Obama Proposes Massive Gun Ban by Regulation Fiat

Gun Owners of America


Obama Proposes Massive Gun Ban by Regulation Fiat

GOA prepares legislation to block implementation

In a “Friday media dump” designed to conceal its actions by releasing them after the press has left town, the Obama administration last week announced its intention to push two regulations which would massively expand the federal gun bans imposed on Americans.


The first proposal — from HHS — would effectively say that federal health privacy laws (HIPAA) do not apply to the Second Amendment.

This isn’t the first time Obama has stuck his leering eyeballs into Americans’ medical records and private affairs.  From its Orwellian government database on Americans’ health records to its voracious seizure of Americans’ phone records, the Obama administration can’t trample our personal privacy fast enough.

But HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ efforts to turn over personal mental health information to the government’s gun ban blacklist (NICS) is particularly loathsome.

Not to be outdone in the Sebelius/Holder “Mutt and Jeff act,” Attorney General Eric Holder — currently being pursued for contempt of Congress — intends to seize guns from persons subject to “outpatient commitments (even without a court order) (and) … someone (deemed by some bureaucrat to be) lacking mental responsibility or deemed insane…”

More than 150,000 law-abiding veterans have already lost their constitutional rights — with no due process whatsoever — because they consulted a VA therapist about a traumatic incident in Iraq, Afghanistan, or the Balkans.

Under these new regulations, tens of millions of police and firemen with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder — or people who, as kids, were diagnosed with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder — could lose their constitutional rights without any court order, merely because they sought a benefit under a federal program.

And you want to know the hidden agenda behind DOJ’s “commitment” language?  We have a member in a rabidly anti-gun state.  Many years ago, he was picked up by police and, without the approval of any court, sent to a mental facility overnight for “observation.”  The mental facility found no mental problems and promptly released him.

However, many years later, as a result of that state’s anti-gun crackdown (which Holder is now trying to emulate), his name has been sent to the NICS system.  He has lost his constitutional rights, and it will cost him tens of thousands of dollars (which he does not have) to get them back.

We believe this is unlawful under current law.  But it will probably not be unlawful by the end of Holder’s regulatory proceedings.

What does Sebelius have to say about this?  Well, she is surprisingly flip:  “There is a strong public safety need for this information to be accessible to the NICS, and some states are currently under-reporting or not reporting certain information to the NICS at all.”

And this from the White House:  “…when persons with a mental illness do not receive the treatment they need, the result can be tragedies such as homicide or suicide.”

But herein lies the problem:  When Americans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder realize that nothing they say to their therapist is really confidential, they’re not going to be seeking treatment for very long.

But there’s an even more fundamental problem:  Last winter, Barack Obama decided that he would devote the first half of 2013 to the destruction of what he and his supporters characterized as “the gun manufacturers’ lobby.”  Tens of millions of Americans let their senators and representatives know that they found Obama’s views and Obama’s legislation to be odious and offensive.  As a result, it was rejected in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

So now, as has happened so many times before, Obama has set himself “above the law.”  What could not be done using constitutional processes is now being slammed through by regulatory fiat.

The Justice Department and HHS regulations will now be submitted for “public comment and review.”  But, as with everything else Holder and Sebelius do, this is little more than a sham.

Rather, our efforts will be to get Congress to defund these unconstitutional efforts.  And we will start by submitting proposed legislation to friendly senators and representatives.

ACTION:Click here to contact your senators and representative.  Ask them to cosponsor and support legislation which will block Barack Obama’s unconstitutional gun bans.

Greed! Fortress? Verse! Eye Opener?

What Drives The Culture Of Greed And Immorality?

Government printing-press money distorts economic reality and dilutes morality. Financial speculation rises with the increased quantity of paper money and the general work ethic deteriorates. The something-for-nothing mentality pervades society.

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Top 10 Ways to Turn Your Home Into A Fortress

If you can convince a burglar or home invader as he’s scoping out your neighborhood that he will have a very difficult time accomplishing his goal in your house, you might actually save your life and that of your family members.

