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The 2013 Realities of Gun Control

Guns, what guns?

Since December 2012, guns have been flying off the shelves as if Hitler‘s panzers have been spotted crossing the Canadian border in force backed up by the Soviet paratroopers from Red Dawn (the good one, not the new one). According to the FBI, in January 2013 more than 2.4 million requests for firearms purchase background checks were sent through their NICS system. This works out to about one gun sale every 1.5 seconds. Of course, you can argue that just because a check is done doesn’t mean a gun is sold, but this is counterbalanced by the fact that multiple guns can be sold for each check performed.


CGO: Moral Authority of more gun control?

Voices of gun control.


Can’t buy it?

Print it!!

Freedom of the Press, Speech and taking care of your 2nd Amendment!!


Politics and Gun control. When your up for reelection and your pResident makes it tough and in some cases really tough by pushing an agenda unlinked, despised and wrong..Your going to do what you have to, to protect your cushy job as a Senator..

Just saying now…


Now these are not major manufacturers, but……Making a statement and if others follow…


How about MR Doctor..None of your damn business and good bye..

Republican lawmakers slam doctors on questions about gun ownership

Say what Mr Politician??
The Constitution is there for a reason and asshats like you that won’t stand on it?
Need to be booted and sent back into the masses..

‘Red Dawn’

Then and Now: Critics Recoil at Pro-America, Anti-Communism Messages.

Saw the first one and will admit watching it maybe once or twice since then.

Was not to sure about a ‘remake’ especially considering whom the invaders are.

North Koreans?

But now reading this I am probably going to see it.

If the so-called lame critics ‘bashed’ it, well then it must be good!!

Especially considering what a bunch of lying Obama Commie loving asshats today’s media has turned into!!

The Chicago Reader calls it a “Tea Party wet dream.” Time Magazine says “both movies play like hokey advertisements for the National Rifle Association, injected with high school pep rally enthusiasm.”

The Washington Post’s review says the film will be “red meat for tea party patriots,” as if Obama voters would rather allow an invading force take over rather than fight back.

Film.com offers the most over the top reaction, suggesting the remake shouldn’t be on the screen at all.

Red Dawn” is one of the rare cases where a movie isn’t just poor, it is inadvisable. It is even, perhaps, irresponsible given the current political climate … The unfortunate thing is that some viewers may be naive to think that the movie’s scenario is rooted in some sort of realism. While I like to look down my nose at such rubes just as much as the next guy, perhaps there are some large-ish budget movies that just shouldn’t be made.