When It’s Time..

To protect what’s yours..

Armed Civilians Guard Minnesota Stores as Rioting and Looting Erupts for a Second Night

But always remember, there are those whom want to disarm us..


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

Sooo…Knives BAD!!

FBI Statistics: At Least 4 Times More People Were Killed With Knives Than “Assault Rifles” Last Year

HT: Disturbed Deputy

Politics…Hysterical Demo Rat style..

Antis Alarmed That ACB Confirmation Could Be ‘Huge Setback for Gun Safety’

What does one expect of a Free society??? That values life and self reliance? Cops are not going to protect you!

New Paper Shows that Increased Rioting Causes Second Amendment Support to Grow

Really Gates? Eff you Virus Boy ..

Bill Gates Says World Won’t Return to Normal Until “A Lot of People” Take a Second COVID Vaccine

Wait! What??

CNN SLAMS Joe Biden?!? I Can’t Believe It, But CNN Did Their Job For Once…AMAZING

Change the laws, turn the law abiding into outlaws…

ATF Reversal Immediately Puts Millions of Gun Owners in Danger of Prison Time

Bought and paid for by the Chinese Communists???

Joe Biden Quotes Chinese Communist Leader Mao Zedong — Again

Bullshit…It’s all political…

Are COVID Case Surges More Fake News?

Good read…

Read this and Consider It


Walz …Failure At Governing..

Showing his fantastic…lack of leadership once again.

Showing his true colors and doing nothing to heal Minneapolis and Minnesota.

Tim Walz’ hates the police

It’s terribly apparent that Tim Walz, the DFL governor of Minnesota, isn’t a leader. Most of the time, he’s been a blithering idiot who couldn’t think his way out of a wet paper bag. During the COVID crisis, which Walz mishandled terribly, Walz used a one-size-fits-all strategy for the entire state. He didn’t detect the difference between downtown Minneapolis and downtown Little Falls. Yesterday, Walz took a cheap shot at the GOP state senate.

Agreed, divisive, petty little man. But he is a former school teacher, which in Minnesota equates to a liberal bitch.

And this?

The Walz ultimatum

The Pioneer Press’s Dave Orrick translated Walz: “Attempting to leverage an uncommonly visible bully pulpit and channel widespread outcry for police and racial justice reform in the wake of George Floyd’s death,…Walz Wednesday fired a shot across the bows of state Senate Republicans, suggesting they’re the only group in the state standing in way of morally compelling change… To be clear, Walz, a Democrat, never uttered the word ‘Republican’ or mentioned any lawmaker by name.”

What an ass…

Walz is the guy, incidentally, who has devastated the state with his shutdown order predicated on 74,000 projected COVID-19 deaths in Minnesota alone. His shutdown orders devastated the state in advance of the destruction he has overseen in the Twin Cities over the past week. In this case the order to “put your money where your mouth is” sounds like attempted extortion. The video below starts at about 01:15:00.

As if he has anyplace to throw ultimatums around after his complete failure with the Chinese Virus and now the rioting that neither Walz nor Minneapolis Mayor Soy Boy Frey have been able to contain, until many hundreds of businesses had been looted, vandalized or destroyed. And the dumbfucks don’t seem to realize whom took the brunt of the rioting..

Ridiculous …..

Now we know why Biden sounds like an idiot..

Biden Adviser: Antifa Just ‘A Loose Collection Of People On The Internet,’ Not Terrorists

Dumbasses advising him…

More Joe…There is a victim!! Dance in his blood!!

DISGUSTING: Joe Biden Sends Out Fundraising Email Using George Floyd’s Dying Words

So protesting in large groups is not a problem??

‘Grossly Irresponsible’: Public Health Experts Rip RNC And Trump For Seeking To Hold Full Convention Amid Pandemic

One asks whom is incompetent here…

Because people displaying those evil guns are dangerous..As opposed to those throwing rock, bricks, Molotov cocktails, burning and looting…

Michigan Anti-Lockdown Protesters Had Their Phone Data Tracked — Floyd Protesters Did Not

And apparently looters and rioters cannot get the Chinese Virus..

