bits …

Seems to me the anti gun crowd says this never happens or some asshole politician claims we shouldn’t have the Right to defend ourselves…

12 Times Gun Owners Defended Themselves and Others


Of course they do!!

Liberals Oppose Equal Status for Faith-Based Organizations

Tolerance for all they claim! Except for those that disagree with them!!!



Control. Total control is what DemocRATs want!!

‘Moderate’ Democrat Bloomberg Perfectly Echoes Stalinist Dictator Fidel Castro on Gun-grabbing


She is a Muslim radical. As one would expect from her..She spews hate..

Dem Ilhan Omar Tweets Anti-Semitic Screed in Response to Her Incenstral Marriage



Clint Eastwood Backs Mike Bloomberg for President


Of course they lie..

Television Shows Misrepresenting Facts: “FBI: Most Wanted” showing mass public shooting at gun range

Like that is going to happen…


Senile old goat…

Biden Appears Caught In Lie About Being Arrested In South Africa On Way to Visit Mandela


The violent ones are leftist screwballs…

Police: Couple forced young boys off road, angered by Trump flags




California Gov. Newsom: “Doctors should be able to write prescriptions for housing”

Newsom makes Moonbeam Jerry Brown look downright sane!!


This Butthead dude is really playing a stupid game…

Opinion: Mayor Pete and his phony appeals to Scripture

Does he understand the words coming out of his mouth??



News/Gun Bans ….

How do pro gun lobbyists interpret the statistic for legal gun owners and concealed carry permit holders who use their gun to commit crimes?

CCW and PTC folks don’t commit crimes! Unlike unhinged liberals whom seem to attack folks they disagree with daily!!

Like this liberal!!

FL Man Attacks Trump Supporters With Cane Sword

Or this one…

Deranged Leftist Attacks Retired NYPD Over…Wrong MAGA Hat


How can you sue an inanimate object? This should then open the door to sue most anyone whom produces a product that when misused leads to injury or death..Cars, bats, axes, knives, alcohol etc..

How do you feel about the Democrats introducing a bill to allow shooting victims to sue the gun industry?


And it was peaceful and no one was injured. Unlike Democrat’s and their rabid ‘activists’.

Armed Protesters Picket Bloomberg, Campaign Office


Poor snowflakes…

PA Paper Freaks Out As 2A Sanctuary Movement Hits State


Yep …

Speaking of bail reform, Democrats make it clear they prefer criminals to you


The only ‘religion’ on the left is the State and big government…

Preachy Pete Doubles-Down On Campaigning Using Faith — ‘God Does Not Belong To A Political Party’

And Butt-gig using religion in his politics is a pile of crap..


This is a big fail and the dude is crooked sumbitch…

McCabe Skates as Deep State Lawyers Rally Against Barr


What. The. Hell???

Alabama Lawmaker Proposes New Bill FORCING Men To Get A Vasectomy After Their 50th Birthday Or Third Child


Government in action…Stealing..

DEA Seized A Woman’s Bag Of Cash At An Airport; It Was Her Dad’s Life Savings


Sweet… I likes my lever actions!!

Tested: Henry Big Boy All-Weather Rifle