Gun Bits and Ridiculous …


Yale epidemiologist: What ‘the science’ says about hydroxychloroquine

De Blasio and Shea target
“Gun Violence” as NYC Crime Skyrockets

Expand murder will he?

NARAL Endorses Biden, Says He’ll ‘Expand Access to Abortion,’ Allow Taxpayer Funding of it

Shocking…A Demo rat??

FBI busts Tennessee Democrat on 48 counts of theft, embezzlement of taxpayer money

Buck Ofama, race baiter…

Alveda King slams Obama’s political speech at Lewis funeral as ‘wordplay’ that takes nation back to segregated 60s

Nobody plays stupid as well as AOC…

AOC blasts missionary who sacrificed life to help lepers in Hawaii

Oh this will turn out well!!

Insane: Seattle Moves to Abolish Entire Police Force

They do not care about Rights…They only care about control. Total control..

Democrat Campaign Platform Turns 2A Rights Into A Privilege

The DNC Platform Goal is to End the Firearm Industry


Florida Alert! No Police, No Second Amendment, No guns, No Protection, No Freedom

Fail. It’s about control people!! Wake up!!

Florida couple ARRESTED for walking dog, apparently “violating COVID-19 quarantine order”

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser Tells Retailers To Call the Cops on Customers Who Don’t Wear Masks

H/T: Disturbed.

Sssshhh! It’s A Secret

The ‘Rona has a 99.7% or better survival rate.  Better than the yearly flu that we face without masks or lockdowns.  But the ‘Rona fearmongering allows the Marxists in our government and medical profession to make an unprecedented power grab.  With lies and illegitimate  usurpation of power, the people of the Republic are being systematically brought under subjugation and brainwashed to think those in power are looking out for their interests.  Hardly!  Those in power are looking after no ones’ interest but their own.  Forcing Marxism on the true masters of the Republic; the people. 

Not if we stand up and fight. Will we though?

Pass the ammo please…

Violent Antifa Protester On Camera: It’s Time to ‘End the American Experiment’

Oh look! Another stupid little punk!! Another fine example of failed parenting!!

BREAKING: Antifa Terrorist Who Threw Bomb at Federal Agents in Portland Arrested


Quick Bits …

Snowflake alert…

Street-blocking protesters freak out that cops won’t arrest ‘white woman’ they’re terrorizing in her car

She should have run your lame ass over..

Shoot back…Maybe these assholes will get a clue..

Colorado BLM ‘protester’ marching on highway shoots at car trying to pass, hits fellow comrade


NFL’s Mike Ditka blasts kneelers: ‘If you can’t respect our national anthem, get the hell out of the country’

You best be armed and ready in Seattle..

Seattle Police Chief Sends Letters To Residents: We Cannot Enforce The Law, You Are On Your Own


Quick Bits……

Minnesota…Filled with Dumb F@(king Liberals..Specifically, Minneapolis…Avoid it…

– Lt. Gov. Flanagan, Who Welcomed Toppling of Columbus Statue, Chairs Board Responsible for Capitol Art

– Flanagan Shares Post Calling Mount Rushmore ‘Symbol of White Supremacy’

– Minnesota Board of Medical Practice Investigating Republican Senator for Speaking Out on COVID-19

It’s time for all real American’s to be armed…

Young mother shot in head for saying ‘All Lives Matter’


Seattle to White Employees: ‘Your Skin Color Is a Crime’

Home-school your kids..If you can..

Schools prepare to train children in Marxist BLM curriculum

What. The. Hell. Do they expect?

Vehicle defensive shoot in Portland

I won’t sit idly if being attacked.

Truth..They want a war..

More evidence this culture war is not going to end peacefully


Quick Bits …

Busy today..

Riots, occupations and oppression of the conservatives.

Wall the whole city in…It’s a lost cause..

Seattle Adds Concrete Barricades To CHOP

When you pull stupid stunts…

African kente cloths worn by Democrats in political stunt have roots in African slave trade

Defund the police they say ..

Police: 8 people shot in separate shootings across Minneapolis, continuing violent streak


Gun Bits and Ridiculous Pieces …

Toppling History…

Seems another group recently did this, ISIS?

Pioneer Statues Toppled During Protests at University of Oregon

Rioters Tear Down Christopher Columbus Statue In Minneapolis. An Immigrant Built It, Gave It As A Gift.

And the pandering Queen Bitch Pelosi wants in on the action!!

Pelosi Joins the Mob, Calls for 11 DC Statues To Fall

But some American’s won’t stand by and allow it …

State of Texas delivers powerful warning to protesters wishing to destroy The Alamo

As Protesters Target Confederate Statue, Armed Citizens Form ‘Battle Line’ in Front of the Memorial

Remember this…

Don’t Forget: The Party That Wants To Defund The Police Also Wants To Disarm You

Oh the hypocrisy…

Seattle ‘Autonomous Zone’ Imposes Border Control And ID Checks, Celebrates Guns

To much me, me, me..And no substance because they really have no idea what they really want…



Brown Shirts of the CHAZ

They do not want discourse or dialogue….

Again me, me, me…..

Social media. Owned and operated by leftists…

Instagram Blocks Patriot’s #boogaloo Hashtag, Promotes Leftist #antifa Tag

And the Left exploded…

NASCAR driver debuts Blue Lives Matter car design days after other driver raced Black Lives Matter car

So it’s up to you…

“The System” Has NO Duty to Protect You

They best remember they will be targeted also..

Arsonists Are Targeting Homes With American Flags


Gun Bits and Ridiculous Pieces…

Busy today, just got done playing electrician now off to some carpentry stuff…And then lawn stuff…Dammit weekends are for resting!!