Shows how worried they are. Control some, but let animals run wild..

WTF? Public Health And Disease ‘Experts’ Support Anti-Racism Protests Despite COVID Fears

Makes me laugh…Poor little soy boy better get back in Mom’s basement where he will be safe!

WATCH: Antifa Tinkerpot Gets Shrapnel In The Leg And Cries Like A Baby

This would turn out well. Mostly for the bad guys…

Give The Liberal Mob What It Wants And ‘Defund’ Police

Exception being those of us whom give a damn and take personal responsibility seriously..

When your an idiot. journalist who works for CNN…

Chris Cuomo demands to know where it says protests must be ‘peaceful.’ Then he gets a lesson on the Constitution.


Beyond Ridiculous …

She has a right to protest…..But…

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s daughter, Chiara, arrested at Manhattan protest

Chiara de Blasio, 25, was taken into custody around 10:30 p.m. after cops declared an unlawful assembly at 12th Street and Broadway in Lower Manhattan, the sources said.

Does this make him a terrorist?  Means he supports the destruction and violence happening in the Twin Cities and elsewhere?

Son of Minnesota’s attorney general: ‘I hereby declare, officially, my support for ANTIFA’

Just happened to be handy?

Random piles of bricks reported at George Floyd protests

Social media users participating in protests over the death of George Floyd have reported large piles of bricks randomly appearing at rallying sites.


A lawyer ignoring the laws….Well that means it’s a free for all and anything goes??

NYU-trained lawyer accused of hurling Molotov cocktail at marked NYPD vehicle

Appears to be a couple of lawyers…

Colinford Mattis, 32, was allegedly behind the wheel of a tan minivan as his passenger, fellow attorney Urooj Rahman, allegedly hurled the incendiary at an empty NYPD vehicle outside the 88th Precinct station house in Fort Greene early on Saturday.

And nothing says protest like burning a church down…

Mayhem: Rioters Set Historic Church Ablaze Near the White House

Effing animals..

These sumbitches deserve ….. Well you fill in the blank…

Antifa Hijacks Black Protests, Turns Them Into Violent Riots

Reporters, lawyers, pretty much all useless scum suckers these days…

NBA Reporter Tells Rioters to ‘Burn It All Down,’ Changes Tone When ‘Animals’ Come Near His Home


Not a protest. Assault and attempted murder. Where is the outrage? Riots?

Violent mob brutally beats Dallas man protecting businesses — victim’s body ‘literally twisted’

Police have not yet made any arrests in the shocking assault.

Law enforcement later confirmed the victim was carrying a machete to “protect his neighborhood from protesters.”

Of course not….and will they??

Disturbing video shows husband and wife savagely attacked by looters with 2x4s for defending business

The husband used a golf club to attempt to fight off the men who were attacking his wife.


A machete and a golf club…Hmmm what would have worked better?

The Riot Triangle

The riot triangle;

  • Oxygen: Wall to wall main stream Media coverage

  • Heat: Progressive lead cities and states

  • Fuel: Soros financed ANTIFA


Was …

Supposed to go back to work tomorrow….

Finally, after 7 weeks…

Not that it is was a bad thing, gave me a taste of my retiring in 2 years…I’m going to enjoy that,,,

But…..Because of the shit storm in Minneapolis, and the location of my office, small suburb on the West side of North Minneapolis..

My office will be closed tomorrow for ‘safety’ concerns…




Ridiculous ..

This has to stop. We need some leaders, which we don’t have, to step it up and put an end to this….Someone with the fortitude to make the hard decisions.


