Red Flag Laws and Abuse…

Gun Rights Activist Warns About Red Flag Laws: ‘Abuse of Power That Could Very Easily Be Taken Advantage of’

How safe are you when it comes to family? Friends? Coworkers?

You ‘upset’ someone with your views? They know you may have a gun or 3.



Gun Bits and Ridiculous …


A Politically Correct Church Is A Worthless Church

Hoe…Don’t tell me what I should or shouldn’t own. Especially when it comes to protecting my Rights and self from politicians such as you..

Kamala Harris Doesn’t Think You Have The Right To Own A Gun


In Bid For White House, Harris Promised to Usurp Constitution In Quest for Gun Control

Good ..

NH Governor Vetos Red Flag Bill

Civil War …

Portland protests move into ‘usually quiet nighttime streets,’ report says

Wonder why…

New York Nursing Home Deaths Are ‘A Significant Undercount’ But Gov. Cuomo Doesn’t Want An Independent Investigation

Once again the Media shows it’s bias and irrelevancy..Does not fit their worthless agenda..

National Media Silent After Black Man Executes 5-Year-Old White Boy In Front Of His House Featured

Need more of this..

BLM Protesters Took A Wrong Turn Into MAGA Country, Run Out Of Town By Armed Locals In Rural Nevada

Truth..Is what she does…

Woman of color


Wikileaks Posts 137 Documents on Kamala Harris Hours After She Is Named Joe Biden’s Running Mate 

Quite a list…

Fun Facts Wednesday – 269 Corporations that Financially Support BLM

And a little snark the Barb Wire…

Joe Biden Said To Be Elated After Kamala Harris Picks Him To Be Her VP


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

Blind, incoherent or stupid?

Violent Riots In Portland Are Just ‘A Myth’ — According to Democrat Jerry Nadler

How about ..Idiot!!

Jerry Nadler Says “Antifa Violence” Isn’t Real, Suggests It’s Just a Rumor Trump Started

Just saying …


Offends you?


You offend me..

Now loving on Jesus IN YOUR OWN HOME could be a ‘hate crime’

Retreat hell!!

Know When to Stand Your Ground and When You Have a Duty to Retreat (Part II – Duty to Retreat)

Media and experts do not belong in the same sentence…This is no such thing..

Media, “Experts” Act Like Only Gun People Kill Themselves

If you point a gun at somebody…

Armed “Protestor” Killed During Austin Protest

Cops confirm shots were fired at Austin motorist who killed BLM protester armed with AK-47

Full of shit media…

Associated Press, ABC News On Violent Oakland Riot: ‘Peaceful Demonstration Intensified’

Three killed and at least 56 others wounded in Chicago over weekend

Gun control…

Red Star and Tribune..Supporting violence and destruction..

Leaf-blower wars: How Portland protesters are fighting back against tear gas and forming ‘walls’ of veterans, lawyers, nurses

Agree …

The Morning Briefing: It Might Be Time To Let the Liberal Riot Hellholes Burn

Fauci’s Lies and the Political Cowardice of Mask Mandates

But the sheep buy it..

Sneaky Congress Hides Red Flag in National Defense Authorization Act

They never give up…

But the media and anti gun clowns claim this never happens!!

Shooting At Dallas Bar Stopped By Armed Patrons

Truth …

Don’t Count On American Compliance With Gun Confiscation


Gun Bits …

How could Red Flag Bills be designed in a way that would satisfy gun rights proponents? It seems clear this needs to be addressed. Would like answers from moderate gun rights proponents, not those who oppose any regulation at all.

They can’t be. They take away Due Process when…

If you are accused, the police come and take your guns.

Lawsuit Challenging Passage Of CO’s Red Flag Bill Dismissed

Any more questions about problematic and unconstitutional Red Flag Laws??

First off it is very difficult to get weapons of war!! Aren’t readily available to the average gun owner and exactly what weapons of war are you asking about?

What is exactly wrong with banning weapons of war? Do you need them to hunt?

DO anti gunners ever think? Or do any research before asking these questions??

