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Morning Miscellany …………….

Things that make one feel all warm and fuzzy…

Terrorists getting whacked..





Harry Reid…

Opens mouth, inserts foot…


Journalist explains why he walked away from..

From Fergusons media circus…


Actor Kevin Sorbo points out a little ‘truth’ about Ferguson..

Of course LIEberals go into a frothing, mewling, tizzy….


Richard Dawkins is an Atheist jerk and his latest garbage about special needs children is a real crap remark…

A special needs Mom goes Grizzly on him…


Ignorance is bliss for today’s so called ‘journalist’..

And it really shows when they venture into and write about subjects they know nothing about…

Like firearms..


No the streets did not run red with blood..

After Mississippi changed or clarified it’s concealed carry, open carry law..

Although the anti gun crowd was sure the Wild West and gunfights would return..

Wrong again they were…


Gun control works..

Or not…


White House claims Obama’s golfing addiction clears the mind…



Fatal Encounters between police and public..



Palin. Advice. Dawkins. Colorado. Who? Time! Scaled. Fraud. Coulter v. FinkStink!

Governor Palin Rocks CPAC 2013

With a BIG Gulp..

“All drama Obama” is “just making noise”

“Remember no drama Obama?” she asked. “If only. Now it’s all drama Obama.”

You efftarded Buck Ofama supporters and you Palin bashers can say what you want..She has more balls and savvy then Buck Ofama could ever have..To bad the establishment and the Buck Ofama PR firms, formerly known as the media, were so damn afraid of her, they wet themselves and then went over the top to destroy here…Yet she is still around asswipes!!!


Keep your advice, we’ll keep our guns and Freedom..


Richard Dawkins tweets on abortion: ‘any fetus is less human than an adult pig’

This dude is just not human..AssO would cover it…


Unenforceable…The ridiculous laws passed by Politicians. But that’s what they do best…

Colorado sheriff says new state gun laws won’t be enforced

War is coming…
Who gave you the Right?
Found here..
Time to get a gun!!
I am confident I will not submit to any more Government BULLshit laws..

Conservatives confident federal gun measures will be scaled back

Conservatives are all but declaring victory on their defense of gun rights, exuding confidence as calls for aggressive controls in the wake of the Newtown elementary school massacre have given way to scaled-back expectations to firearm restrictions in Congress. “They … Continue reading →

It is called the 2nd Amendment..Is time to reinstate it..



Do your rodrammed jobs congresscritters!!!!


I just loves me a good fight…

Especially when it is some self important I am better then you peons Politician getting smacked around like a dirty rug with a rug beater…

Cat Fight Alert: Coulter Clobbers Feinstein