Incredible list of businesses damaged, looted in Minneapolis riots

Minnesota Gov Is About to Eat His Words on Who Is Really Causing Chaos in the Minneapolis Riots

Soy boy, beta male Frey…

Minneapolis Is Giving Out Face Masks To Rioters

As Minneapolis burns…He gives out masks…What an idiot..

America Aflame: Violent Protests Erupt In Cities Across U.S.

Supporting criminals. Is the Leftist way…

Biden Campaign Staff Donates to Organization That Bails Out Rioters Arrested in Minneapolis

Campaign staff for Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden are bragging about their recent donations to a far-left organization that bails out rioters arrested in Minneapolis.

Animals. Mob justice….

WATCH: Rioters Drag Chicago Police Officers

More animals and  why you need to be armed….

GRAPHIC WARNING: Man Reportedly Trying to Defend a Local Business Savagely Beaten By Rioters in Dallas

And have friends whom are armed..


Nashville Mayor Urges People to Join Him at Black Lives Matter Protest — Then Leftist Mob Torches City Hall And the Nashville Courthouse (Video) 

When you fear for your safety and live and have family to go home to.

You do what you have to..

And another failure in leadership…Democrat…De Bloviate…

WATCH: NYC Burns, NYPD Vehicles Set Ablaze, Crazed Protesters, Violent Riots, Mayor de Blasio Says “I See My Own Privilege And Understand So Much”


Beyond Ridiculous ….

Coronavirus, riots, no I won’t call them protests, looting, pillaging and burning are not protesting!!!

And the Government continues to show their ineptitude on both..

Protests, riots spread to dozens of U.S. cities overnight

Protests and riots which started in Minneapolis have spread nationwide to at least 33 cities — some of them appearing to be peaceful demonstrations and some violent protests with looting and widespread destruction.


Michael Moore cheers “good citizens burning down the evil police precinct in MN”

“Good citizens burning down the evil police precinct in [Minnesota] after all police were out [and] safe. All police should go home. No violence please. Police HQ must be demolished by the city tomorrow as a show of contrition to black America. Rebuild PD with decent kind [people], aka [people] of color,” Moore tweeted.


The looters don’t want justice, they want free stuff—and many of them are white. Violent protesters aren’t honoring George Floyd’s memory. They are adding pain and grief—especially to the family George Floyd left behind.


America’s worst mayor on Democrat riots: “Understandable” and “Right”

The mayor of Minneapolis, Mayor Jacob Frey, is provably the worst mayor in the nation. He told the ‘protesters’ their anger is “understandable” and “right” because none of this is their fault. They were driven to crime and violence. But he does know what is important. He told them to wear masks and social distance so they are protected during the “demonstrations.”

America Aflame: Violent Protests Erupt In Cities Across U.S.




And It Continues …

This has moved well beyond a ‘protest’.

Anarchy has arrived and our so called leaders, Democrats here in Minnesota seem to be unable or unwilling to do anything.

Minneapolis Anarchy: Lack of National Guard and Police Protection Leads to Another Night of Looting and Destruction

A curfew was imposed, but of course, no one is following it. Did people think that would be adhered to in this situation? It’s anarchy. It’s chaos. And I guess we cannot be shocked, given that the political leadership gave a stand-down order last night and allowed rioters to overrun and burn down a police headquarters.

And the threats worsen..

Rioters Blast “The Purge” Message Through Loudspeaker: “Any And All Crime, Including Murder, Will Be Legal For 12 Continuous Hours”

But wait!!

They’ve Arrived: National Guard, Police Deployed Just in Time to Protect the Smoldering Ruins of Minneapolis

A little late..

And it’s spreading…

White House Lockdown Lifted, But a Street Fight Erupted Between Activists and Secret Service

Some talking sense..But to little, to late?

Lil Wayne on George Floyd: Stop Blaming Every Cop and Making It About Race

But it is always about ‘race’ these days, the Leftist America hating politicians, the media, have been making it all about ‘race’..

And CNN gets protection…