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Facebook Monday….

Yes another Monday…

Back to the daily grind.

Trying to make ends meet.

I wish everyone would do that, instead of relying on others becasue your to damn lazy and won’t get off your fat asses and go to work.

Using some lame excuse like “Thats not what I went to school for!!”

Well then maybe a degree or a learning useful skill would have been more appropriate!

Instead of some damn lame degree in Politics, or Sociology, of Archaic Languages.

Effing idiots..



Be thankful for what we have, freedom, but be wary as there are those whom want to take it away. Take it by making us dependent on them. So we must cherish and protect our Rights and Freedoms.
Because unlike the Pilgrims. We have no place to go and build a new world. So we must defend what we have.
In other words lock and load.
Enjoy Thursday, eat, drink, watch football, play football, maybe put a few rounds down range and say “Up Yours” to those whom want our lives under their control.