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Bad Moon Rising



Chairman’s Corner:   Bad Moon Rising

“There’s a bad moon on the rise.”
-John Fogerty

Anti-gunners have two tactics. One is the direct approach…the broadside blast of the cannons. We saw that last year with attempts for an assault weapons ban and magazine restrictions (among other unconstitutional restrictions).

They lost.  So now they return with a war of stealth.

As we predicted, a dangerous bill is rearing its head in the MN Senate Judiciary Committee: SF2639.

Authored by perennial anti-gunner Ron Latz, this bill has the support of Senate Deputy Majority Leader Jeff Hayden; the DFL is taking this seriously.

At first glance the bill appears to be a “safe” one, providing for the banishment of firearms from people with domestic violence restraining orders (OFPs) and individuals convicted of stalking.

It requires those who fall into the above categories to surrender their guns to a FFL holder or law enforcement agency. 

When we started MNGOPAC, we promised you that we will not bargain when it comes to our Second Amendment rights. We strongly oppose this bill as currently written.

OFPs are unfortunately often used under dubious circumstances in cases of marital separation and divorce. In many cases all it takes is one party saying that she or he is “scared”, and the court will grant a restraining order. Under this law the accused person would have to surrender their guns to either a FFL or a police agency, WITH NO LAWFUL DUE PROCESS TO GET THEM BACK. 

The bill allows for the accused to be charged a “reasonable fee” for storage. What’s reasonable? $10? $100? $1000?

There are laws related to the transfer of firearms from a FFL.

How much paperwork will be necessary to reclaim lawfully owned property if you turn in 20 guns? What about 50 guns?

What remedy is there if the police “lose” your firearms? Can they run ballistics tests on them while they “store” them?

We already have laws protecting true victims of domestic violence. Additional useless restrictions are gun control, no matter how they are presented.

Gun rights advocates have a difficult situation in front of them. The anti-gun faction of the DFL may try to pass this legislation without support from Republicans or even some pro-gun democrats.

It’s our hope that sensible voices in the legislature can get the language changed to remove the above infringements.

This is why we need to flip the legislature to a Pro-Second Amendment majority.

We need your help to do it. 

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