NYC’s Oldest Gun Store Closing Its Doors For Good

Thanks to Gov. Cuomo and Mayor De Bloviate

As a 1st Responder, EMT, Medic for 28 years. I’ve seen a lot of suicides..Guns, pills, hanging and most common, death by carbon monoxide. Plus a few chemical suicides. If someone is serious about ending their lives, they’ll do it..Gun not required,

Suicides not Reduced by Laws Restricting Gun Owners

And what will they do when the State comes for their religion?

Bloomberg’s Everytown Recruits Anti-Gun Church Leaders in Voter Turnout

Because they will and these idiots calling themselves pastors will be helpless…


DFL trying to sneak through worst-version of gun control bills on Wednesday….

On Wednesday this week, the House Public Safety & Criminal Justice Reform Committee will hear HF2711, a “Public Safety and Criminal Justice Reform Omnibus” bill containing both supplementing funding and policy elements.

What’s tucked away inside this bill?

The worst versions of the DFL’s universal gun registration and red flag gun confiscation bills from the 2019 legislative session.

That’s right folks – they’re back!

You already know what’s in these bills in terms of the main policy elements – but you may not remember the worst versions of both of these bills from last year. Here’s what’s in HF2711 right now:

  • Universal Gun Registration aka “Universal Background Checks”
    • This version is a complete rewrite of Minnesota’s permit to purchase now
    • Under this bill, your permit to carry will no longer act as a Permit to Purchase, you must obtain a permit to purchase.
    • You must have a permit to purchase for any firearms purchase or transfer
    • Under this bill, your permit to purchase will only be valid for 30 days or for the purchase or transfer of a single firearm
    • Makes the private sale or transfer of a firearm a crime unless you go through a FFL/gun shop or complete the government-mandated paperwork and keep it… for forever.
  • Red Flag Gun Confiscation aka “Extreme Risk Protective Orders”
    • Allows essentially anyone to file to have your firearm seized for “being a danger to self or others”
    • Has the lowest possible requirement for proof for a judge to order your firearms seized
    • Allows a judge to hold an ex-parte hearing without you present to hear the motion to order your firearms seized

On Wednesday this week, May 6ththe committee will hold a hearing on HF 2711 and may pass it onto the House Floor or onto another committee for further consideration.

Of course, we’ll be there (virtually) to testify against this legislation.

In addition to the details above and below, you can click here to watch a brief video on Facebook Live from Political Director Rob Doar talking about the bill and its ramifications for gun owners in Minnesota.


    • Send a message to your Representative about your opposition to Universal Background Checks
    • Send a message to your Representative about your opposition to Red Flag Gun Confiscation
    • Then call your Representative and tell them (or their legislative assistant) that you oppose any gun control measures
    • Many Reps will not accept emails from non-constituents
    • So call them on the phone using the Committee Roster– tell them about your opposition to any gun control amendments at tomorrow’s hearing
    • Remember:  Every Republican on this committee is an ally with a 100% voting record on the Second Amendment. Every DFLers on this committee is anti-gun.
    • We will share a link to the hearing broadcast on our Facebook page once details are announced for Wednesday.

No gun control in COVID bill…

GOA Thanks Activists After One Million Emails Generated into Senate

We are hearing from Capitol Hill insiders that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Senate GOP leaders are blocking plans to stick red flag gun confiscation orders onto the COVID-19 relief bill.


News/Gun Bits …

Beto O’Rourke endorses Biden, Biden says O’Rourke will be “the one who leads” his gun-control efforts


Bloomberg’s Coronavirus Ad Fails to Note His Part in Clearing the Way for It


Classic leftist….

Democratic Denver Councilwoman Tweets Support For Spreading the Coronavirus At Trump Rallies


Bloomberg, as do all elitist assholes, seems to think so…

‘Does your life matter more than mine?’ Citizen catches Bloomberg in gun hypocrisy


The stupid that is Red Flag Laws..

Sheriff: Inmate’s ‘red flag’ petition against deputies shows issue with law


Good Gun!!!!

Convenience Store Customer Shoots, Kills Armed Robber


This is why I don’t trust our system anymore..

