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BloomingIDIOTberg!! Wyoming! Detoilet! InJustice Department! Son of Ofama!

This idiot obviously has New York, NY in such good shape he can run around the country using tax money? His money? To push his unwanted policies and try to impose his will on others..


Colorado: Bloomberg’s Gun Control Bus Tour Pulls into Town


Nefarious, underhanded, sneaky ways those whom want to disarm us…Using the ‘children’ as usual and effing ‘educators’ behind it!!
Bad news all around..
And in Wyoming?

Local Wyoming Gun Control Scheme Targets Children’s Rights


Another activist, liberal judge using the bench not for Justice, but to get her way..

Detroit Judge Halts Bankruptcy Filing That Is ‘Not Honoring’ Obama: ‘I Know He’s Watching This’


The Department of InJustice and Racism.

Ignoring the Law and Constitutional Rights..

Were me I would find a way to find a gun…To hell with Eric ‘Obama’s Dick’ Holder!!

DOJ: Zimmerman Won’t Be Getting His Gun Back

Another ‘son’ of Buck Ofama

Toulouse shooting: little girl cornered in school and shot in head

And with attacks like these you wonder why Israel is so determined to defend itself.

And you wonder if Buck Ofama even cares!



Micheal Paymar, Politician, DFLer…Liar..

One should never trust a politician. Like a salesman they will tell you whatever the need to to get you to buy their ‘bullshit’.
Paymar stated in an interview today that he intends to bring gun registration (aka Universal Background Checks) directly to the House floor for a vote.

Here’s the quote in the Star Tribune today:
“On Wednesday he said, ‘The agreement we had with the Speaker is that Rep. Hilstrom would agree to the gun show loophole language, and that the Speaker would allow a vote on the House floor.’ But once that more limited bill reaches the floor, Paymar said, an amendment will likely be offered to re-insert universal background checks.”

Michael Paymar (64B, DFL)
563 State Office Building
St. Paul, MN 55155
Email: rep.michael.paymar@house.mn

Debra Hilstrom (40B, DFL)
379 State Office Building
St. Paul, MN 55155
Email: rep.debra.hilstrom@house.mn


DFLer Mike Obermueller to Face John Kline for Congress Seat

DFLer Mike Obermueller to Face John Kline for Congress Seat.

I love this statement..

“The district got some better demographics for us (in redistricting),” Obermueller�told the Star Tribune. “We have a popular president
and a congressman whose voting record doesn’t match the district very
well, and so there’s an opportunity here to take him out.”

Not only drinking the damn kool aid, he must bathe in it!!

Popular pResident?

What country would that be in?

You mean the dufus at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave?

In Washington?


He has done what? Besides screw us into the ground, take care of his
benefactors, take vacations, go golfing and campaign extensively on the
the taxpayers dime…popular amongst illegals and those on the dole! Or
unions!! Not amongst those of us working our asses off to pay for the
debt, programs and other bullshit he has created!

Created divide and racism, allow racists like Jackson and Sharpton to thrive, allow pointless occupiers to exist..

Fuck…popular pResident my ass.

The only thing he has done positive is create a drive for precious
metals…brass, lead, copper, etc..and Guns….which has been great!!!

Get a damn clue..