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A season…


Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 (KJV)


To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born , and a time to die ; a time to plant , and a time to pluck up that which is planted ; A time to kill , and a time to heal ; a time to break down , and a time to build up ; A time to weep , and a time to laugh ; a time to mourn , and a time to dance ; A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together ; a time to embrace , and a time to refrain from embracing ; A time to get , and a time to lose ; a time to keep , and a time to cast away ; A time to rend , and a time to sew ; a time to keep silence , and a time to speak ; A time to love , and a time to hate ; a time of war, and a time of peace.


Apparently a couple of Poo-lice Chiefs are seeing the light…

Detroit’s Chief Of Police Says More People Need Guns! “I Think It’s Acting As A Deterrent”

LA Top Cop Relocates to Maine,  Learns Truth About Armed Citizens

Is that what it takes..


List! ObamaScare! Control! Manufactured! Tyranny!

Good list…Smart woman..Great writer..

Prepping Basics – What’s in YOUR survival supplies?


One big effing failure!!

Obamacare Will Pay for Your Abortion But Not Include Your Baby in Your Health Insurance


Government will control all…….

Portion control — how the government plans to dictate what’s on your dinner table


Is how Obama rolls…and lies…



Tyranny on action!!

Obama Bypasses Congress with Executive Actions on Gun Background Checks


One wonders when terrorists in Russia and elsewhere will suddenly start dying off? One thinks the Russians with Vlad in charge won’t be as bumbling or pathetic as Obama is…

Jihad Army Warns to Russia: “You’ll Be Skiing on Mass Graves”


The New Year – Prospects for the Second Amendment

Gun Owners of America


The New Year:

Prospects for the Second Amendment

 “Gun Owners of America, another gun rights organization, also showed the power of mobilization…. Back in April, Gun Owners of America showed with one email alert that it could help flood the phone lines on Capitol Hill days before the Senate vote.” — National Public Radio, December 26, 2013

 We told you we wouldn’t ruin your Christmas holidays or New Year’s celebration for you. And we didn’t. And so there is no “action item” to this alert.

 But, in case you’re getting just a little bit restless for the next political fight with anti-gun zealots, we thought we might lay out our thoughts about the prospective gun-related battles in 2014.




 As a result of Harry Reid’s invocation of the “nuclear option,” the Senate now has no rules. Sure, Reid claims that his little fraud scheme doesn’t apply to legislation or to Supreme Court nominees. But, once you make fraud the “coin of the realm,” you’re no longer in a position to say that the only “acceptable” fraud is this type of fraud — or that type of fraud.

 When a Supreme Court vacancy comes up, it will be decided, if necessary, by a majority vote. And if that nominee is to replace swing vote Anthony Kennedy, the pro-Second Amendment Heller and McDonald cases will be reversed and, at least as far as the courts are concerned, the Second Amendment will be read out of the Constitution.

 So the central objective for 2014 will be to insure that “Dirty Harry” Reid is no longer Senate Majority Leader after the beginning of 2015.

 We believe 2014 will be a “tsunami year” for Republicans, as a result of the waves of catastrophic news which we predicted for the anti-gun ObamaCare law. Plus, the President will fall far short of his target of enrolling 7,000,000 people, because young folks are not being successfully suckered into buying overpriced insurance which does nothing but subsidize wealthier people’s health care.

 As many as 80-100 million people may lose their health insurance, as the “employer mandate” kicks in. Millions more will lose their jobs. And a large swath of the middle class will end the year with the prospect of penalties far above the $95 floor.

 We expect Obama will waive all penalties for 2014. But this won’t help the anti-gun senators who, during the shutdown, were forced to reaffirm their support for every word of ObamaCare.

 There will be open seats in West Virginia and South Dakota, in which anti-gun Democrats are expected to be replaced with more pro-gun Republicans.

 In Montana, the anti-gun governor is going to try to play a “slime game” with the seat of ObamaCare architect Max Baucus, but we don’t expect it will ultimately succeed.

