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Five easy ways to support gun rights TODAY

No I cannot make this today.
I know both Bly and Dahle are big government worshipping anti gun legislators. Both have spent the careers sucking off the public tit.
And they know where I stand!!!
Are you sure you can’t make it to the Minnesota Gun Owners Lobby Day today at noon? Don’t worry! You can still make a difference, and it only takes a minute:
Here are five easy ways to have an impact TODAY:
1. Call Senator Kevin Dahle and Representative David Bly, TODAY! (Their info is at the end of this email!)
Tell them that you are calling because it’s Minnesota Gun Owners Lobby Day. Tell them that #MNGOLD‘s hundreds of attendees represent the hundreds of thousands of law-abiding, voting gun owners in the state.
2. Send them an email!
Same message, electronic delivery!
3. Spread the word!
Take a minute to like GOCRA and MNGOPAC on Facebook, follow @MNGOPAC and @MN_GOCRA on Twitter, and invite a few friends!
Tweet about today’s rally on with the hashtag #MNGOLD. Write about MNGOLD on Facebook.
4. Support the organizations that support your rights
Fighting for our rights isn’t free. If you can spare $10 or $20 to help fund today’s event, we’d appreciate it.
5. Make an appointment to see your elected officials another day
Can you imagine if your senator and representative had a gun-rights constituent visit every day of the session? They would begin to understand the strength of the millions of law-abiding gun owners in Minnesota. So call their offices today, and arrange to visit in a week or three.