Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

Biden, for President or prison…??

Biden Tries To Gloss Over His Long History of Supporting the Drug War and Draconian Criminal Penalties

Are the Bidens For Real?

FBI investigating Hunter Biden email release for possible foreign collusion

Democrats Are Coming for Your Guns

Holding gun makers liable for gun crimes hurts the vulnerable.

Gun Owners of America Praises Group of Republican Congressman for Defending Veterans’ Gun Rights

Tantrum throwing little bitches…

Disgusting: Sen. Blumenthal Throws Tantrum After Amy Coney Barrett Hearing, Calls For Protests “In The Streets”

And how is that defunding police working out for ya??

Austin Discovers That Police Are Required for 911 Calls to Be Answered

Minneapolis Seems To Be Having a Slight Crime Problem

One more reason for Trump to win…Never could stand this Sumbitch or his music..If that offends you, to effing bad..

Bruce Springsteen says he’ll be ‘on the next plane’ to Australia if Trump wins reelection

More mail in voting successes..

Close to half a million ballots sent to California voters who have moved or died


Gun Bits and Ridiculous…

Wising up in a time of troubles…

Gun Control Narrative Shifts as More Americans See Importance of 2A

Yep …

Fauci Is a Deep State Fraud

Winning at stupid..

Leave It to AOC to Defend Crime in NYC, All in the Name of Chiding the NYPD

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Partially Blames New York City Crime Spike On People Needing ‘To Shoplift Some Bread Or Go Hungry’

Gun control…Chicago style..

64 shot, 13 fatally, in Chicago this weekend

Apparently you must let the mob beat you…

Oregon Court Affirms Conviction of Journalist Who Pulled Gun to Stop Advancing Antifa Mob

How it works in unhinged lefty country..


The Force Awakens: Anti-Cancel Culture Demonstrations Rock These Progressive Cities 

Excess Rights?

Outright lies!!

The anti-gun activism machine is getting desperate. Researchers at UC Davis allege in a new paper that excess” firearm purchases over the last few months may have led a significant increase in “gun violence.”


Goya boycott backfires bigly as Trump supporters buy up Goya products like it’s Christmas

The Left’s lame “Boycott Goya” campaign to bully and silence Goya Food CEO Robert Unanue for praising President Trump has backfired in epic fashion after scores of Trump supporters launched their own counter-boycott called “Goya Buy-cott.”

Kapering Dick…

Colin Kapernick’s White Oppressors



Morning Miscellany …………………….

“Where knowledge is a duty, ignorance is a crime.”– Thomas Paine.

And our ignoring the antics in Washington, particularly by Obama and his thugs has to change..


Beheading Grandmothers..

Is what Muslims do in England…

Here in America also but our media ignores that!


Police knocking at your door?

Police have no warrant?

This gut shuts them down..


Judges in Ohio are special..

They can legislate and make shit up..

Like no need to obtain a carry permit for firearms..


Jimmy Carter, he who is know the 2nd worst President ever..

Fund raising for terrorists..


Rape prevention tips from LIEberals are pointless….

Your not protecting yourself!

Using their tactics will probably make things worse for you!


Yeah it always works to comply with the bad guys demands…

At least the anti gun crowd would say it is….

Not so much..

“The clerk cooperated fully, yet the suspect still shot him in the head one time, gathered the money and left the location,”

Arm yourself..

No one else will protect you!

This is how it should work!!

And this…

Don’t mess with old guys…



Paradise? Protect? Lied To? Down! Unhappy! Waking Up? Drone Hunting!


AN ATHEIST PARADISE: The Most Post-Christian Cities


My gun is never far from me and never unloaded…

Who Will Protect You from the Police? The Rise of Government-Sanctioned Home Invasions

Chances are I would not survive..But the shotgun would roar multiple times and Double 00 in a narrow hallway would be bad for those receiving it!!

Really? We knew this. But now apparently since a lame stream network, that usually serves as Buck Ofama’s Propaganda of Ministry has announced it..

It makes it truer? More true?


60 Minutes confirms Benghazi is a real scandal, and you’ve been lied to


Clueless, inept, bungling, pointless….

One day after HHS touted Obamacare data hub as example of ‘what’s working,’ guess what’s down


Nobody is happy with the boy king Buck Ofama!!

