Anti-Fa ….

Fascist, terrorists…

IED Found Outside Eugene, OR Police Station Following Deadly Confrontation

We haven’t talked much about the incident that took place recently at a Eugene, Oregon school. There, a man was shot and killed by police after he drew an illegally carried firearm after being told to leave the school. Earlier this week, police released body cam video showing that their officers didn’t just gun…….

Does the Obama Administration consider YOU to be a terrorist?

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Canadian shooting underscores who the real terrorists are

After murdering an unarmed Canadian soldier on Wednesday, an Islamic terrorist drove to the Canadian Parliament and ran inside.

Armed with a rifle, he intended to commit even more damage, but was thankfully brought down by the Sergeant at Arms.

Anti-gun activists have already pounced on this shooting to call for more stringent gun control laws in Canada. But one author contrasted the Parliament attack with another Canadian terrorist attack using a car:

What about the Muslim terrorist who drove down two Canadian soldiers on Monday, killing one of them?  Does that prove that we need more car control?

That would be liberal logic for you.

GOA report:  Government thinks YOU are a potential terrorist

Sadly, much of this “liberal logic” has infested the Obama administration, which continues to ignore the real threats to freedom and to blame gun owners instead.

After all, what do the above two terror attacks (in Canada) have in common with the recent Oklahoma beheading … the first Ft. Hood shooting … both World Trade Center attacks … the attempted Times Square bombing … the Empire State building shooting … the Boston Marathon bombing … the Arkansas recruiter center slaying … and more?

The answer?  All these attacks were perpetrated by Islamic militants — most of whom were yelling Allahu Akbar while perpetrating their evil deeds.

Which is what makes the Obama Administration’s treatment of gun owners so obviously political.  The administration has ignored the threat from real terrorists, while insisting on calling murderous rampages — such as the one by Major Nidal Hassan at Ft. Hood — “workplace violence,” rather than “terrorism.”

In fact, several reports issued around the country — by the FBI, the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, and several state governments — all point to conservatives and gun owners as being the real threat to the safety and welfare of Americans.

As stated in a report that GOA recently published:

If you are the kind of person who takes a principled view on gun rights and limited government … has attempted to stock up on firearms, magazines, and ammunition in fear of possible and actual bans … or has ever voted for a third party in a political election … then know this — you had better look over your shoulder, because your government is watching you, and considers you to be a threat.

Make sure to get GOA’s report entitled, “Attention Gun Owner: Your Government Considers You to be a Potential Terrorist.”

Read it … pass it around … let your friends and acquaintances know who the Obama Administration considers to be the real enemy.

And then in less than two weeks, you and your friends can do something about it — when Election Day arrives.

So please help your friends, family, church group, gun club, etc., stay informed and remain active.  Download GOA’s 2014 Voter Guide today and pass it around to your pro-gun family and friends!

Just a Thought..

Isn’t calling those opposing Obama’s anti American policies..


When calling these terrorists…

‘Freedom Fighters’!

A little bit more then ‘hypocritical’?

More like a complete and total statement on how much those asswipes calling themselves Progressives and supporting the asswipe in the WH, hate everything the Constitution and America stands for?

Just a thought…

Robbed! ObamaScare! Obama’s Mooslim Pals!

Carry a damn gun!!
But wait!

Was in the People’s Republic of MassaSHOOTme!!

Oh well!

Worshippers robbed during Massachusetts church service



Congress don’t’ want it! Exempts itself!!

But dammit nothing for us Citizens and VOTERS!!


Go to Doctor and get grilled about…What?

Obamacare will question your sex life

That could cause some problems…For my Doctor, for asking stupid questions that are none of their damn business!!!

“This is nasty business,” says New York cardiologist Dr. Adam Budzikowski. He called the sex questions “insensitive, stupid and very intrusive.” He couldn’t think of an occasion when a cardiologist would need such information — but he knows he’ll be pushed to ask for it.


These are Obama  backed Jihadists, terrorists, Al Qaeda members!!

In Syria!

Syria: nearly half rebel fighters are jihadists or hardline Islamists, says IHS Jane’s report

In Washington. Homeland Security…Like putting a fox out to guard the hen house? Or a Pimp to run a Beauty Pageant!!

Muslim Brotherhood Operative, Mohamed Elibiary, gets Homeland Security promotion

And his favorite television network, besides MSNBC…

Terror TV Al Jazeera floods American markets with bloody cash to propagandize and build readership for jihad TV

And lets appoint ANOTHER racist, hater to another needless Government Commission…Just because Buck Ofama can!!

Obama Appoints Vicious Antisemite James Zogby to Commission on Religious Freedom

Wow…Commission on Religious Freedom, will lead to Oppression of And Other Religion besides Islam…Worlds leading hate group of Mooslims, Sheetheads, Terrorists, Camel Jockey’s, Pedophiles and Goat herders!


Al Qaeda, Obama! KISS This! The Stupid! Trust Them!

Al Qaeda is doing this in Syria..

U.S. – Backed “Rebels” Behead Young Man in Syria

And Al Qaeda is calling for this!

Al Qaeda calls for fresh wave of terror attacks to ‘bleed U.S.economically’

And Buck Ofama is supporting them!!

Does anyone else see a problem here?

Or just me?


Good!! Tebow deserves all Christians support..

Even those whom claim to be Christians and worship at the NFL Alter!!!

KISS THIS: Gene Simmons Defends Tim Tebow


The stupid that is Government today..

The stupid is strong with them..

Pittsburgh Government Outlaws Parking in Driveways


Trust the Government..


MNsure employee accidentally releases private data


Visiting? Governments Kill! No Guns! ObamaScare! Islam = Murder! Chicago Style! Westboro!

Who is visiting the White House?

