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Liberty Girl. Prepared! Know Not’ing! Muskets? Chains!

Liberty Girl…


How it works when when your prepared and ready..


Really? Should one be surprised a Buck Ofama thug is clueless and knows not what is going on?

FBI Director Mueller Knows Nothing!

They keep taking lines from Sgt Schultz!



Muskets? What next? Cap guns? Pop Guns? Paint ball? Airsoft?


Cops even taking muskets


Paul Harvey….



WTH?? Gun Control? Erotica! IRS and AR15s? Rednecks? Cover up! Persecution!

Is the matter with Texas?

This is bullcrap!!

The Principal should be deep sixed and given a job as a janitor at Wall – Mart, at best…



And this surprises who?

Did they actually think gun owners and liberty loving Americans would sit back while they trampled the last and only Right we have to remain free?

Dhimmicraps…A special kind of idiot!!! A middle finger salute is all you deserve!!


But of course Buck Obama supports the wrong side gain…Libya, Egypt, Tunisa, the list goes on and on and on..


Of course she has no experience…Probably a donor to the Buck Ofama charade. Hell Buck Ofama had no experience and still does not!!

So why would anyone be overly surprised to see this, She reads erotica outloud!?

His whole damn administration is filled with assOs…


Well I guess we need to ramp up our training..Of course ammo could be a concern!

But IRS agents training with AR15s?

Seems a bit much…Or are they training all Government employees to harass Americans more so then they do already?


This what should happen all the time…To Feds. State and most if not all politicians.

Time real Americans get busy and let them know..

Mad as hell does not cover it anymore…Rednecks? Oh hell no! Americans!!!

The Feds came to talk down to them since they are considered rednecks. Those rural white people who are not politically correct are called rednecks. Rednecks are the only under-class who have no protection or advocacy. They are the only group that can be mocked, ridiculed and made the butt of jokes. The worst of the ghetto blacks are forbidden to be called the equivalent of redneck, the N word. There is no RN word. Nope, they are rednecks, trailer trash, crackers, white trash and worse.

I mean who the hell pays the bills? Certainly not those clamoring for free handouts!!

Cover up…Using a Government agency to investigate a government agency…Hell why bother??


No wonder Mueller couldn’t answer a single question on it today. There is no evidence that the FBI has contacted a single tea party group in its criminal investigation of the Internal Revenue Service, according to the groups the IRS abused. “We have not been contacted by any federal investigative agency and, to date, none of our clients have been contacted or interviewed by the FBI,” Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice told The Daily Caller on Thursday. The ACLJ has filed suit against the IRS on behalf of 25 conservative groups, with additional groups being added in the next couple weeks, according to a spokesman. “I have been very surprised that I have not heard from anybody and frankly, none of my clients have. I talk to other tea party leaders on a regular basis,” said Cleta Mitchell, the lawyer largely credited with pushing the IRS abuses to the forefront. “It’s been a month and I can’t see any evidence of an investigation of the IRS,” Mitchell told TheDC Thursday. She represents nine tea party groups targeted by the IRS. Tea Party Patriots — a group with thousands of local chapters — “has not been contacted by the FBI” either, according to Jameson Cunningham, the group’s spokesman.


This is Freedom?

This is America?

Sure as hell does not appear to be either!!

This is persecution and fail!!!


Lying. Stand. War. NASCAR. Biden. More Stupid. Hitler.

“I would like to see every woman know how to handle firearms as naturally as they know how to handle a baby.”

Annie Oakley


How Can You Tell Heather Martens Is Lying?

The media seems to be unaware of the simple fact that every single substantive declaration about the gun issue, that Heather Martens has ever made, beyond the gurgitation of the odd statistic, has been a lie.

Every single one.

Without exception.

I have been documenting this in this space for over a decade now.


44 Gun Companies Stop Sales to Law Enforcement in Anti-2nd Amendment States!

If you are about to purchase a new gun, I suggest you make your purchase from those companies that are putting it all on the line to take a stand for our 2nd Amendment. Law Enforcement agencies make up a […] … READ MORE


Ban This Song!!


NRA. “Stand and Fight”


The Dogs of War..


NASCAR Accident Prompts New Assault Car Legislation

Deadly cars attacking people!!

Stop the carnage!

Think of the children!!

We need to light some candles now..


Biden‘s Shotgun Song..


Holy crap..

Bad guy crawls in your window.

Elderly dude shoots him.

Family of culprit says..

He could have used a warning,” Lakesha Thompson, Pipkins’ sister-in-law, said. “He could have let him know that he did have a gun on his property and he would use it in self-defense.”

Well if it was me, the cocking of the trigger would have been the warning..


Hitler Finds Out About the Nationwide Pro-Gun Rallies