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Letter Sent Through GOA.

To Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken..

Gun Owners of America has just completed an unscientific poll of its
members with respect to “universal background checks” where over 20,000
members voted.

The result was that 96% of the respondents opposed “Obama’s universal
background checks.”

This is particularly interesting because the polls purporting to show
widespread support for this component of gun control also claim to show
that 85% of hard-core gun rights members support it as well.  Clearly,
this is not the case, and that casts serious doubt on the other results as

Let me suggest the following explanations for the bogus results
“mainstream” polls are getting:

* It makes a difference whether the pollster lays a seductive “trail of
breadcrumbs” to produce a positive result. Many Americans erroneously
believe that “universal background checks,” when worded that way, merely
reflect a greater enforcement of the status quo.

* It certainly makes a difference what part of the country is polled. The
fact that 99.99999% of residents of Manhattan and San Francisco support
this framework for a national gun registry may not make much of a
difference in Arkansas, Montana, or South Dakota.

To the contrary, a recent Quinnipiac poll shows that President Obama’s
poll numbers have fallen dramatically since December (a 12-point swing) —
and this corresponds with the time that he began his assault upon the
Second Amendment.

When Americans learn that Obama’s proposed “universal background checks”
will result in a ban on private sales of firearms (without prior
government approval) or create the framework for a gun registry, then gun
owners overwhelmingly oppose them.

As a result of all of this, I am asking you to vote against the Motion to
Proceed to any gun control bill reported by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Even if the framework for a national gun registry (as the ATF increasingly
copies all of the information on 4473’s) were the only proposal on the
table, the package expected to be reported from Senator Leahy’s Judiciary
Committee would be bad enough.

But, in addition, support for consideration of Leahy’s gun bill is also
support for a “hornet’s nest” of other politically-motivated votes on gun
bans, magazine bans, “watch list bans,” and so forth. So don’t think you
can vote to proceed to this abomination, vote against Feinstein, and
satisfy gun owners in the process.

Know that gun owners will consider votes relating to the motion to proceed
as pivotal votes, and will consider the throwaway “no” vote on Feinstein
as nothing more than a phony attempt to seize political cover.


Gun Stuff …… Buck Ofama/Biden….Yeah..

“If there be a principle that ought not to be questioned within the United States, it is, that every nation has a right to abolish an old government and establish a new one. This principle is not only recorded in every public archive, written in every American heart, and sealed with the blood of a host of American martyrs; but is the only lawful tenure by which the United States hold their existence as a nation.” —James Madison, Helevidius, No. 3, 1793

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Oh? Really?

Buck Ofama gun control plan doubles as $4 billion state bailout

Play the carrot stick approach..work with me or no money..Hell the federal government taxes a States citizens, where the money should rightly stay in the first damn place..Then threatens to withhold it if the States don’t play along…Such BULLSHIT!!

Buck Ofama And Biden To Tour The Country To Rally Support For Gun Crackdown…

And the crazies Rejoice!! And the Secret Service wonders…If this is really a good idea. As pissed off as Americans are..

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Prove it isn’t!!

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States pulling rug from under Buck Ofama gun plans

Wyoming, Texas, Missouri, Tennessee, South Dakota and South Carolina, Alaska and I believe Mississippi…Come on Markie Dayton! How about Minnesota??

Seahawks Stadium Bans Off-Duty Cops From Carrying Weapons at Events

And the bad guys rejoiced!!! What they really think telling the ones whom protect they cannot have guns will help?? How stupid are those people??

Weapons stolen from N.Y. home of gun owner named on Journal News website

And Attorneys Rejoiced!! I see a lawsuit here….You jeopardized a law abiding citizen’s safety…

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Obama’s America is broken, the rest of the country isn’t