 Among the other anti-gun senators who could be driven from office are (in rough order of vulnerability): Mark Pryor (Arkansas), Mark Begich (Alaska), Mary Landrieu (Louisiana), Kay Hagan (North Carolina), Jeanne Shaheen (New Hampshire), Mark Udall (Colorado), Al Franken (Minnesota), Jeff Merkley (Oregon), Mark Warner (Virginia), Tom Udall (New Mexico), and two open seats in Iowa and Michigan.

As the two recall elections in Colorado showed, Obama has awakened a sleeping giant — the Second Amendment community. And states previously thought to be “blue” are hardly blue anymore.

 This is priority number one for 2014. Pro-gunners MUST take the Senate away from Harry Reid before the Supreme Court comes up for grabs. And we must do that before a Pelosi-controlled House can rubber-stamp Obama gun ban proposals that could outlaw over 50% of existing handguns and long guns.


 We told them so. GOA predicted every catastrophe which is currently facing ObamaCare, starting out with the flawed grandfather clause that would cause millions to lose the coverage “they currently have.”

 We alone predicted the anti-gun consequences, which are now coming to pass, as Obama uses “executive actions” to get doctors to question their patients about the guns they own — and enter that information into a federal database. One of our members even told us that a doctor refused to accept patients who did not want to give him all the information about the guns they own.

 Will House Speaker John Boehner use the tools at his disposal, including the debt limit, to force Democrats to either “own” or repudiate ObamaCare?

 We will have to wait and see.


 Many so-called pro-gunners thought that, by reauthorizing the poorly drafted 1986 plastic gun ban for ten additional years, they would protect themselves from Schumer’s efforts to massively expand the scope of the statute to ban a lot more guns. Under Schumer’s proposed changes, for example, it would be even easier to ban guns with wooden stocks and removable metal plates.

 But within minutes of giving the anti-gun statute a ten-year lease on life, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley seemed to endorse the quick consideration and passage of the Schumer changes.

 The good news is that, by fighting even a reauthorization, we forced some tepid supporters of the Second Amendment to take a harder stance against broadening the statute than they were otherwise inclined to do. But this may be a fight that we will have to wage early in the year.


 Liberals continue to use phony polls to argue for amnesty changes that would potentially add a net 8,000,000 anti-gun voters to the rolls. If this were to happen, all of America would turn blue like California.

 Speaker Boehner is reportedly thinking of moving amnesty after the primary filings have closed — and, supposedly, conservatives can’t do anything about it. This is almost certainly a seminal battle which we will have to fight.


 Because the Ryan-Murray deal removed pro-gun provisions which were contained in the Budget Resolution, we will now have to work to add pro-gun provisions to the individual appropriations bills.

 Here are just three of the many issues we will face:

 * Ryan-Murray failed to lay the groundwork for defunding the implementation (piece-by-piece) of the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) by “executive action.” We need to make sure that this bipartisan provision is reinserted.

 * For many years, a “boilerplate” Schumer amendment has blocked any federal felon from regaining his or her guns rights — ever — even with an ATF sign-off. Schumer needs to be challenged for once.

 * ATF attempts to ban shot-gun imports and require reporting of multiple sales of guns have, in the past, been blocked by appropriations riders. We need to reenact and expand the prohibitions on ATF abuses.


 The good news is that God — and our wonderful members — have granted us the strength to score a series of unpredicted victories against unimaginable odds in 2014. Barack Obama and the anti-gun Democrats up for reelection are not going to take you for granted in the next ten months.

 But it is important that we use that grace period to protect and expand Second amendment rights while the other side is on the run. With God’s grace, and your help, we will do just that.

 Have a happy — gun-filled — New Year!

Prison. Jackson, False Prophet! LIEberals! Invest!

Makes sense. Create debt in the common folk. Throw them in jail and make more debt paying for that..

The stupidity that calls itself government never ceases to amaze me….

Debtors’ Prisons Make A Comeback In America

Cash-strapped municipalities throughout the Nation are wrongheadedly throwing residents into jail for failing to pay court-ordered fines, even when the taxpayer cost of jailing the debtors is higher than letting the fine slide.