We won’t know because the is no Freedom of Information or so called ‘transparency’ when it comes to Buck Ofama and his pResidency!!

“A president that doesn’t want Americans, under law, to know who his visitors are is a president who doesn’t want to be accountable.”

Who is Visiting Obama?



Governments Kill People!

You don’t think so?

Think again!

Democracies kill covertly and benevolently. They carry out mass murder in many ways. For example, democracy creates war under the pretense of patriotism. Millions of people die and never rebel. It’s repeated over and over. Yet the people never catch on, and they never rebel. It’s amazing.

For the purpose of this discussion, we look at how the medical establishment in American democracy kills millions of people.

The American government makes constant war on the people covertly. It is so covert that only a handful of people in government are even aware. Indeed, it may be fewer than a handful of people who are aware of the government crime of mass murder population control.


Chicago. Still no real freedom to carry a gun…And people are still being murdered…by those whom ignore all laws!

Chicago: No Guns at the Dinner Table


Trainwreck? ObamaScare is more then a trainwreck!! It will turn our Nations Health Care into a 3rd world, only the rich will really get good care, crap pile.

Trainwreck! That is and understatement…It will hit the poor and middleclass the worst, it is the Government’s form of population control!!

Trainwreck: Obamacare Cutting Employee Hours, Limiting Choices


Islam is a Religion of Murderous thugs…Is all it is..

Armed Muslims in Nigeria Kill Christians in their Homes


Gun control. Chicago style and Buck Ofama touts it as a model for America…..And it FAILS!!

53 Homicides, 224 Shot and Wounded in August in Rahm’s Chicago


Good. I have no sympathy for those that whine, scream, threaten to get their way..And the Gays have done it to others so turn about is only fair!! Even though Westboro should just disappear as they are one despicable bunch!! But certain Gay groups act the same damn way!!

‘Gays’ forced to serve Westboro Baptist haters


Good Gun!! More Gov? Black Boxes! Gun Facts!! Redneck Politician? Enabler! Conservative College?

Saves lives, causes dirty undies for bad guys…win, win..

Woman opens fire on group of robbers at Denny’s


This is our problem…an effed up pResident!!! I have a ‘vision’ also///Buck Ofama, tried and convicted for crimes against America and Americans…Then to Gitmo for life…

Obama: The Middle Class Needs More Government (via

In an Op-ed in the Boston Herald, President Obama laid out his “vision” for helping the middle class. Reading through the campaign-style op-ed we find that Obama continues to believe that the only real way to help the American economy is for the…


Big Government…Everywhere…With you..

Proposed federal rule could put ‘big brother’ in your driver’s seat

Ninety-six percent ofnew cars already have them – measuring such inputs as speed, lateral acceleration, pedal effort, seat belt use, wheel spin, steering wheel turn and direction.


Facts..We all know the Government ignores them, the left hates them and the anti Freedom, gun grabbing idiots refuses to knowledge them…

The first 5 of 18.

#1 Over the past 20 years, gun sales have absolutely exploded, but homicides with firearms are down 39 percent during that time and “other crimes with firearms” are down 69 percent.

#2 A study published in the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy discovered that nations that have more guns tend to have less crime.

#3 The nine European nations with the lowest rate of gun ownership rate have a combined murder rate that is three times greater than the nine European nation with the highest rate of gun ownership.

#4 Almost every mass shooting that has occurred in the United States since 1950 has taken place in a state with strict gun control laws

With just one exception, every public mass shooting in the USA since at least 1950 has taken place where citizens are banned from carrying guns. Despite strict gun regulations, Europe has had three of the worst six school shootings.

#5 The United States is #1 in the world in gun ownership, and yet it is only 28th in the world in gun murders per 100,000 people.

18 Little-Known Gun Facts That Prove That Guns Make Us Safer


WIllie the Redneck Politician?

Oh heck yeah!!

‘Redneck millionaire’ and ‘Duck Dynasty’ star eyed for La. House seat


Yep all of them, plus many more!!

Barack Obama: Terrorism Enabler, Muslim sympathizer, Traitor


Most Conservative College?

Funny, I don’t see anything about “Best Academics” or “Highest Graduation Rate”.


WH Insists? On The Run? Ignores! Fearing Obama? Targets!

How can they know what the hell is going on outside of the USA?

Seems they are to damn busy spying on US!!

WH Insists Al Qaeda is weakened…


Hey Jay Carney…Mindless spokesman for Buck Ofama…

How come we closed all our Embassies due to a ‘threat’ or ‘threats’?

If Al Qaeda is on the run?

With a REAL President and leader, instead of a pResident and Whiner…Steps would have been taken so as to we wouldn’t have to slam the doors and hide!!


pResident Buck ‘Jackass’ Ofama ignores those he sent to their deaths….

Anniversary of Massacre of Navy SEALs Ignored by President


Fearing Buck Ofama? I do not fear this spineless bahs-turd as a man, because he is not. He has proven that.

I fear what he will convince his minions to do, or try to do. And I fear what my response will be…

It won’t be turn the other cheek..

Fearing Obama, It’s Palpable


Shoe is on the other foot for the Poo-lice and they do not like..

How the hell do you think the average citizen feels?


Black mob targets off-duty police


Media Outrage?? Constitution Free What? Islam Justice! Confiscation?

Where is the outcry?

The anger over this…

Police: ‘Documented gang members’ killed mother of 4 inside bakery

Oh wait…Looks like 3 ‘Documented” Sons of Obama..

So black on white crime..

Never mind..


Constitution Free Zones?



Islam the Religion Of Peace?

Watch this and say that!!

And this be War on Women!!!


Gun Confiscation Has Begun

Tyrants Always Seize the Guns Before Subjugating the People


The Shootout..