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Gun Appreciation Day..and…

I’ll probably be in trouble…

Went to a nearby Pawn/Gun Shop, as going to the Capital was out of the question and I decided to fore go the Gun Show after hearing the stories about the crowds and prices..

So I headed there and looked their small selection over..They had an interesting selection of Shotguns…all the way from Sears and Roebuck Ted WIlliams to Springfields and Mossbergs on up to Browning, Beretta, Benelli  Novas…and prices were pretty good. especially if one wanted to pick a Mossberg 500 up. A Mosin M44 for 250 bucks.A Yugo Mauser and an assortment of .22s, one Winchester Model 70 and this…


Remington 597 with a Simmon’s 3x9x50 scope…Now do I ‘need’ another .22?

Yes…You can never have enough…and now I have one for each of the boys to take with them and me!!

Got it for a pretty good price, better then any I have seen elsewhere and most of those had no scopes..He knocked 20 bucks off and threw in a hard ‘cheap plastic’ case..

It is remarkably clean for a .22..


Yes I am happy…But now to explain to the MBWITW…I did buy here a new HP All-in-One computer the other day and she was pretty dang happy with that!!

Well see..as they say is better to beg forgiveness……..

Meanderings and Cabela’s..

#1 Son and I went to Cabela’s today as I was looking for a crimping die for my .38 spec/.357 reloads and to ‘look
‘ around.

Wow…was it busy. Gun counter was swarmed and people all over the ammo, reloading etc aisles.

Busy, busy…Walked down to Archery as #1 wanted to show me some crossbows..Quiet down there…

Back to the Gunz stuff…Found my crimping die, picked up some jacked holow points and grabbed a box of 9mm as we left to check out. Priced okay and was brass so made it even a better deal then I have seen.

They did have some aluminum cased studd for a buck less. But cannot use that at the indoor ranges..

Browsed the guns, found a Ruger Challenger used that I checked out. Would not mind having one of them, but not for what they were asking. Cabela’s is a bit higher then others, but still bring them in and sell lots..

So I saw plenty of ammo fo r most every thing there and I did find and interesting semi auto 22 Lr for a decent price..

A JC Higgins. with a nifty retractable sling in the stock. Was sorely tempted…Yes I was…

Had this narrow tube for a scope on it and as it was sold by Sears back in the day, Dad has a Shotgun from them.

On the way home we were talking and #1 was saying he thought this Trillion dollar coin business was pretty stupid..

He stated the Government needs to quit trying to fix things as they cant and they play with monopoly money.

I told him it would be his generation that would be paying for all this and he laughed and told me

“no we won’t Dad, my generation is all going to be on welfare thanks to Buck Ofama!!”

*sniff…Thats my boy…




Gun Stuff…..And No Wonder Is Called ‘Black’ Friday..

Attempted Robbery Ends with One Robber Dead, One Wounded and One Hit By Car

Win win for the good guys..Although the antis will be upset for some damn lame reason or another..Mostly becasue the CCW did not act like a good little victim.

Crimes of gun-grabbing mayors

Should read “Criminals trying to acquire guns.  Couldn’t they just contact Obama and Holder and get them for free?

Man Punched in Face Pulls Gun On Line-Cutting Shopper…

Carey says the man with the gun had a permit to carry the weapon and isn’t being charged with a crime.

What is this ‘Black Friday’? A reason for mayhem…

‘Gang fight’ at Black Friday sale…

Phone Fight!!

Yeah. Is why I avoid it…No reason to put oneself at risk for ‘stuff’ now is there?


The List. Pt 1

Okay there are a few companies that have caused me needless grief, time and anxiety.

1st up Progressive Insurance. last fall I dealt with them over an issue involving a car that I had owned and hd been wrecked in a rear end collision where driver of other vehicle assumed all responsibility and his insurance company took care of everything. Car was totaled and they took it. BUT! I received a call from Progressive stating that the car had been in another accident. That my name was listed on the title and I was responsible. After a few days of numerous phone calls and gathering info I was able to tell Progressive they were WRONG and they agreed with me. Oh yeah!

2nd Up Insurex, Inc.This fall we get a subjacation claim from them stating we owed them 10,000.00!!! Say what? Apparently they or Progressive decided that the 1600.00 demand of last fall should be brought out again and was now 10,000.00. Needless to say the first phone call made to Insurex was not a pleasent one as I voice my discontent in no uncetain terms and accused them of extortiona dntold them to go fish. I then called Progressive whom told me that case was closed as of 2009!! I then sent the State of Minnesota Department of Commerce a lengthy email with all info on everything I had. I received two phone call from the State and both said this was wrong fraudulent and I should submit everything to Insurex and the the State would be contacting Progressive. Which they did and Insurex claim was closed.
State and Insurex called and confirmed this and State said if anything else should occur to contact them and they would deal with Insurex.

Okay that was an ugly experience and I do not feel bad at all for anything I may have said to either Progressive or Insurex. Next time get someone to call that speaks fucking ENGLISH that is understandable!! Assholes!!

Next up Sears. When you buy an appliance make sure the salesman knows what the fuck they are talking about!! No payments for one year! Yeah. Right! Dumbasses! Then we make a payment and the next thing we know we are getting a late charge and when my MBWITH wife calls they give her a song and dance..but she did manage to slip in “my Husband is standing here and he is not very happy, would you like to talk to him?” Well they did not, but did say the late charge would be removed.

Finally T-Mobile. Have been with them for a long, long time. Yet they are a fail period. Talking with their Customer Service is always interesting. Thats after you get through their flippin automated answering system!! But getting them to remove a service can be a major hassle. And I am headed in for another go around!!