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Justified? Leaving! Avoiding It! Hypocrites! NBC Sucks!

Well of course all FBI’s shootings are ‘justified!’ they are one of the many Federal Government enforcement agencies and we all know how well the government investigates itself..

FBI Says Agents Justified in 150 Shootings

A 2002 case showed a man was shot in the head in Maryland after agents mistook him for a suspected bank robber. Agents surrounded 20-year-old Joseph Schultz’s car because he was wearing a white baseball cap. Schultz was shot in the jaw. The FBI paid $1.3 million to reconstruct Schultz’s face in 2007.

The internal review deemed Schultz’s shooting a “good shoot.” Only five of the cases were labeled as “bad shoots” when a weapon is discharged not in compliance with policy.

Christopher Braga, the agent who shot Shultz, said he believed that Schultz was reaching for a gun. Agents are permitted to use deadly force if they believe their lives of the lives of their colleagues are in danger.

Yep..Sure sounds ‘justified!!


What happens when you pass onerous stupid laws that restrict businesses and employers…

They leave…

Wonder if the vehicles will say ‘Eff U’ on the back when they leave!

Firearms Maker PTR Industries Plans Move to South Carolina


So what does this say about Obamacare and tell me again why we have it?

State and Local Governments Avoid ObamaCare Like It’s the Plague

Hypocrites, Democrats, Liberals, Progressives…all the same damn thing!!

Democrat Contradiction: Gun Control Fine But Pro-Life Bill Unconstitutional

Excuses, excuses, excuses..Buck Ofama sucked in Germany as he sucks in America…Lame excuses from a parrot on NBC!! a non news corporation!!!

Nuns and Guns. Guns Save. FEMA.

Packing Pastors & Nuns with Guns: Let There be Light … and Guns

Guns save lives…
What would you have done?

3 against one and you have a 2 yo son to take care of?

What would the anti freedom crowd have done?

And more guns save lives..


FEMA Camp Bill Resurfaces In Congress

All the more reason to hold tight to your guns and ammo…


Bruce is # 1….Stallone and Arnold…? Heh not so much…

What you get for stomping on American‘s Rights…


Hopeless: Job Corps Slams Door on 30,000 Young Adults

by Tony Lee

President Barack Obama campaigned last week to promote his plans for job training and job creation that he claimed would expand the country’s middle class, fully aware that the Job Corps program had suspended enrollment in January due to gross bureaucratic mismanagement of the country’s largest job-training program for low-income youths, particularly African Americans.

The freeze started in January and is expected to last until June 30. That did not stop Obama from making lofty promises in his State of the Union address last week about job creation.


Okay then..

Brothers blow up house while celebrating lottery win with drugs

Well? Has a helluva point here..and I do not disagree at all with him!!

Report From the US Constitution Free Zone

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet
****************I got to thinking recently.  (THAT is ALWAYS dangerous!)  If, as the DHS insists, I live in a Constitution Free Zone of America, and they can do as they darn well please inside this zone, then it also means I can do as I darn well please inside the CFZ, too. Huh?
Say what?

Mexico wants what?

A registry of American Gun Owners.? SO they can what?

They cannot even control their own corrupt nation and they want this?

Tell them to talk to Holder as he knows what tehy need to! He ran the guns to the cartels!!


Breaking and Entering…

U.S. Border Agent Shoots, Kills Alleged Illegal Border-Crosser In Struggle

Guzman said U.S. authorities reported that the 28-year-old became combative, got control of an agent’s collapsible steel baton and attacked an agent and a police dog.

And the problem here?
Break into my house, attack a family member, myself and our dog? Or cat?
You’ll get the same damn thing…Only I’ll shoot until you are down and not moving..then call 911…
Authorities tried to resuscitate the man, but he was pronounced dead at the scene about 45 minutes later, Guzman said.
Nope…Not by me..

Range Time!!!

Yep….#2 Son and I went to the range today.

No pictures as my fancy phone seemed to want to have “insufficient memory” problems for some damn reason, most likely because I have to many pictures on there, possibly, maybe?

Been awhile for him, a long while….

So we loaded up and took along…

The Winchester Model 190 .22 – Which has needed a good sighting in scine the scope got knocked loose and every time I have tried, something has hindered the effort…

Marlin Model 60, .22 – picked up at a pawn shop this past winter. for a decent price and I had been looking for this gun for a while!!