If this man is not one of the biggest racists and hate mongers in America today I do not know who is…And if he is a Reverend, I am the Pope..And Phil quoted the Bible…What the hell does Jackson use?

Jesse Jackson: ‘Phil Robertson Worse Than Rosa Parks’ Bus Driver


Maybe if they were not such blathering, biased, hate mongering, lying bullshit artists…But then they are LIEberals..

Liberal Commercial Talk Radio Disappears in NY, LA, SF in 2014


Invest wisely. Stock up. On precious metals and tools…

Failure. Hoplophobes! Hurting!

THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated. Britain, with an army to enforce her tyranny, has declared that she has a right (not only to TAX) but “to BIND us in ALL CASES WHATSOEVER” and if being bound in that manner, is not slavery, then is there not such a thing as slavery upon earth. Even the expression is impious; for so unlimited a power can belong only to God. – Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776


Democratic Socialism, Guns, and the Failure of the Constitution

It is past time to disarm and disband the government and set up independent militias and other private providers of security. We can only do that with military guns in civilian hands. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ…


If Only There Were No Guns, Hoplophobes – Be Careful What You Wish For

If rampaging killers actually couldn’t get their hands on guns, what do you think they would do, say oh well, never mind, back to class..


CO Sheriff: Gun control laws ‘hurt law-abiding citizens

Sheriff Cooke refuses to enforce ‘feel good laws’ he says are unenforceable and which violate Second Amendments rights.


Homeless! Freedom? Flake! Granny! NDAA! Reid! BB Guns?

Not surprising since everything Obama or his regulatory agencies and puppets do seem to be against American values and industry..

But the media, now known as the Ministry of Propaganda will never report this..

Hunger, homelessness rise in Obama economy


Along with all the other Freedoms and Rights the Government led by Buck Ofama are chipping away at…

Courts Say We No Longer Have Freedom of Conscience


Sell out…RINO!!

Paul Ryan Sells Out the Tea Party. Again. Media Cheer.
Paul Ryan was a flake from day one. Now he has proven it.

Read More


One can only hope…

To be able to do this!!

The oldest gunslinger in the west: Grandmother, 98, celebrates bagging her 44th deer


NDAA strikes again..with a DemocRATS add on!!

NO Internet for YOU! Rockefeller attaches cybersecurity bill to National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) 2014


This is just wrong!!

Harry Reid personally pressured DHS on behalf of son’s casino project


Really? BB guns? What is wrong with these idiots??

Failure To Register BB Guns May Result In Jail Time


Plastic Gun Ban Renewal Energizes Schumer & Grassley to Call for Greater Gun Controls



Plastic Gun Ban Renewal Energizes Schumer & Grassley to Call for Greater Gun Controls

Anti-gun zealot Chuck Schumer (D-NY) was beaming on Monday.

The Senate had just passed, by unanimous consent, the House’s ten-year extension of the so-called plastic gun ban.  The bill was on its way to Obama’s desk for signature.  And he couldn’t be happier.

The 1988 law — which was scheduled to sunset on December 9 — had now been given a 10-year carte blanche.  Never mind that the law was poorly drafted and could be used, by an anti-gun administration, to ban large classes of metal firearms, as GOA has explained in previous alerts.

Even though some conservative Senators had concerns with the bill, Senators Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Schumer brought it up while those other Senators were out of town.  (Massive snowstorms delayed key Senators from arriving back in Washington on time.)

Other Senators foolishly were led to believe that, if they approved a ten-year reauthorization bill, they could prevent the issue from coming up again.

But as GOA has stated time and time again, giving in to the opposition never satisfies them.  It never “gives them all they want” so that they go away and leave us alone.

Never.  And so, within five minutes of passing the 10-year extension, Schumer and Grassley were publicly discussing plans to expand the plastic gun ban to ban a lot more guns.

This should come as no surprise — especially regarding Senator Grassley.  You may remember that we had to go into Iowa in the spring of 2009 and put pressure on Grassley in order to prevent him from agreeing to a bipartisan deal on the anti-gun ObamaCare law.  We had to do the same this past spring after Grassley voted for a significant provision in Obama’s Newtown gun control package.

