Thanksgiving Protest …

So your despotic Governor has limited or banned your Thanksgiving Day celebration. Limited family members. hold it outdoors, yeah right, that’ll work well for those in Northern states!!

So what’s one to do?

Simple! Hold a Thanksgiving Day protest!! Quite apparent protesting and looting do NOT cause the spread of the Chinese Virus.

Signs, the more obnoxious the better, dress in black, etc.

Spill into the streets, yell, scream, be obnoxious!! Only to those relatives you dislike..

Don’t forget the turkey, dressing, cranberries, pumpkin pies and any assorted adult refreshment!!!

But PROTEST, that’s acceptable according to your Leftist Governor and lame stream media!!

Have a good Thanksgiving with all of your protesting relatives and friends!!

And eff Fauci also!!

Beyond Ridiculous ….

And how much violence was there in Michigan?

When your an idiot….

GQ Columnist Compares Minneapolis Looters To Armed Protesters In Michigan

How many businesses and peoples livelihoods destroyed?

No leadership…

Anarchy Engulfs Minneapolis: Police, Firefighters Stand Down As Rioters Burn City to the Ground

Not just lack of leadership…There is none..

Minneapolis 3rd Police Precinct On Fire After Officers Abandon Building Amid George Floyd Riots

The Beta Male, Soy Boy, Mayor Frey is in way over his head…


What?! MSNBC Anchor Says Minneapolis Riot Is ‘Not Generally Unruly’… As a Building Burns Behind Him

Trump is correct…

Twitter: Trump’s Minnesota tweet violated rules on violence

Twitter is wrong..

Maybe, no, not maybe, there should be more of this!!

‘Rednecks’ w/ ARs Defend Against Looters During Minneapolis Riots


Outraged, They Came, Protested, And Then Did A Little Shopping In Minneapolis


The after action report of the Coronavirus is going to turn the whole of the US into Minneapolis right now

Enough……I’ll be sorting precious metals, natural wood products, synthetics and iron later this morning.

As I am returning to work Monday after a 7 week layoff and this shit show in Minneapolis is spreading, I may need to ‘adjust’ my survival/commute/get my ass home package….

Peaceful? Conspiracy? Bug Where? Slack Jawed!

Peaceful protests?

17 Peaceful Protesters Arrested After Mostly Peaceful Trayvon Temper Tantrum



Apparently someone needs to find a job and become a productive useful member of their community.

But that won’t happen as long as the Government keeps offering them free stuff.

And making shit up for these parasites to go whine about how bad they have it!!


Well lookee, lookee…

Spontaneous protests?

Trayvon Martin protest leaders revealed

Dream Defenders, the main group that has been agitating the protest movement surrounding the Trayvon Martin case, was spawned by activists employed by a who’s who of the race-hijacking radical left.

Really? Like who?

The group is made up of students and recent graduates from several Florida universities and is openly backed by SEIU, the ACLU and the Soros-supported Southern Poverty Law Center.

And they met with?

The small Community Relations Service at Eric Holder’s Justice Department facilitated a meeting between Dream Defenders and city officials that resulted in a Justice review of the police department.

Damn. Conspiracy? Oh hell yeah!!


Just love this stuff…Not…

Bugging Out Vs Sheltering In Place

I’m staying put. With my family.

If I have to run for my life? Why? What good will that do?

Nope..I’ll stay put.

thank you very much.

I’m old and ornery…

’nuff said.


Surprised she isn’t drooling on herself…slack jawed, droopy eyed as she looks..