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Facebook Monday….

Yes another Monday…

Back to the daily grind.

Trying to make ends meet.

I wish everyone would do that, instead of relying on others becasue your to damn lazy and won’t get off your fat asses and go to work.

Using some lame excuse like “Thats not what I went to school for!!”

Well then maybe a degree or a learning useful skill would have been more appropriate!

Instead of some damn lame degree in Politics, or Sociology, of Archaic Languages.

Effing idiots..



Facebook Thanksgiving Day!!!

Turkey is a GO!!
In the oven!!

Stuffed and cooking!!

Candied yams are prepped!!

Gravy stock simmering!!
Stuffing, no we stuff bird with celery, onion, carrot and herb and butter under the skin!! Stuffing will be cooked separate until crunchy!!

Going to watch Expendables 2 with Boyz this AM.

Enjoy today’s Facebook Thursday!!