So fast forward to this past Monday.  When Schumer proposed broadening the gun ban, Grassley replied:  “I don’t think I find fault with anything Senator Schumer said, except as a matter of timing…  Congress then has a responsibility to review the issue … and consider alternative legislation, including what [Schumer] has suggested.”

So now we have the worst of both worlds:  Congress has given the plastic gun ban a ten-year carte blanche, which will allow the Obama administration to engage in all of the anti-gun mischief that its sloppy language invites.  And, at the same time, both Democrats and Republicans (like Grassley) are now committed to making the gun ban even broader over the next two months.

Once again, the lesson is clear.  You don’t outsmart the opposition by agreeing to gun control “lite” — thinking that the opposition will leave us alone, finally satisfied that they’ve gotten all they want.

Some pro-gunners inside the Beltway felt that giving Schumer his plastic gun ban extension would supposedly deny him a vehicle for amending it with something worse.

Really?  Did “our side” really think that Schumer & Co. would not hesitate to find another vehicle to perpetrate their mischief?

No, gun grabbers like Chuck Schumer will never rest until they’ve pried every gun away from our firmly clenched hands.  It’s already started in New York City, where they are using “milder” forms of gun control — like background check records (or gun owner lists) that were implemented years ago — to confiscate newly banned firearms.

And what has Schumer said about the unconstitutional confiscation taking place in the City?  Nothing.  He has not voiced one word of criticism.  And you won’t hear him utter a word of disapproval because he’s 100% in favor of it.  He wants to spread New York City to the rest of the nation.

The question is:  Will conservatives in the Congress realize the incremental threat and stand up to it?

A CALL TO STAND:  Your continued action makes a tremendous difference on Capitol Hill.  We had very little time to mobilize during this recent fight on plastic guns, but we were immensely successful after spending three to four months mobilizing the grassroots after the Newtown tragedy last December.

We can defeat future attempts to expand this law, but we will need to remain active and vigilant.  Please stay tuned.


(1)  Write your Senators and Representative.  Let them know of your displeasure that they let this pass IN BOTH CHAMBERS by voice vote.

(2) Adopt a Senator.  For those of you who have horrid, F-rated legislators representing you, consider adopting a Senator.  There are several Senators who sat by and let this bill pass — and they are being primaried by conservative challengers.  This includes John Cornyn (R-TX), Thad Cochran (R-MS), Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

Homemade! Sticking It! Moronic! Debunked! Police State! Threats? Al Franken!!

And once they ban guns…

How will they stop this?

Homemade Coilgun Energy Weapon.


For who?

The Mooslims?

Because Buck Ofama sure is sticking it to everyone else!!

Obama Administration Brags about Sticking Up for Religious and Press Freedom


Laugh, shake you head..

This is just….moronic..

Sophomoric Anti-Gun Article a Fun Read But Not Much Else


One of the anti-gun lobby’s leading arguments is that fewer guns equals less violence. This seems like a logical argument, and is often passed on as fact. But, as with most of the arguments the anti-gun left recycles over and over, the facts simply do not back it up.

In the fall issue of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, (and below) Jane M. Orient, M.D. argues there is no evidence-based support for more gun control measures. Rather, the statistics gun-control proponents cite are cherry-picked from larger data sets that show no correlation between more gun laws and less violence.

Medical Journal Article Debunks Major Anti-Gun Talking Point

New York City…Police State…

NYPD: Modify or Surrender Rifles, Shotguns with Greater Than Five Round Capacity

This brings a tear to ones eye!

Surprised all them guns laying there are not killing everyone in the room as those idiots in New York believe they do!



Really? Threats? This is the police today?

I would start shooting back…

I am a light sleeper, very light..So is our dog…

And I may or may not have a couple of handguns, shotguns and what not…Handy in the bedroom..and I know how to use and operate them.

I also spend many hours yearly working with and training LEOs in first aid, scenario based, so have much opportunity to observe their methods and training..

Bring boys…

Cops Intent on Search Without a Warrant Threaten to Kill Dogs

I may lose…But my family would not be the only sad ones…I probably would lose..But I am at the point I really don’t care anymore..

