Quick Bits, Gun Bits, Bits of Ridiculous…

Pretty much…Satire..

SCOTUS Rules ‘This Whole Constitution Thing Has Been Done To Death’

Failed Gun Control Lessons From the Firearms Black Market

Report: Biden to ‘Move Quickly Against Guns’

Feldman reportedly said Biden will “make big, bold changes through executive action, not just on policing and climate as we talked about previously, but in healthcare and education on gun violence, on a range of issues.”

ATF Internal Leaks Shows An Even Greater Crack Down On 80% Frames ~ VIDEO

Of course they did!!!

Nine Democrat US Senators Attack the Trump Administration’s Hiring of the CPRC’s former President John Lott


What people are saying about Senate Democrats demanding that John Lott, CPRC’s former president, be fired from the US Department of Justice

A House Divided

The two parts of the country held each other in deep mutual disdain.It would be hard to claim that the Left and the Right do not hate each other wholeheartedly.
The Progressive party saw its advantage in overwhelming its adversary through massive immigration. Check.
The Progressive party saw its agenda as a moral crusade. They thought of their opponents as vile sinners who must be punished as severely as possible Check.
The Progressive party encouraged zealots to take matters into their own hands and commit crimes up to and including murder if it advanced the progress of the cause. Check.

Not only worse. They are the problem. I have a problem with assholes. Which they are..

Are the elites worse than you think?

And what does this Freedom From Religion Foundation do?

Kansas school cancels Operation Christmas Child after the Freedom From Religion Foundation complains

I’ll wait..

Swiped from Here….

When they kick at your front door
How you gonna come?
With your hands on your head
Or on the trigger of your gun?
When the law break in
How you gonna go?
Shot down on the pavement
Or waiting in death row
You can crush us
You can bruise us
But you’d have to answer to
Oh, the guns of Brixton

I intend to…

Urgent message from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Avoid the Corona vaccine at all costs

Amazing how selective the Chinese Virus is …

Cunning Corona Virus Discriminating Its Way Through Everyday Life

Yeah…..Kinda how I feel these days..


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

Sooo…Knives BAD!!

FBI Statistics: At Least 4 Times More People Were Killed With Knives Than “Assault Rifles” Last Year

HT: Disturbed Deputy

Politics…Hysterical Demo Rat style..

Antis Alarmed That ACB Confirmation Could Be ‘Huge Setback for Gun Safety’

What does one expect of a Free society??? That values life and self reliance? Cops are not going to protect you!

New Paper Shows that Increased Rioting Causes Second Amendment Support to Grow

Really Gates? Eff you Virus Boy ..

Bill Gates Says World Won’t Return to Normal Until “A Lot of People” Take a Second COVID Vaccine

Wait! What??

CNN SLAMS Joe Biden?!? I Can’t Believe It, But CNN Did Their Job For Once…AMAZING

Change the laws, turn the law abiding into outlaws…

ATF Reversal Immediately Puts Millions of Gun Owners in Danger of Prison Time

Bought and paid for by the Chinese Communists???

Joe Biden Quotes Chinese Communist Leader Mao Zedong — Again

Bullshit…It’s all political…

Are COVID Case Surges More Fake News?

Good read…

Read this and Consider It


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

Democrats and their propaganda media hate Americans…

At least they are honest: USA Today tells Democrats to tank economy to defeat Trump

No. We don’t have enough!!!

NSSF Asks: Do Americans Have Excess Freedom?

They say you can’t fight city hall..Politicians can be unelected. Bureaucrats on the other hand….Tarred and feathered?

What Should We Do When Government Bureaucrats Kill?

I know a good spot for a pitchfork and Bloomberg…

Bloomberg’s Bodyguards will Keep Him Safe from Collectivist ‘Protesters’ – for Now

Finally. Some good comes out of SCOTUS…

BREAKING: Supreme Court backs Little Sisters of the Poor against Obamacare mandate

BREAKING: Supreme Court upholds religious schools’ right to hire, fire religious teachers

Meet The Pro-2A Trauma Surgeon Gunning For A U.S. Senate Seat

What the hell does abortion have to do with policing???

