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Welfare? Owned! News? Toking. Pathetic. Rationing.

For the dead? They vote AND collect welfare??

How does this work?

Not Only Do Dead People Vote But They Also Collect Welfare

Owned by a Marine!!!
We know this…MSNBC one big PR firm for the left and Buck Ofama!!

President of “news” network: We’re not the place to turn for breaking news


Did not ruin his life? Well he sure as hell ruined America…Was it because of his pot smoking? I am thinking way to many on the left enjoy undocumented pharmaceuticals daily!

And it shows in what they demand and do!!
Looks like it took care of asshat Maher also!

Bill Maher: ‘If Anyone Can Say Smoking Pot Won’t Ruin Your Life, It’s the … Leader of the Free World’



There are scumbags and then there are scumbags. Jesse Ventura is the latter.

This is a self promoting assO whom likes to see his name published. Doesn’t really care how, just does.


Surprise? Really? What is Buck Ofama up to?

Surprise! Obama Won’t Sign Doomed UN Weapons Treaty


Didn’t think it would happen did you?

Really? You thought Obamacare would be Utopia for Health Care?

Not so much….

Obamacare Already Rationing Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage




St. Paul, Minn—The Minnesota Catholic Conference (MCC) is disappointed that the Minnesota House of Representatives has voted to redefine the legal definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. In doing so, it has set in motion a transformation of Minnesota law that will focus on accommodating the desires of adults instead of protecting the best interest of children. This action is an injustice that tears at the fabric of society and will be remembered as such well into the future.

The bill also poses a serious threat to the religious liberty and conscience rights of Minnesotans. Although some accommodations for clergy and religious organizations were included in the bill, they fail to protect the people in the pew—individuals, non-religious non-profits, and small business owners who maintain the time-honored belief that marriage is a union of one man and one woman. As legal experts on both sides of this debate have stated, the failure to accommodate the deeply held beliefs of a majority of Minnesotans will result in numerous conflicts that will have to be adjudicated by our courts. We are disappointed that same-sex marriage proponents have vigorously refused to protect the majority of Minnesotans, some of whom will be targeted with lawsuits and complaints if this bill passes.

The Conference is thankful for those Representatives who demonstrated great courage in supporting marriage as only between one man and one woman, as well as the thousands of Minnesotans of all backgrounds who have prayed vigorously and put their lives and hard-earned dollars at work over the last two years to preserve marriage as the foundational unit of society.

If All the Other States Are Doing It..

Why not Minnesota????

Remember that little thing called the Constitution?


Well neither does our government and if you don’t remember it..

Your part of the problem…

Lets Not Focus On The Real Problems…

Lets focus on Gay Marriage!!!

Yeah that will get the attention off of Obama‘s shitty record and failings..

The poor economy, unemployment, Fast and Furious, failed green energy companies and the millions thrown down the shitter because of Obama.
The continued attack on our Civil Rights, trampling of the Constitution.

Shoving an unConstitutional mandate down our throats with Obamacare.

Stupid shit like Sandra Fluke and contraception and why the taxpayer should pay for this bitch to stick her legs in the air. The Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman bullshit.

What else? Obama’s racism and non partisanship.

Obama’s blaming anything and everything on anyone but him. His appointing unConstitutional Czars to further oppress us.

What the hell else?

His ongoing continued lies?

No lets not talk about what a damn failure Obama is.

Lets talk about Gay Marriage…

All kinds of fail in this world and now this..