I’ve had it..


HOT PETITION!  Stop Sen. Al Franken from homosexualizing public school classrooms. Stop federal curricula to kids.  Please select, sign, and WE WILL FAX your petition to all 535 members of Congress (saving you time!) to filibuster Franken’s “No Child Left Unmolested” amendment to Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Free option here..

Subject: Stop Al Franken-No Child Left Unmolested

Dear [Your Congressman/Senator Inserted Here]

This petition requests that you OPPOSE and FILIBUSTER the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, formerly known as “No Child Left Behind.” Specifically you must oppose Senator Tom Harkin’s (D-IA) addition of language proposed by Senator Al Franken (D-MN) that requires mandatory pro-homosexual lectures to all public school children, promoting sin under the disguise of bullying prevention. STOP THREATENING TO CUT FUNDING TO PUBLIC SCHOOLS THAT WON’T PROMOTE HOMOSEXUALITY AS NORMAL. The legislation’s text promoting homosexuality begins on Page 694 of the massive school bill, over 1,150 pages.

Since Al Franken could not pass his “Homosexual Classrooms Act” in 2010, improperly called the Student Non-Discrimination Act, he has co-opted Senator Harkin to insert identical language into this year’s No Child Left Behind “Elementary and Secondary Education Act.” But when you threaten to cut public school funding if teachers refuse to promote homosexuality, you really want NO CHILD LEFT UNMOLESTED by pro-homosexual propaganda. As parents we all should, honestly, pull our kids from public schools, if you force kids and parents to violate their conscience, religion, and moral views.

Stop these immoral COMMON CORE STANDARDS, which violate the 1979 National Education Act which forbids federal curricula from being imposed on local schools. SEX EDUCATION IS THE PARENT’S JOB, not the government’s job. Local school boards should decide these matters, not the BULLY AL FRANKEN who intimidates Christian kids into accepting homosexuality as normal, with deceitful lectures by adults who bully Christian kids, without permission from parents. Read more here: http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/No-Child-Left-Behind/2013/06/05/id/508098 PLEASE OPPOSE and FILIBUSTER this child abuse.

Guns ‘n’ Freedom

Guns ‘n’ Freedom

Guns and freedom come together or they go together.

