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Terrifying. Reloading. Disarmed! Politicians.

Gawker (website of some sort) wets itself over ..

THE MOST TERRIFYING thing on the internet.

Hello!! Is an inanimate object! Does nothing without a ‘USER” meaning a human being to operate it!!

Good grief…Some people need to grow up and deal with the real world.

A tool people a piece of metal, plastic, wood and it scares you?


Reloading myths.

Six of them.

Separating old wives tales from explosive truth

Sometimes the amount of B.S. floating around reloading circles is astonishing.  For instance, I’ve come to realize that I will most likely not die a sudden death of lead poisoning from handling cast bullets.  Just as shooters reload for as many reasons as there are types of reloading devices, some myths are true and others are old wives (or old reloaders) tales. No matter.  Just ensure that safety always takes priority at the loading bench.  Load often, use common sense, and enjoy a great hobby that makes better, more attentive shooters of us all.


Well this would make some sense..


Feds say no to veterans having guns and ammo.

Well if you think about it. Makes sense as why arm those whom you trained and have experienced combat. Wouldn’t want them to use those skills against the Government when it goes for total control and take over of all things American and Free…

More here…


Truth from Wild Bill.

Disorganized Conservatives..Herding cats…Yep..

Problem being the Dhimmwits blindly follow whomever offers them the most promises of bullshit.

The Repuplikans or Conservatives tend to think for themselves and have independent streaks and do not like anyone telling them what to do..

So tough to organize.



This is Rep. Alice Hausman (DFL 66A, Roseville)(Minnesota)
“Author” of:
HF 241 Gun ban, registration confiscation (the bill defines common use handgun revolvers as “assault weapons“)
HF 242 Standard capacity magazine ban, 10 rounds
HF 243 Standard capacity magazine ban, 7 rounds

Didn’t write the bills, didn’t present the bills (Heather Martens, paid anti-gun lobbyist from Protect MN presented the bills. Highly irregular.) And Hausman couldn’t be bothered to attend the public hearings on these bills despite the fact that Minnesotans came from all over the state to testify.
Gross dereliction of duty.



Friday Facebook..


And we have a wee bit of snow out there and I DO NOT have to travel in it unless I want to!!

And I do, Ahlman’s for sure as I need some supplies, reloading type.

And to wander around their gun racks and see what they have, which is usually lots but will be interesting after all the OMG buying recently…

Me? I have a few I would desire…But only in calibers I already own. SO another carbine in 7.62×39, maybe something in a long gun for both .38/.357 and 9 mm.

We’ll see what we see I guess…


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Saturday Facebook…


Yep is Saturday and after doing a lot of running and ‘household’ chores Friday and no reloading, need to rectify that..

MBWITW was getting a haircut yesterday and ran into a neighbor whose views are similar to mine, if not more so ‘conservative’.

They were talking and it somehow turned to 2nd Amendment and the coming storm. Neighbor whom os a senior citizen, well off and has a ‘home’ in Montana somehow brought up ammo and reloading and MBWITW stated that yes I did reload.

He then asked her if she know how to reload…

She replied ‘No!’. A bit shocked I think she was..

He then stated she should probably learn how in case I was ‘wounded’!!!

Now she was really ‘shocked’!!!



The Cost of Reloaded Ammo

vs. Factory Loads: The cost of freedom?

Right now I reload .38 Special  and .357 magnum and find it is cost effective.

I also reload for my rifle .32 Winchester Special becasue ammo is hard to find.

And it is cheaper for me to reload..

I have considered 9mm. But you can still find boxes of 50 for range use under 10 bucks around here, if you pay attention..

And I am thinking I need to get that lever action in .38/.357 and components stocked up…Soon…Another Revolver in that caliber or 3 also.


Reloading on the Cheap

Reloading on the Cheap – HUMAN EVENTS.

Is my setup.

Reloaded many rounds or .38 special and a “few” of .32 Winchester Special last winter.

Much time spent handloading and although some of my friends thought I should “upgrade” I saw no reason to!!

“But your set up is so sllloooowwww” I was told.

Um…Worked fine on those snowy days sitting with the boyz reloading a couple of hundred rounds in an afternoon.

Like I really needed to do or be anywhere else!!!

I am going to start reloading .35 Remington for my Dad’s gun this year and am kicking around 9mm.

Why not I say!! I enjoy it!!




Rainy Saturday….

Raining. Supposed to rain all day…

Sounds like a reloading day and just read Brigid’s post on reloading. Gal can write.

I got into reloading about a year and a half ago.

Friend whom has done it for years convinced me and got me going.

Lee Reloading setup.

Lyman manual.

So far have been reloading .38 spec, .357 and .32 Winchester Special.

Have a goodly supply of all now.

Considering 9mm.

Found this at Brigid’s Place and am always looking for sources of good info.

Enjoy it.

Like the idea for using dryer as polisher…wonder hoe the MBWITW will take that one??

Have to get some polishing media though….Trip to Cabela‘s today possible?

They have done some remodeling at their Owatonna store…would like to see it…Plus it is the closest place for me. There is Ahlman‘s though…….Hmmmm and they have a range and I am a member there….