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Double standard alert:Hypocrisy in the Media!!

Shocked I tell you!! Shocked!!

Double standard alert: U.S. distance runner Galen Rupp wins silver medal, media suddenly decide race isn’t important


And then the whole “AfricanAMerican” thing…why?

Why not IRISH American” when they win?

Or POLISH American?

Never will we see that!!
Even Asian Americans has fallen away..

But AFRICAN American!! Oh yeah lets jump on that band wagon!!!
Kind of like the whole LBGT bullshit thing going on..
Effing media gives them legs..Gives them notice, more substance then they deserve.

I do not care what color you are, what religion you believe in or what you do inside your own bedroom..and who with…as long as it is a consenting adult of legal age…

I may not approve, I will never condone your activities, but it is your life…do as you want..

As long as, now listen carefully, it causes me no harm, problems, etc.

Becasue when it does and as it is doing ..

It pisses me off and then I will speak out, as is my RIGHT!!

If YOU try to FORCE your beliefs and ways on me!!

I will RESIST in any and all ways available to me.

If you try to use the GOVERNMENT and legislate your ways on me..

I will resist..

If you attempt ever to harm or threaten myself, my family or take from me or mine..

Remember I support and believe in the 2nd Amendment…is what keeps the monsters away from me…

Are you a monster?

I have a cure..

(Disclaimer: I am really in a foul mood today!!)