As usual another senseless Democrat offering..

Democrat ‘Policing Reform’ Bill Would Have Schools Offer Abortions, Give Illegal Aliens Voting Rights, End Prisons

Do these people get up in the morning and challenge themselves, how stupid can I be today??


Dan Bongino: “You Can Take Your Mask Mandate And Shove It Right Up Your A**”

When your ‘woke’ in a good way..

Letter to the Editor: Former Gun Control Activist Turned Gun Owner


Quick Bits ….

Because it’s the truth..

Abortion group sues pro-life advocate for calling abortion murder

John Roberts not a conservative…Left leaning bastard..

‘He’s a disgrace’: Conservatives turn on Chief Justice Roberts

Daily dose of stupidity ..

Why aren’t the arms referred to in the Second Amendment limited to arms that could reasonably been envisioned by the authors of that amendment?

For the same reason that the press in the First Amendment isn’t limited to hand-cranked movable-type presses and woodcuts.

A good thing…

Far-Left ‘Defund Police’ Efforts Fueling Gun Sales, Perhaps Creating 2A Activists

A Lefty Mob Trespassed on Their Property, But a St. Louis Couple Knew What to Use to Deter Them

Wonder if they have a backhoe??


You Can’t Single Out Houses of Worship for Lockdown

I’m not seeing a problem here….lived for 30 plus years and survived without a freaking cellphone…

Imagine life if we didn’t have cell phones

Pretty much a worthless, self centered group…

CoronaUSA 2.0: Blame the Protesting Millennials Tearing America Down


Gun Bits and Ridiculous Pieces…..

Bureaucrats and political appointees…What the hell are they really good for?

FPC Statement on Possible ATF Action to Ban More Legal Products

SCOTUS: Constitution? What’s that???

SCOTUS Rejection of 2A Cases Moves Up Likelihood of a Forced Choice for Gun Owners

Morons..Guns are not causing violence, Thugs (Antifa, BLM, etc,) and such are..

Former Ambassador Rice ‘forgets’ History on Everytown Veepstakes Tryout

SJW’s…What upsets them today???

White People Go on Strike #WhiteStrike Causes EPIC Meltdown on Twitter

Well hell…What inanimate object can I sue today???

Brady Sues Smith & Wesson for Murder Committed with an M&P Sport

Everytown…How about EveryDemocratTown..

Everytown Decries ‘Open Carry Loophole,’ Calls for Nationwide Ban

Gun rights extremists are able to mount these intimidation campaigns because in most states it is legal to open carry loaded firearms at or around state capitol buildings or demonstrations. This is largely due to the absence of state laws prohibiting the open carry of firearms in public, commonly known as the “open carry loophole.” Few state legislatures have addressed the legality of the “open carry loophole” because responsible gun owners have not traditionally openly carried firearms in public.

Anti-you owning a gun..

Dana Loesch: Anti-Gunners Aren’t Really Anti-gun…

How about rioting control? Nope, your using that to destroy America..So leave my guns alone. May need them soon..

Biden, Pelosi Renew Call for Gun Control

Is okay to protest and riot!!

But a Trump Rally?? Orange man BAD!!

Judge denies emergency request to stop Trump’s Tulsa campaign rally due to coronavirus fears

We’ll see..

Trump Just Made SCOTUS’s Avoidance Of 2A Cases A Campaign Issue

As they should..

Truckers Push For National Reciprocity Amid Riots, Pandemic


Quick Bits …

Another busy day….Teaching the brand spanking new Residents, ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support)…


Chief Justice Roberts Afraid of Restoring the Second Amendment

What does NOT offend these SJW twerps?

Snap, Crackle ‘n STOP!!: Cancel Culture Going After Iconic American Brands Featured

How low can they go??

Craigslist Ad Sought People Infected with COVID To Attend Trump Rally

You have to have standards before you can have double standards….

