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Al Franken Jumps on the Gun Grabbers Wagon..

sideburnsandmore 25 points 14 hours agoJust  to point out, Minnesota has one of the lowest murder rates in the  nation at 1.4/100,000 (2011 FBI UCR) compared to 4.7 for the US (2011  FBI UCR) while having a high rate of firearms ownership at 41.7% of all  house holds.


My missive just sent!!


So it appears we can put you in the same class as all the others whom promoted, wrought gun control and gun registration on their citizens. Hitler (remember the defenseless Jews he murdered?) Stalin, Idi Amin, Khmer Rouge, Pol Pot, Mao..We can then enjoy the incredible high violent crime rates that England and Australia, so murder fee zones of Chicago etc. now have also. But they are Gun Free Zones!! And we know how well those zones work!!

Molon Labe Franken.