World’s anger at Obama policies goes beyond Europe and the NSA


Waking up?


#StopWatchingUs rally against mass surveillance..



Drone hunting. No limit, try to maim so you can scavenge parts. Build your own drones. Use them against those idiots like PETA!!…And the NSA..

NO limit, as they are vermin…

PETA Launches Drone Fleet, Advocates “Hunter Watching”


Harassed! GOP DicKtator! ObamaScare! Golfing!!Schools Says ‘No’!

Harassed! By an LEO that apparently does not know the laws!!

Clueless cop!Protect and Serve?


Harass and Intimidate!!

Youtube Video of Girls in Missouri Walmart Being Hassled by Police for Open Carrying


Detroit DicKtator!!

Appointed by GOP

NO better the the DemocRATS

GOP Appointed Officials Black Out Detroit During Heatwave To “Send Them A Strong Message” (VIDEO)



Florida BANS ObamaScare Goons!

Federal, yes Federal Employees say NO to ObamaScare!!

If they don’t have to have it….Then why the hell should anyone else ‘have’ to have it!!!

Trust the Government with your info…

What could possibly go wrong?

Is AFLAC a preferred insurer, propagandist and stands to make millions off of ObamaScare ?


When the going gets tough, spineless little DIcKtators go…..


‘Pardon the Interruption’: Check out who’s joining Obama on the golf course


Was the Teacher a White, Liberal, Racist?

Allowed to write about pedophile Micheal Jackson and not God?

Can you say more fail by Government Indoctrination Centers? Errr Schools!!

School Says No To God For Project; Mother Furious


Police State! Gun Control!! Beating.

Protesting against Buck Ofama can be bad for you..Especially in the LIEberal paradise of Kalifornistan!!

Arrests and Brutality at ‘Impeach Obama’ Rally..

Why we need to fight back, as hard as they attack us…

Die on your knees, or on a pile of spent brass!!!


And gun sales skyrocketed again!!

Thanks Buck Ofama…Keep shooting of your mouth and keep selling those guns!

Your great at that!

Obama Blasts “Gun-Toting” Americans, Vows Concealed Carry Restrictions – See more at:

Molon Labe assO!



Police say Widstrand was walking home last Sunday night when he came across 30 to 40 young gang members fighting in the street. When he tried to walk through the crowd, he was knocked to the ground, hit and stomped on. Police say someone even took off his pants and went through his pockets before leaving him unconscious and bleeding. All this took place just a block away from the Eastern District Police Headquarters.

Does not mention what ‘race’ the gang bangers are..Any bets

4 gang members arrested in near-fatal beating of St. Paul man

Multiple Arrests Reported In California Town Following “Impeach Obama” Rally – See more at:

Knows Best? Assault Rifle? Gov Waste! Fail! Change! Thugs! Police Fail!!

Excuse me?

How intrusive and obtrusive can someone get..Oh … wait …. we’re talking about Buck Ofama’s NAZI Government..

Gov’t Knows Best? White House creates ‘nudge squad’ to shape behavior

The media.
Cannot get anything right.
Assault rifle…

Alaska man kills charging bear with assault rifle

Porkers in Government!

Porker of the Month: Reps. Edwards & Johnson

Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) has named Reps. Donna Edwards (D-Md.) and Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Texas) Porkers of the Month for co-sponsoring H.R. 2617, Porker the Apollo Lunar Landing Legacy Act, to establish the Apollo Lunar Landing Sites National Historical Park on the Moon. Apparently not content to confine their legislating to this planetoid, Reps. Edwards and Johnson have gone where no member of Congress has gone before. H.R. 2617 would “preserve and protect for the benefit of present and future generations the nationally significant historic sites associated with the Historical Park.” In addition, the bill would require the Secretary of the Interior to submit the lunar landing site to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization for designation as a World Heritage Site. The costs of the park are not known, but they would likely be out of this world. For straying so far from reality’s orbit, wasting the taxpayers’ money on the paper and ink on which H.R. 2617 is written, and engaging in sheer “lunarcy,” Reps. Edwards and Johnson are the July, 2013 Porkers of the Month. Read more about the Porker of the Month.



35 Parenting Fails


Hope and Change. The Buck Ofama way. Ruin our economy and make us 9TRY!) dependent on the Giverment!!!