  1. The Mayflower Gun the Pilgrims Brought to America – 2013-11-28 12:58:07-05
    Happy Thanksgiving!  As Americans we have a lot for which to be thankful.  Even with anti-gun politicians trying to take away 2nd amendment rights at every turn, we thought it would be a great time to look at the gun that pilgrims brought to this land, sometimes called the Mayflower gun. (Source: American Hunter)  In November 1620 the Mayflower dropped anchor just inside of what we now call Cape Cod, with approximately 130 passengers and crew. Tradition holds that the first person to step ashore at Plymouth Rock was the ship’s cooper, or barrel maker, a young man by the… Continue Reading…
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    This commercial (at bottom of post) that doesn’t even show a gun or a single round of ammunition has been banned from the ad space during the Super Bowl.  The NFL has raked in millions of dollars for 30 second ad spots during the big game, but now one of the top-notch gun makers in the country has been told it cannot air its commercial. Daniel Defense has operations in South Carolina and Georgia and is well known for their quality AR-15 style rifles and other products that are known around the world.  According to Guns and Ammo the gun… Continue Reading…
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    Since Australia has some of the strictest gun control laws on the planet it must have caused quite a stir when Australian police found over 300 guns and over 4 tons of ammunition of a family’s farm. The police arrested a father and two sons after finding 328 firearms and 4.2 tons of ammo on a farm in Queensland. According to NBC, The men, aged 69, 46 and 42, were charged with possessing restricted firearms after police found the weapons stockpile stashed in sheds at their property in Monto, Queensland. Among the 328 weapons were military-style automatic rifles, some of… Continue Reading…
  4. NFL STILL Bans Super Bowl Commercial by Daniel Defense Even Without Logo – 2013-12-02 11:38:20-05
    Apparently the NFL does not even want advertisers TALKING about a 2nd amendment right that is in our constitution. Last week we reported on the NFL banning a commercial by Daniel Defense.  The ad merely showed a military man returning home to his wife and child with a voice over talking about protecting his family. Not a single gun was even shown on camera and guns were not even mentioned, but the Daniel Defense logo at the end of the commercial did show the silhouetted image of a rifle. So Daniel Defense decided to send the NFL another option which… Continue Reading…
  5. The EPA Shuts Down the Last U.S. Lead Smelter Causing Ammo Concerns for Gun Owners – 2013-12-02 15:51:04-05
    Due to some extreme EPA regulations Doe Run’s Herculaneum lead smelter will have to close its doors by the end of 2013.  The Missouri company is the last U.S. smelting facility of its kind, and the cost of ammunition is expected to rise after its closing. After the company closes it’s doors the only lead smelting facilities left in the country will be the ones that only smelter recycled lead and do not process raw lead ore. According to the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, Herculaneum had already made changes to satisfy EPA demands in the past, but the latest… Continue Reading…
  6. Criminals Don’t Even Obey Gun Laws on Thanksgiving as Man is Robbed of Turkey at Gunpoint – 2013-12-03 12:32:48-05
    A Connecticut man was held at gunpoint while two men stole his Thanksgiving turkey.  Watch news video below. While many of us were preparing for a Thanksgiving feast on Thursday one man had his feast taken away by a couple thugs with a gun.  The two men are still unknown. “I was just robbed at gunpoint. I was walking to a friend’s house for Thanksgiving and just now they took my turkey, stuffing,” the victim told the dispatcher. The 911 operator first thought the whole thing was a joke and officers felt the same way, but after finding out that… Continue Reading…
  7. Criminals Might Think Twice About Breaking into Houses in This Neighborhood After One Intruder is Shot by a Homeowner – 2013-12-04 01:21:34-05
    Even with nightly security patrols this Fort Worth neighborhood had been facing a spike in crime over the last few months, with many houses facing break-ins. But now criminals are on high alert as at least one intruder was shot after breaking into a Fort Worth home in the middle of the night. The alarm alerted the homeowner to an intruder in the garage.  When he went to investigate he confronted the intruder face to face and later told investigators that he feared for his life as he fired two shots at the suspect. After being shot, the intruder fled… Continue Reading…
  8. New Poll Shows That Support for Gun Control Keeps Dropping – 2013-12-04 22:46:38-05
    Despite the efforts of anti-gun politicians to make gun control a mainstream ideaology, a new poll shows that support for gun control is continuing to drop. The CNN Opinion Research poll compared recent results with the results to the same questions in January and April of this year.  The numbers in the chart below show that 49% now favor stricter gun control measures, where 53% favored more gun control in April and 55% in January. We think these numbers are still skewed, and if most of those being polled realized the real facts behind gun control and it’s uselessness those… Continue Reading…
  9. These Criminals Got Their Tactical Rifle from a SWAT Team Facility NOT a Gun Show – 2013-12-05 11:50:33-05
    I thought criminals just buy all their “assault rifles” from gun shows across the nation who sell their guns to anyone with a criminal record. Hmm, it will be interesting to see how anti-gunners spin this one, but since they don’t even realize that vendors perform background checks with each purchase at gun shows they probably will also fail to realize that people who break the law don’t care about following the law to get a gun. According to Myfoxdfw.com a couple burglars stole a rifle and some other equipment from a SWAT team facility in Cleburne, Texas. Cleburne police… Continue Reading…
  10. New Commercial Shows the Real Faces of Gun Carriers: “And I Carry” – 2013-12-05 14:51:16-05
    We need a video like this for every city in America, showing real people living normal lives who also happen to carry a firearm. The anti-gun media likes to depict gun owners as renegade extremists that are arming up to overthrow the government.  But they never show the faces of regular gun owners who just want the freedom to protect their families and their own lives. This video is getting a lot of buzz already and it should spur some ideas going forward for other gun groups to do similar ads across the country. Some of the comments below the… Continue Reading…

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