Everybodies favorite Ruger Mk II .22 – I have had this gun for a long time…

And 500 rounds of assorted long rifle 22 ammo.

What else?

My Ruger GP-100 and a couple hundred rounds of 158 grn and 125 grn FMJ reloads.

FEG PA-63 (#2 Son’s) in 9×18 Mak and ammo. FMJ and Hollow Points..

And of course Mr Kahr, my ever present daily carry and 100 rounds of  White Box.

So managed to get the Model 190 dialed in and shot the new Marlin and it is one sweet shooting little gun.

Spent the usual amount of time with the Gp-100. Argued with the Kahr as to why I cannot shoot the damn thing!! Shoots low at 10 yards you best be aiming at the very top of the 8.5 x 11 target to hit the bottom half!!! What to do….???

The Gp is my favorite….

Shot the Son’s PA-63, It is one accurate little weapon and with the right rounds would gladly use it as a daily carry..

Weather was okay to start, a bit humid, but by the time we finished it was warm….

Packed up and left, cleaned up a bit from whomever did not prior to our being there.

And I suffered through the 35 minute drive to and fro letting the soon to be licensed kid drive, he did fine for the most part.

Was a good time and now tonight I will watch the Twins vs Indians game with the boy and we will clean up…






USPSA and Dead Batteries!!

Raced home from work yesterday, 49 miles grabbed “stuff”, changed clothes and #2 Son. Stopped at Subway and headed for Pine Island, 38 miles.

Arrived and they had already started the evenings festivities..About 40 folks there and lots of trick hardware. A group from Mpls PD was there and a couple of Goodhue County Deputies and a few gals also, more then a few!!

OMG!! What will the “must be a victim” Liberal Feminists say about that????

But was okay, as I decided to watch and see what is was all about. Met Harmon, a gunnie and member I have been emailing back and forth with for 2 years trying to get this setup. A good guy.

They had four stages set up and one was a “qualifier” . Was interesting and made me rethink using my GP100, more on that in a bit..

After we watched a bit, talked a bit, we decided to head home. Turned the key n the ’91 Park Avenue and ….. nothing!!! WTF?? Tried again! No go..Not the Starter AGAIN??

We found someone to give it a jump, no go, but were able to see that it was the battery as it turned over, but battery was dead..Had already called home and MBWITW and #1 Son were enroute.

A Deputy came over with his jump pack and again no luck, he said the closest place to pick one a new battery would be WalMart in Rochester.

I also called my “roadside” assistance with American Family (Why do I stick with this outfit?) no one in the area they were “contracted” with but did find one for 64 bucks to come nad look it over, then decide what they could or would do!! I told them to go away.

Wife and #1 finally arrived and we headed down to Rochester, found a battery, messed up trying to covertly take a picture of a gal in a camo mini skirt with a pink camo hoodie and black low cut tee shirt whom was railing about how bad shit was over her cell phone and complaining to clerks while checking out!! Boyz and I about died laughing and she was clueless what we were laughing about!

Anyhow got the battery, went back and with the meager tool kit I had (needed to buy a terminal wrench also) finally got the old crusty battery out, installed the new one, a member finally came over and with a “real” socket set (mine consisted of a compact set of sockets and a allen wrench type ratchet) got things done with two cars shining lights on us and my eldest holding the flashlight!!

Car started right up and home we went …

The dude who helped saved the day and turned out to be a real nice guy and talkative as we chatted a bit and I tld him I was a bit concerned about using a revolver and he said not to be and that I should make sure to come back (I will, but there was a moment…) and that I could easily “borrow” a pistol as someone always had “extras” to try if I wanted.

I’ll be back next week!!




Rainy Saturday….

Raining. Supposed to rain all day…

Sounds like a reloading day and just read Brigid’s post on reloading. Gal can write.

I got into reloading about a year and a half ago.

Friend whom has done it for years convinced me and got me going.

Lee Reloading setup.

Lyman manual.

So far have been reloading .38 spec, .357 and .32 Winchester Special.

Have a goodly supply of all now.

Considering 9mm.

Found this at Brigid’s Place and am always looking for sources of good info.

Enjoy it.

Like the idea for using dryer as polisher…wonder hoe the MBWITW will take that one??

Have to get some polishing media though….Trip to Cabela‘s today possible?

They have done some remodeling at their Owatonna store…would like to see it…Plus it is the closest place for me. There is Ahlman‘s though…….Hmmmm and they have a range and I am a member there….