Unemployment rates rise in 90 percent of US cities


In who’s name?

The Religion of Peace…Yeah..Some peace!!


More Buck Ofama sons?

Good grief!! Don’t they have any type of medical training in Florida for LEOs? A stroke and they cannot recognize the fact?
I hope they get their worthless asses sued off if nothing else!
Damn…As one whom works with and trains LEOs as 1st Responders and does Refresher training for them I know most HERE in Minnesota are able to see this!!
Florida? You effing idiots!!

Peaceful? Conspiracy? Bug Where? Slack Jawed!

Peaceful protests?

17 Peaceful Protesters Arrested After Mostly Peaceful Trayvon Temper Tantrum



Apparently someone needs to find a job and become a productive useful member of their community.

But that won’t happen as long as the Government keeps offering them free stuff.

And making shit up for these parasites to go whine about how bad they have it!!


Well lookee, lookee…

Spontaneous protests?

Trayvon Martin protest leaders revealed

Dream Defenders, the main group that has been agitating the protest movement surrounding the Trayvon Martin case, was spawned by activists employed by a who’s who of the race-hijacking radical left.

Really? Like who?

The group is made up of students and recent graduates from several Florida universities and is openly backed by SEIU, the ACLU and the Soros-supported Southern Poverty Law Center.

And they met with?

The small Community Relations Service at Eric Holder’s Justice Department facilitated a meeting between Dream Defenders and city officials that resulted in a Justice review of the police department.

Damn. Conspiracy? Oh hell yeah!!


Just love this stuff…Not…

Bugging Out Vs Sheltering In Place

I’m staying put. With my family.

If I have to run for my life? Why? What good will that do?

Nope..I’ll stay put.

thank you very much.

I’m old and ornery…

’nuff said.


Surprised she isn’t drooling on herself…slack jawed, droopy eyed as she looks..


Privacy? Don’t! Bird Killer!! Coup! Truth!

Please tell me all you experts on the Martin/Zimmerman case. How many of you were there and witnessed it? If you were, as it seems from your pontificating, why the hell didn’t you do something about it then?? ~Maddmedic


“If justice, good faith, honor, gratitude and all the other qualities which ennoble the character of a nation and fulfill the ends of government be the fruits of our establishments, the cause of liberty will acquire a dignity and lustre, which it has never yet enjoyed, and an example will be set, which cannot but have the most favourable influence on the rights on Mankind. If on the other side, our governments should be unfortunately blotted with the reverse of these cardinal and essential virtues, the great cause which we have engaged to vindicate, will be dishonored and betrayed; the last and fairest experiment in favor of the rights of human nature will be turned against them; and their patrons and friends exposed to be insulted and silenced by the votaries of tyranny and usurpation.”

James Madison, Address to the States, 1783


Privacy? Scanning license plates? For?

License plates scanned, but who’s getting the metadata?

Don’t Tread On Me!!
 Buck ‘Bird Killer’ Ofama..
Wait now. When a small flock inadvertently landed in a pool of oil in the N. Dakota shale fields, the tree hugging, save the whales, abort the human babies crowd went nuts.
Yet Buck Ofama has no problem approving bird killing, poor excuse for energy producing windmills.

Barack Obama=BIRD KILLER!

W T H ??

The hypocrisy of the left is enough to drive one….nuts..


Unknowingly, well thanks to the media and spin doctors whom shoved Buck Ofama upon America, have we had a…

Coup D’État


Interesting. This apparently was never mentioned and now Eric ‘Obama’s Dick’ Holder, wants in on the ‘racism’ aspect of all this because you know, in-spite of the FBI finding no evidence of any racism, there had to be some…

So therefore the argument about ‘racism’ is invalid.

The Truth About George Zimmerman

The media and majority of blacks want you to believe that George Zimmerman is a racist. This is far from the truth, George Zimmerman is not a racist. The Telegraph (London, England) is reporting the following.

  • George Zimmerman voted and campaigned for Obama.
  • George Zimmerman and his black friend opened an insurance company in Florida.
  • George Zimmerman has black family members. Some of George’s black family members lived with him, at some point.
  • George Zimmerman launched a campaign to help a homeless black man who was beaten up by a white kid.
  • George dated and took a black girl to the prom.
  • George Zimmerman also mentored young black males.

You will never hear the media mention any of this.