The Media’s Double Standard On Armed Americans

Truth..Be safe, but quit being sheep!!

Americans Should Never Again Comply With Pandemic Lockdown Orders

Idiot Governor…

Cuomo: Police forces are optional

And this shit happens…In New York..

Man charged with shoving 92-year-old woman has been arrested at least 65 times: NYPD

How effing stupid is Cuomo??

And from the National Felons League..

Dolphins star Xavien Howard won’t be suspended for domestic incident


Gun Bits and Ridiculous Pieces …

The NFL slides into the abyss…

Goodell Supports Signing Kaepernick, Welcomes His Guidance on Social Justice Featured

I have always enjoyed football. I played in high school and college.

I followed my Vikings for years. But began to lose interest a number of years ago.

But when Kaperingdick started his antics…I quickly lost any interest and it seems he won’t go away..

It’s over..

What did you expect from a Democrat?

After Getting Caught Breaking Ethics Rules, Colo. Dem Hickenloooper Finds a Way To Blame GOP

SCOTUS. Impartial? Not so much.

Legislating from the bench? Not their job.

US Supreme Court rules LGBT employees protected from discrimination

Gorsuch Helps Transform the Supreme Court Into the Supreme Legislature on LGBT Rights

SCOTUS…Ignoring our Rights..

2A Advocates Shocked, Disappointed By SCOTUS Denials

But we remember them…

Our Rights that is..

While SCOTUS Shies Away, Americans Embrace Their 2A Rights In Record Numbers

One would hope so..

Do gun control advocates now see the importance of the second amendment since the police have not defended people and their property from looters and rioters?

Or facts..

Anti-Gun Activists Pushed By Tragedy Rarely Use Reason

Truth..Change needs to happen..

How Our Anti-American Education System Made Riots Inevitable

Does not fit their agenda of crazed, blood thirsty, gun nuts..

Media Silence On Armed Anti-Police Protestors And Private Guards Is Deafening

We knew this. Akin to the ‘Do Not Feed the Animals; signs..

New Study Confirms That The Welfare State Discourages Work

Shouldn’t come as a surprise…

A Staggering Number Of Homes Just Hit The Market In Minneapolis

Good luck with that. But I am sure there are some pathetic liberals whom will comply…

CHAZ Occupier Suggests ‘Rounding Up All the White People’ into Work Brigades

“Keeping the white menace under control.”

Would you give up your guns if your future spouse was against guns?


Gun Bits ….

Supreme Court Moves 10 Second Amendment Cases to Conference


At the cost of Freedom…

Why Some Are Willing to Trade Freedom for Corona-Safety


The Keefe Report: COVID-19’s Impact on the Firearm Industry Supply Chain


Still buying those ‘evil’ guns….


Gun Sales Still Soaring: NICS Checks Hit Record For April


Proud American Gun Owners and their Firearms Vol. 1

More at link….


Choose and choose wisely..

On your feet or on your knees



Gun Bits ….

NPR Frets Over SCOTUS Decision In NYC Gun Case


Gang Violence Soaring In Some Cities Despite Stay At Home Orders


Virginia Anti-gun Activist Unveils 2021 Gun Control Agenda


Gillum Actions Give Insights into Man Who Would Disarm Us


U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “Police Photos From Scene of Overdose Incident Involving Florida Dem Andrew Gillum Reveal Crystal Meth, Erectile Dysfunction Drugs,” The Washington Free Beacon reported Thursday. “Police were called in the early hours of March 13 by one of the men, who told officers he arrived in the room to find Gillum vomiting in the bathroom and a second person non-responsive on the bed.”


Making sense of why Americans flock to gun stores during the COVID-19 pandemic


I Would Try and Explain “Shall Not Be Infringed”, But…


1996 – In Tasmania, Australia, Martin Bryant goes on a shooting spree, killing 35 people and seriously injuring 21 more, resulting in draconian Australian gun laws that disarm the law-abiding. Crazy people, however, remain crazy, and criminals remain criminals.