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Poor victim my ass. Leftists so happy to threaten and attack Conservatives through their through their lapdog media and physically with their army of Antifa and BLM thugs.

Then whimper and cry when a brutal dog or dogs are put down..

Another poor victim of Trump’s (insert derogatory adjective here)

The other Federal execution has the UN protesting.

You will be marked…

Report: App Will Implement Vaccination Status; Allow Bars, Restaurants To Identify The Unvaccinated

We’ll see…

Is The Globalist “Reset” Failing? The Elites May Have Overplayed Their Hand

Slow Joe will probably get a Nobel Peace, another pointless participation trophy such as this..

Time magazine names Biden, Harris its Person of the Year in profile fiercely critical of Trump


Judge Tosses Prosecutor From McCloskey Gun Case

Shut up bitch!!!

Melinda Gates Is ‘Incredibly Disappointed’ That Americans Will Get the Vaccine First

Not that I have any intention of having this crap put in ,y body…I just can’t stand anything about Bill ‘The Virus King’ and his wife…

Thanks Timmy!!

Tim Walz kills another business

More Timmy!!

From Alpha News – Reporting the news…

East Grand Forks restaurant reopens, calls Walz actions ‘slap in the face’

“He will just continue to put us under his thumb. It’s almost a slap in the face,” Moss said of the governor’s actions.

From the Red Start and Tribune – Reporting what their Leftist controllers want..

East Grand Forks bar defies cease-and-desist letter from Minnesota Health Department

“Great place to dine and die!” wrote Christine Rosman Davis.

Typical comment from a mentally challenge leftist.

Nothing to see here..No cover up going on..

SOS blocks forensic analysis of the 22 dominion machines in MI

The District of Corruption Has Overplayed Its Hand

The truth is that Americans are mad, and they should be.  They have put up with four years of fake Russian collusion hoaxes and fake impeachments and fake judges using their powers to hamstring lawful executive orders from President Trump.  They have watched the CIA abuse its powers to spy on a Republican political campaign and the FBI abuse its powers to punish political allies of the president……


Fun and Games With Politics…

A number of years ago, about 2006, I was asked to seek the GOP nomination for the Minnesota House in my district to run against the very leftist Liberal Democrat whom held it at that time.

He and I did not see eye to eye and disagreed on most everything. I pushed so many of his buttons he blocked me on Facebook and Twitter and told me to stop emailing him, which I didn’t.

I did not receive the nomination, but I pushed the person whom won it, took 3 ballot sessions before I conceded, he was the Mayor of small community in the District (Like 1800 population) and I was a relative unknown, not completely as I had worked as a medic in the area for 10 years at that time. So I did know quite a few folks.

The GOP candidate failed miserably, at one point the GOP Chair in our lovely state came to me at our state GOP convention, (I did manage to get picked as a delegate a number of times.) and asked me if I would step forward if needed as they were concerned about their pick. Well he continued to stumble along and again failed.

Fast forward to the next election cycle and again I considered, but we came up with a very strong candidate whom was head and shoulders above the incumbent liberal in office.

I stayed in the background, did a lot of legwork, went after the incumbent again. Got myself noticed and made more then a few liberals very upset with my LTEs and a blog I was running.

Our Candidate won that round, actually crediting the Maddmedic for his assistance and legwork. He won again the next round before moving on.(Went to Texas or some godforsaken place!) Which was quite an achievement considering the liberal majority we had in the district.

I then stepped away as I was getting disgusted with politics.

But I got back in the game when the liberal former Rep came back for reelection. I happened to notice his campaign signs stated ‘reelection’ on them when he had been out of office for 4 years.

Caused quite a stir when I pointed it out and he got spanked by the Campaign Board.

After that I went quiet again, until now. We have another damn liberal whom was elected and now seeking reelection this term.

And I found a ‘discrepancy’ in his bio on his campaign site.

Says he serves as Senior Pastor at UCC church. No he doesn’t!! He did. But not for a while.

And then I noticed on his official House of Representatives site..

Same damn thing.

So I fired off an LTE concerning this discrepancy.Honesty in politics. His career was a politician now? Got a call from a reporter for the local liberal newspaper asking if he could use ‘portions’ of my letter in an article about Lippert.