So here are some links without commentary…

Not a parody! All white people required to give $10 to one black person in CHAZ; listen to the order

Melinda Gates: (Perilous) COVID-19 Vaccines Must Go to Blacks and People of Color Before Whites

CNN Crew Attacked by Rioters in Atlanta – Beaten at Wendy’s

Interest in CCW Classes Soars, But Why Is Anyone Shocked?

Johns Hopkins Report On Baltimore Homicides Is Bad News For Gun Control Fans

California Assembly Passes Reparations Bill, Moves State One Step Closer to Race-Based Payments

Minnesota, Run By Idiots…..

Why We Must Never Apologize for our Race: Born White and Loving it.


Police State(s)! Murder. Cronyism! Marriage!!! Vacation? Nullified!

Nevada is in the running…

Nevada Cops Commandeer Private Homes, Arrest Residents for Objecting

Think about that folks….

Although Massachusetts is running a close 2nd..

Joshua Garcia, 8, Saves Dad After Car Crash, Taken From Family by State.

WTF is this bullshit?

The Department of Children and Family Services claims that it has to investigate the family, the crash and why father and son were driving in the middle of the night, which is lawful in Massachusetts.


Apparently the murder of a 15 yo by a …. well click the link!

15 year old girl slaughtered in Seattle thrill killing

Is more acceptable to today’s media and leftist societal leeches then Paula Deen saying nigger…Bullshit!!


Yeah…cronyism, favoritism, bullshitism!!!

Liberal nonprofit that pressed Shulman to target conservatives houses his wife’s group

Marriage is between a man and woman. Government has no business in it!!!

Pope Francis Affirms: Marriage Is Between One Man and One Woman

And God gave us free will and the ability to make choices, right or wrong…So you can go ahead and ‘choose’ what and how you want to live..


Just because..


Oops? Just a little lie? What? Our leader Buck Ofama and ec SOS Shillsry made and art of it!!!

State Dept.: Oops… We Lied.. Kerry Was Yachting During Egyptian Coup


Any Which. Dykes! Prohibits! Hell. Rape?

Way they can. Protect the police! What about our protection when the police are not around? Or when they decide to bust in, shoot your dog, terrorize your family and then Oops wrong house.

Will be much easier to create the police state politicians so want it seems. Especially politicians on the Left AND add in from Kalifornistan!!!

Legislating Rifle Ammo Out of Existence!!!.

Anything you take a way from us. You best make sure you do not have it either..Molon Labe..

Dammit these politicians piss me off..


These dykes, yes dykes, scream for ‘tolerance’ and do this?

Lesbian Mob Beats Street Preacher at Seattle Gay Pride (UPDATED)

I’ll preach to them…With a .357 on my damn hip!!!




Proposed Law Prohibits Christians From Working For San Antonio City Government

Sue for discrimination!!

How about all Christians, those owning businesses, those providing services, etc.


Quit doing business in the City of San Antonio and let them fend for themselves..


Hope they enjoy their time in Hell…Because it’s a’coming!

Devil worshippers cringe over ‘hail Satan’ abortion chants


Pro Gun, Pro Life best consider arming the same daughters the Pro Murder criminals, yes condoning murder(abortions) and rape should be a crime, well murder is in a morally responsible world, not the perverted, immoral one the Pro Murder crowd lives in.

Pro-Abortion Activists Call For The Rape of Legislators’ Daughters


‘Armor piercing’ Ammo Legislation Might Outlaw All Rifle Ammunition – See more at:
‘Armor piercing’ Ammo Legislation Might Outlaw All Rifle Ammunition – See more at:

Lies! Fishing! Pyongyang. Seattle Po-Lice! Forfeit!

Lying Politicritters!


Rep. Rhonda Fields speaks at gun control rally, misspeaks on ‘assault’ weapons; Rep. Jim Moran calls gun violence ‘domestic terrorism’


Threatening the Fishing Opener!! NO!!

Where oh where is Al ‘Fatmanbearpig’ Gore’s Globull Warmening!!

I am taking my youngest to the Lake of the Woods!!

This sucks!!

Record snowfalls continue to hammer northern Minnesota


Seems like it. Damn Government has it’s nose everywhere it should not be!!!

Krauthammer: Pyongyang Secret Police Comes to Obama’s IRS


New Po-lice Department in Seattle?

Seattle is under Federal control


A forfeit is a ‘You Lose’ and it appears a number of our Politicritters are losers…Damn..

46 U.S. Senators voted to forfeit the Constitution to foreign powers on March 23. The mainstream media covered it up.


12 wounded as gunfire erupts at Kent car show

Local News | 12 wounded as gunfire erupts at Kent car show | Seattle Times Newspaper.

And as usual the law abiding gun owner will face the brunt of the “BAN GUNS” cause they cause gun violence.

Not the fact that a bunch of people were gathered and started arguing over the most useless  awesome junk pile vehicle present.

We all know that the GUNZ were the cause of the violence!!

Some of the car exhibitors blamed the violence on groups of young people who showed up at the party “mugging,” or staring each other down

Nor the fact that the Lowriders and arguing GUNZ caused the fight to break out

A fight broke out just before the shooting, which occurred at the La Plaza shopping center, Kasner said. It is in the 23200 block of Pacific Highway South, where it meets the Kent-Des Moines Road.

So therefore it is gun violence and all GUNZ must be banned….

Once again the stupid reigns…

Cause once again we know there is no other reason for violence to break out,

Police haven’t confirmed yet whether the violence was gang-related, Sgt. Kasner said. They are interviewing dozens of witnesses and sorting out different stories from them, he said.

And we all know how quickly the police will rush in and protect us and the fact that all these guns were legally owned and purchased and carriers were licensed permit holders (notice how the media and anti hoplphobes never mention THAT?)…..And if you believe all that…teh stoopid is strong in you and do I have a real estate deal for you!!