Swing State Hit With 2020 Voting Lawsuit – Accused Of Registering Over 1,500 Deceased People In Pennsylvania

Same shit happened here when AL Franken won…

And this crap…


  • Minnesota Secretary of State’s poll finder website directs some voters to Warren-backing group’s site: The Minnesota Secretary of State’s office was investigating reports Tuesday that its official website was redirecting voters looking for their polling places to the web page of, a progressive organization that has backed Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren.


Of course this crap is another reason…

Bernie, Biden and Bloomberg paying superdelegates big bucks


And some fools call this journalism…

What an asshole..

Lefty Journo Mocks Coronavirus Task Force Praying — Gets OWNED On Twitter


Morally corrupt Public Schools..

Shameless assholes..

School in Brooklyn Hands Out “Drag Queen in Training” Stickers to 4-Year-Olds



UBCs and Red Flags are back – headed to a committee on 2/18

The anti-gun DFL majority in the Minnesota House isn’t wasting any time now that session has started – they’ve already scheduled two gun control bills for action in the House Ways and Means Committee next week.

Those bills are:


While the impeachment inquiry continues…

With the Democrats’ ongoing impeachment inquiry, President Trump is paying close attention to every poll released by the media to monitor his public support.

Which means he will inevitably see some of the recent phony polls claiming that Americans support gun control… at a time when he is eager to keep his approval rating up.

We need to cut through the media’s fake polls and make sure he hears DIRECTLY from the American people themselves.

We’re going to flood the White House’s inboxes with letters signed by American voters like you, warning President Trump that the surest way for him to lose in 2020 is to betray 2A supporters by passing Red Flag Gun Grabs or Universal Background Checks.

Please add your name to our pre-written letter telling President Trump to do the right thing and protect our God-given rights.

If President Trump is concerned about the damage Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment inquiry is causing him, then he better keep his hands off of the Second Amendment…

In 2016, he only won the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin by fewer than 80,000 votes.

Many of those voters are single-issue voters who prize the Second Amendment above all else. They understand that our 2A rights are the teeth of the Constitution.

If President Trump signs Red Flag Gun Grabs or Universal Background Checks into law, those voters may see ZERO DIFFERENCE between a candidate Biden or candidate Trump in 2020.

Finally, if the President is eager to see polls, then we’ll show him a poll of our own taken of over 17,000 gun owners across America that reveals between 92-98% would NOT vote to re-elect a legislator who votes for Red Flag Gun Laws or Universal Background Checks.

3 anti-gun bills advance…

As we recently told you, the House Judiciary Committee has passed three gun control bills that can now be brought up at any time for an official floor vote:

🛑 Red Flag gun confiscations
🛑 Ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines
🛑 Prohibiting those guilty of political incorrectness to own firearms

And anti-gunners are playing dirtier than ever before…

Nancy Pelosi is claiming that “PEOPLE ARE DYING” every day that Republicans refuse to vote for her anti-gun bills. She hopes that if she turns up the heat enough, spineless RINOs will drop to their knees and surrender our rights.

We can’t let the violent rhetoric of the anti-gun mob drown out the voices of millions of honest Americans who believe in the Second Amendment.

Please add your name to our pre-written letter to your representative to VOTE NO on these gun grabs that would shred the Second Amendment and set America on the path to tyranny.

ADD YOUR NAMECNN had the audacity to biasedly call these rights-shredding bills “gun violence prevention legislation.”

Taking guns out of the hands of honest Americans will do NOTHING to prevent violence.

Deranged evil-doers who seek to inflict harm upon the innocent will never, ever surrender their guns.

Want to know how to actually prevent violence?

…By passing “Constitutional Carry” just like the state of Maine did, and — four years later — is now ranked the SAFEST STATE IN THE NATION.

And ranked second and third are Vermont and New Hampshire, two more “Constitutional Carry” states that cherish our God-given rights.

But instead of expanding the Second Amendment, Congress now has three gun control bills that can be brought up at any time. Of course, Pelosi will probably wait until the next shooting to do so.

But rest assured, these are three bills that would prevent honest and brave Americans from carrying firearms — leaving everyone (except mass shooters) more vulnerable.

Your country needs you at this decisive moment.

Please add your name to our pre-written letter to your representative to VOTE NO on these gun grabs that would shred the Second Amendment and set America on the path to tyranny.