I said maybe, let me check a few things and get back to you.

Went to the above websites and they had been scrubbed. Sometime between July 6th, 7th and the 9th. The same time I submitted the LTE!!


So I called him back, told him sure, but I wanted my LTE printed in it’s entirety and BTW screenshots were a wonderful thing.

Pretty sure someone notified someone else and had things ‘corrected’.

Like I said, ‘coincidence’?

As a side note I did run for the local School Board years ago, caused much panic as I had developed a bit of a rep as a volunteer at the schools and a pissed off Dad advocating for his son(s).

Came up a bit short on that, not by much…






Food For Thought..

“Let’s take households worth $10 million or more (in 1995 dollars). According to the research by economist Edward Wolff, from 1983 to 2010 the number of American households worth at least $10 million grew to 350,000 from 66,000.

Rich Americans tend to be more politically active than the rest of the population. They support candidates who share their views and values; they sometimes run for office themselves. Yet the supply of political offices has stayed flat (there are still 100 senators and 435 representatives — the same numbers as in 1970). In technical terms, such a situation is known as “elite overproduction.”

Could too much of a good thing lead to a second American Civil War?



Rich Bahs-turd! Biased!! Sads? Outrageous! Moonbeam!! Hustlers!

Nanny Bloomberg. Egotistical rich bahs-turd using his billions to get his way!!

Bloomberg to honor Manchin with cash – West Virginians lose out on jobs due to Manchin’s gun control push

Was no reporting involved. Biased, untruthful, divisive liberal bullshit!!

Zimmerman trial: Did wall-to-wall media coverage inform, or entertain?


And we whom believe in Freedom and our God given rights should care what this assO thinks or feels? Well we should because he does have Buck Ofama‘s ear or something!

David Axelrod has a case of the sads over ‘win for NRA’ in Illinois


Outrageous: Pentagon Mulls Cutting Danger Pay for Veterans Overseas

The Obama administration has a curious relationship with veterans. On the one hand, the President enjoys using soldiers for photo ops during elections.

On the other hand, his administration doesn’t make sure military votes count, scraps fireworks for soldiers (even when local businesses offer to provide them for free), cuts hot meals for soldiers in Afghanistan, and temporarily suspends care for wounded warriors under sequestration.


Only a flipping DemocRAT!

Instead of Fixing Things in America, Democrats Wasting Time Trying to Put a Park on the Moon


Is all they know..Double standards and hypocrisy!!

Race Hustlers and Double Standards

Zimmerman, Deen and Racism in Black and White


Pursuit. Gun Treaty. Impeachment! Buy an AR! Backdoor!

Definitely ….

The True Pursuit of Liberty…

I tried the political…I tried being active in our local political scene….I sought the GOP nomination to run for State Rep. They choose a known ‘Name’ the Mayor of a small burg and construction company owner. Whom did shit to run a campaign and win…They even came back to me, the House Speaker even sought me out at the State convention to see if I would be interested in running, as their picked candidate was worthless. He stayed in and lost, not by much, but still lost to a damn union loving, socialist assO!

I ran for School Board and drew in 2500 plus votes, just missing out. Scared a lot of people as I was quite vocal in displaying my displeasure with the local School system.

n continued to be active, but lately am seeing a lot of nothing from the local GOP scene. A number of so called leaders of the BPOU seem to be more left leaning then I like..IN fact a couple are full of themselves and I think are more Dhimmicrap then anything else.

Sample in comments section here..

So now? I pretty much let my feelings be known, my total disgust with our current libtard, socialist in office…Through LTE‘s. social media, face to face if the morons would ever have a ‘townhall’ meeting when working people can make it. I make no friends locally with my Right leaning views.



This is a miscarriage…A big, huge, miscarriage of Justice…My Rights were not given by Man. My Rights are mine and if you think for one minute I will give my Right to speak out and my Right to defend myself….Eff you, eff the horse your riding, the dog your following and the sheep your chasing!!

Remember that…Molon Labe.

Special Investigative Report From Ginny Simone: “U.N. Arms Trade Treaty”

Wild Bill..Impeachment..
Buy an AR. The old fashioned way…You may need it..

