Spare Me Slate ..

Bunch of bleating sheep whom think we should all just roll over and take it …

Slate Takes Issue With Armed Self-Defense


The jury in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial has begun its deliberations. As we wait, it is worth acknowledging that this trial has come to stand for what may well be the future of criminal defense law in America. Put aside the tactical errors of the prosecutors and the trial antics of a flamboyant judge and even the radicalization of the vigilante right—what is left is a snapshot of what will happen every time jurors contemplate how guns, protests, and hair-trigger self-defense combine in public spaces. And it looks very much like passing judgment over a shootout at the O.K. Corral.

Gun Bits and Ridiculous …


Slaying of Convenience Store Clerk Points to Complicity of Not-So-Silent ‘Partners’

7-Eleven does not allow its clerks to be armed. They even go so far, according to a poster documented on, as to instruct employees on how to not resist robbers, and to also rat out any co-workers who may be hiding in a back room. Should that result in injury or death, the corporation had already established the precedent that they’re not liable for what happens to franchisee clerks.

In other words, screw the employees..


The Truth Finally Revealed: ‘Russia Hoax’ Was Clinton Strategy, Obama Admin Was ‘On Board’ 

They will come for them if they win..

The Most Anti-Gun Ticket In American History

Control. They want it and are getting it!!

Media Mask-Mania, or Covid19 Groupthink

Is this a trick question??

How Much Weirder Will It Get?

No. It will never be amongst those with the fortitude to take care of themselves and family…For the Sheeple? Yes!!

Is Right To Armed Self-Defense Obsolete?

Fear Versus Freedom

You will comply ..or else..

Virginia Public School District Wants Teachers to Enforce ‘Woke’ Revolution, or Else

You will comply…or else..

The Fight for Free Speech

I will be very unchristian like, not that I have not in the past, but ….

You will be told to check your “Christian privilege” in the very near future

When you want to be a Dictator..or Deranged Demo Rat..

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Reenacts Unlawful Lockdown Policies Through DHHS After Supreme Court Ruling

ATF Goes Rogue Once Again!

Tell President Trump to Rein in the ATF


Gun Bits and Ridiculous ….

Yep …


Schiff for brains…

‘You’ll get him this time for sure!’ Adam Schiff must have been jealous of others hogging the news cycle, because he’s found ANOTHER whistleblower

Bill Gates the Virus Expert…

Bill Gates Linked Covid-19 Vaccine Trial SUSPENDED Due To ‘Potentially Unexplained Illness’

Yep..One dangerous old lady….


The Michigan Bitch…..

‘Very Distressing’: Michigan Governor Says She Is Concerned About Trump’s Event But Not Biden’s

This is bullshit, the Left is lawless, unConstitutional and needs to be broken..

The mass cancellations of Christian and conservative events


Washington and Lee University offers a course on ‘How to Overthrow the State’, and they are proud of it


Gun Bits and Ridiculous Pieces….

I should never be forced to run for my life. You threaten it, enter my property, not my house, my property and threaten to harm me or mine…And your ass is mine..

What’s your opinion of Stand Your Ground laws?

Those that think I should run..Can go hug a root..

Yep..With the left playing stupid and winning!!

Is This the Stupidest Time in America’s History?

Of course they do! Have to protect an important voting block!!

House Democrats Block GOP Resolution Opposing Efforts to Defund Police

And dumb asses by the media lies and bullshit…

4 Things the Liberal Media Won’t Tell You About Black Lives Matter

See above about dumb asses and stupidity….It’s rampant on the left..

Mayor Calls for Investigation After Black Lives Matter Outrage Shuts Down Popular Restaurant

Point proven.

Anti-Trump Protesters Claim COVID-19 Didn’t Come from China and President Knew About Virus in November

Someone give this Lady a gun!!

Police Confiscate 88-Year-Old Woman’s Gun After She Shoots To Defend Liquor Store

Rand Corporation spreads a false narrative…

Study Proves Gun Laws Reduce Homicides and Suicides? Not So Fast, Says Dr. Lott

As if the Government does not already have all the info on you and your evil guns…

New Legislation Would Keep Fed from Collecting Info on Gun Owners

A good thing..

CCRKBA: Millions of New Gun Owners will Reshape 2A Battle

Good Guns!!!

At Home and in Public, by Day and by Night- More Self Defense Gun Stories~ LISTEN

The truth…

Democrats exposed as the racists they’ve always been

And the ridiculous continuous.

Instructor Gets Promoted to ‘Full Professorship’ After Tweeting ‘White Lives Don’t Matter’


Teaching New Gun Owners to Cheat and Survive

If you losing, cheat harder!!!

When it comes to protecting myself and family…Anything goes….Period.


Gun sales year to year, November to April. From NICS and

2020 is unusual. We added millions of new gun owners each month. Gun ownership has been increasing, but this year is remarkable. We bought firearms when government failed. We saw the police withdraw because of an epidemic. We saw courts put criminals back on the streets. We saw government officials overwhelmed by protests, riots, looting, and arson. We realized that we are on our own to defend ourself and the people under our care. I’ve studied self defense for a few decades, and here are some unmentioned truths that new gun owners need to know. The truth is that grandma can survive a breakin and defend herself against three thugs. The secret ingredient in Granny’s self-defense is that she cheats. She didn’t fight fair. Neither should you. There are legal cheats that let the good guys survive.

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Gun Bits …

Armed Citizen Intervenes, Shoots Suspect Who Allegedly Opened Fire on Police

Good gun…


The Latest Victim of COVID-19 Is the Second Amendment

But of course…


Jim Crow-Era Gun Control Law Preventing Pistol Sales In One NC County



Why was Biden so outraged when asked about gun control by a construction worker?

Don’t question my authority!!


How Old Do You Have to be to Defend Yourself?

There is no age limit. Is why I taught my boys how to handle their fists and guns at a very young age.


I’m thinking this won’t fly in Texas!!!

Debate Over Whether Gun Stores Are “Essential” Reaches Texas


The Gun-Buying Frenzy: Holding The Line

Despite the current frantic “run on guns” at gun stores, nationwide
And despite galloping prices at both gun shops and on-line auctions
And despite NICS system interruptions
And despite unconstitutional gun store closures in many cities…


OPINION: Coronavirus Panic is a Trojan Horse for Socialism

It’s almost like Democrats aren’t taking this virus as seriously as they sold it. It’s almost as if they ginned up panic, with the full cooperation of the media, to push big government socialism when American fears were spiked. It’s almost as if Democrats and the media ripped a few pages from global warming alarmism and just doused it with gas, since not enough people were panicking and ceding their freedoms to government in order to save the planet.

Why we need to be armed…Damned Democrats!!