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Soccer! Numbers! Gun Wins! Gun Show! Morsi and Obama.

And this is…

Soccer referee decapitated after stabbing player to death in Brazil

You can have it!!

Soccer kills!!


Real job numbers…

144 million Americans were employed last month, out of a civilian adult population of 245 million. This means that only 58.7% of civilian adults in America are employed. Out of the 144 million employed, only 116 million were working full-time. That means only 47% of Americans have a full-time job.


Even riding a moped and bringing a hatchet to a ‘gun’ fight…loses..

Indiana Resident Shoots and Kills Hatchet Wielding, Moped Riding, Home Invader


Gun show. Not to far away…Maybe..Just for curiosities sake..

Hastings Gun & Knife Show


And this surprise no one..Takes a MAN to own up…Buck Ofama is not..

Obama ducks criticism of his support of Muslim Brotherhood Morsi with lies



Deer Kicks.. Gun Laws Fail!

An idiot’s ass..

Deer beats man in impromptu boxing match


Say Chitcago!!

How are all those gun laws and such working out for you?

7 Dead, 30 Wounded in Weekend Violence

Not so well is it?


Liberty Girl. Prepared! Know Not’ing! Muskets? Chains!

Liberty Girl…


How it works when when your prepared and ready..


Really? Should one be surprised a Buck Ofama thug is clueless and knows not what is going on?

FBI Director Mueller Knows Nothing!

They keep taking lines from Sgt Schultz!



Muskets? What next? Cap guns? Pop Guns? Paint ball? Airsoft?


Cops even taking muskets


Paul Harvey….


Rich Gun Hater! Bite the Hand! Idiots! Protects!

Another Billionaire using his money to come after our Rights!!

I would dearly love to see these assOs come asking for my guns. With out their hired thugs and armed bodyguards!! But you know they would never have the balls to do so!!

Know Your Billionaire Bullies: Ken Lerer


Bite the hand or business that provides tax dollars and employment and watch what happens!!

They move to Freedom!

Rick Perry woos gun manufacturers in N.Y., Conn.


Idiots does not cover it…Complete morons does..

Village Idiots

Ya think? “I’m a little concerned that things have gotten a little — a little out of whack. I think we can do a better job than we have. We can reform those regulations, reform those guidelines to better reflect that balance.” –Attorney General Eric Holder

No doubt: “I’m proud of the work that I’ve done.” –Eric Holder

Non Compos Mentis: “I’m a Christian. But Muslims are misunderstood. Intentionally misunderstood. We should all be more like them. They make sense, especially with their children. There is no other group like the Black Muslims, who put so much effort into teaching children the right things, they don’t smoke, they don’t drink or overindulge in alcohol, they protect their women, they command respect. And what do these other people do? They complain about them, they criticize them. We’d be a better world if we emulated them.” –Bill Cosby

Government investing for the win: “We’re going to have a few more bankruptcies. Sometimes it’ll be like Solyndra where you get 3 cents on the dollar. Others, it’ll be 80 cents, or something like that. If you look at what got started and what became bankable, was it successful? Yes. We were more successful than Wall Street. So come on, guys.” –former Secretary of Energy Steven Chu

Obama’s America: “That fundamental American promise that so many of us grew up with — that no matter where you start out, with hard work, you can build a decent life for yourself and an even better life for your kids — that promise unfortunately is no longer within reach for too many families in our country.” —Michelle Obama


The 2nd protects the rest..

In a time of spies, why the 2nd Amendment is more important than ever


Buck Ofama follow the Law? Like that is going to happen!!

Putin Tells U.S. to Follow Law as Liberals Urge Killing NSA Leaker


We owe? We owe them nothing! They broke into our house…


Demoralizers Of The Christian Faith In America

The self-made civil rights leaders of today, such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, have left off their Bibles and their morals, as they debase themselves and reap nothing but mockery and reproach. Let me contrast the original pledge with the modern version of the pledge, as demonstrated by their actions:

  1. Meditate on the media and anything but the teachings of Jesus.
  2. Civil disobedience to just laws, through force, in hopes of an unjust victory.
  3. Walk and talk in the manner of thuggery/pride!
  4. Play the race card as you are enslaved through deception by a godless administration daily.
  5. Sacrifice the needs of others, gain is the goal.
  6. Send threats to those who disagree with you.
  7. Seek to have it your way at all costs, lie if necessary.
  8. Use fear and force.
  9. Strive to take from others because you deserve what you take!
  10. Follow the directions of an un-Constitutional and unlawful administration.


Obama: ‘We Owe’ Young Illegals a Path to Citizenship – See more at: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/obama-we-owe-young-illegals-path-citizenship#sthash.MFEDzNlM.dpuf
Obama: ‘We Owe’ Young Illegals a Path to Citizenship – See more at: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/obama-we-owe-young-illegals-path-citizenship#sthash.MFEDzNlM.dpuf

Top 5! Bite Me!! Gun-Do! Get High and Die! Marker. What Attack? Code Brown!!

This works!

Top 5 Reasons to Own a Gun

1. Because you can’t (legally) poke Michael Bloomberg in the eye.


At least..

Conservatives Must Build a ‘Bite Me’ Coalition


From a Doc…Go read it!!

Gun-Do Trumps Judo When Lives Are In Peril


What are your Teens doing for fun? As a Father of 2 I am always watchful…As a Paramedic I know all to well what kids can do and what can happen…

Straight-A teen dies after inhaling computer cleaner amid ‘huffing’ trend

Oregon teenager dies after inhaling helium at party


Marker. Paintball. Fun..But tell me…What would a ‘lethal’ Paintball Marker be?

Heckler & Koch P30 CM (Non-Lethal Paintball Marker)


WTH? Sounds like…never mind just go read it..If you dare!!

Cops: Escort charged in penis attack


Problem?? I don’t see it..

Pelosi: ‘Very Little’ Gov’t Left If Spending Cuts are Matched with Debt-Limit Increase


In my world we would call this a ‘Code Brown’..

Medics called after man falls into toilet pit


Snowbo…Err…Facebook Tuesday..

Snowing…We have a nice pile of it and supposed to snow all day…with the Weather people hedging their bets at anywhere from 3 – 7 inches more…On top of yesterday’s shovel (good thing I had a big strapping 20 yo around to shovel!) to almost snow blower amounts to last nights…get the snowblower out now!!…

School cancelled for here today and I see most of the Metro area which means the commute will be complete suxage…If I decide to do so..Supposed to run up to Camp Ripley tomorrow for the State Patrol refresher I do for them.

Well thats tomorrow and I will worry about today after a bit more coffee and a bit of breakfast..


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Ha!! 38 Reasons to believe you had the ‘best’ childhood ever?

These are all fail..

These are all great!!

playing until the street lights came on, outside.

building tree forts and climbing trees, outside.

drinking from the garden hose, outside.

playing tag on the jungle gym, outside.

swinging on the playground swings seeing how high you could go, outside.

playing baseball, football, hockey, basketball, on the spur of the moment, no rules, outside.

riding your bike wherever and whenever with no helmet, outside.

learning how to shoot, hunt, fish, trap and such, with your Grandpa and Uncles, outside.

swimming in the old gravel pit, outside.

fishing whenever and however long at same gravel pit, outside.

being chased outside by your Mom, when she had enough and not complaining.

camping in the backyard with your friends in an old canvas army tent, outside.

begging to let you parents let you stay, outside a little longer.

building snow forts and having terrific snowball fights, outside.

being a kid, nothing organized, all spontaneous, but you were always…