ForSaleAR15.com – No Credit Cards, No Paypal, No Problem


Well they know damn well the front door atack did not work. SO being the sneaky government assOs they are they will try a different, underhanded, probably illegal attempt to control our Guns and therefore us!!

GOA Submits Comments Opposing Backdoor Gun Control Efforts by Health And Human Services


Good luck with that Biden!! You damn Statist assO!

Biden Tries to Gain Back Support for Gun Control

Read more:

RINOs. Beating. Leeches. Privacy?

I agree. The Repuplikan Party has failed. Filled with RINOs.

I cannot support it in it’s current form.

Now that said I will never support any rodrammed Dhimmicrap…So yeah. lets weed the crap out, or just start over…

Open Season on Republican Strategists and RINOs


Damn. Just beat him to death…?

SOB did not suffer long enough…

For the crime he committed…But he will..

Texas Dad Kills Pedophile ‘Gonzales’ Caught Molesting His Daughter


Deport it….Gitmo!!!

Govt Leech Alert: Illegal Immigrant Gets Food Stamps, Meds, Housing, & Social Security for 20 Years!

Forget it?

Gun Control! Idiots! Shall Issue! Don’t Mess! Ammo!

“Where an excess of power prevails, property of no sort is duly respected. No man is safe in his opinions, his person, his faculties, or his possessions.” —James Madison


Once again the facts are there and the left denies them.

Their Gun Control Utopia, Chicago proves once again how well it does not work. Well for the honest, law abiding disarmed folks.

The bad guys, thugs, gang bangers…Probably laughing as they pull the trigger.

Chicago’s Weekend Shooting Tally: 10 Dead, 44 Injured


Village Idiots

The only thing to fear… “At one Tea Party rally this week, mobs chanted ‘Waterboard Obama, Waterboard Hillary!’ At another, radicals waved signs with Nazi symbols. … [T]he Democratic Senate is the only thing holding back the right-wing House from implementing their radical agenda.” —Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) fundraising appeal

Belly laugh of the week: “If anything, we are overachieving on deficit reduction right now, given where we are in terms of the current year and immediate economic needs.” –Treasury Secretary Jack Lew

Things the stimulus was supposed to fix but didn’t: “Collapse of bridge in WA underscores urgent need for infrastructure investments. Will latest falling structure prod Rs in Congress to act?” –tweet from Obama adviser David Axelrod

Sycophants: “I love the Clintons and they know it. Bill and I are friends for 22 years, 23 years. He’s creating the greatest post-presidency in the history of the presidency. … [I]f [Hillary] decides to run [for president again], I would walk across the country to get her into office.” –singer Michael Bolton


Newspulper Headlines:

Shortest Books Ever Written: “The Good Side of the IRS Scandal’ –NationalJournal.com

Longest Books Ever Written: “Obama’s Forgotten Victims” –The New York Times

He’s in the White House: “Easily Confused Man Missing From South Side” —Sun-Times Media Wire (Chicago)

Questions Nobody Is Asking: “Is Bob Dole the Future of the Republican Party?” –Washington Examiner website

Bottom Story of the Day: “Somebody Did Something” –The New York Times

(Thanks to The Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto)



From 2003 when Minnesota passed the Shall Issue

to October 2008  there were 55,000 plus permits issued..

From November 2008 through April 2013 there were almost 83,000 permits issued.


I think not.

Buck Ofama has driven the gun industry to new heights!!


Don’t mess with her purse!!


Where Has All The Ammo Gone, Part Deux

Death Threats! Vacation! Franken! Oops!

From the Religion of Peace!! How long before something happens and Buck Ofama and Shillary can balme another ‘crisis’ on this video?

Death Threats over Conservative Viral Video


The Mooch is going on Vacation!!


Michelle Said to be Considering an Extended Vacation


Franken…Failed clown, DJ, pointless Senator..

VIDEO: Franken Slams Into Staffer While Dodging Reporter’s IRS Question


Oops…..Bad move I’d say!!

Unlucky thieves throw victim in closet full of firearms


Nothing like a short little, efftarded bully throwing  a hissy fit when things go against him. Bloomberg your an ass!!

Anti-Gun “Pacifist” Mayor Bloomberg Throws a Hissy Fit and Drops F-Bombs When Questioned