Ridiculous Bits And Gun Bits …

Resist the Turkey Tyranny

My son came home last night for Thanksgiving and a visit, from Fargo.

Apparently breaking Tyrant Gov Timmy Walz’s mandate against that.

As will my eldest whom lives not far from us whne he arrives..

Walz can KMA!!!

Brainwashed into thinking masks work…

The arrogance of the masked do-gooder

And this is why politicians can go eff themselves!!!

The Haves & Have Nots: Newsom Under Fire Again For Breaking Covid Rules After CA Does This

Government fail. And they expect us to bow to them and trust them??

Concealed Carry Application Leads To Innocent Man’s Arrest


Rachel Maddow’s Gun Range Date

101 Reasons Why I Oppose Gun Safety & You Probably Do Too

Top 5…

  • When “Gun Safety” is used as Propaganda.
  • When honest citizens are turned into criminals in the name of “Gun Safety.”
  • When groups claiming to want “Gun Safety” provide no gun safety training programs that teach the actual safe use of guns.
  • When the NRA – the #1 genuine Gun Safety organization – is attacked by those claiming to support “Gun Safety.”
  • When “Gun Safety” has been hijacked by the anti-2nd Amendment Lobby.


Here …

We will control your food supply!!

New Mexico governor shuts down (Some) grocery stores for two weeks

Hope Tyrant Gov Timmy Walz has not seen this!!

Time for a crossbow…May need to ‘find’ some venison..

Concealed Carry Data Reveals the Truly Democratic Nature of the Second Amendment

This is War

What did one expect? Election a criminal named Biden..

It should be called “Let the Criminals Run the Country Act.”


Ridiculous Bits …….

Omar….Shut up!!

Biblical Scholar Ilhan Omar: Christians Shouldn’t Serve in the U.S. Military

More Omar…

Can Someone Educate Ilhan Omar On American Economics? She Wants Free Rent For Country

New GOP Rep Who Survived the USSR Teaches a Lesson About Defeating ‘the Squad’

In an appearance on Fox News, she had a three-word warning about the creeping influence of socialism in the Democratic Party: “It’s not pretty.”


Of course! Because we need idiots whom play act tell us what to do and I wonder how much Newsom was bribed gifted for this?

CA Gov Newsom Exempts Movie Studios From 2nd Wave COVID Lockdown, Curfew

Petty little tyrant…

DFL Gov. Tim Walz is a dictator


Republican says he will host Thanksgiving gathering, sends Walz and Ellison an invite

Now he will get a visit from that asshat Ellison and his goons..

Technically, Mortensen’s actions could be punishable by a $1,000 fine or up to 90 days in jail. Walz’s new order also allows Ellison’s office to investigate “threatened violations” of the mandate.

So we are, some of us….

We, Magnificent Bastards

Lockdowns Are Serial Killers. End them Now.

You can say BAN all you want…You still won’t stop it…

Dr.Fauci And Jake Tapper Want To Ban Christmas And Any Other Holiday

So kiss my ass!!

More New Research Shows Only Those With Symptoms Spread COVID-19. Masks School Closings & Lockdowns Couldn’t Have Been More Pointless.


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

Biden Told Voters Second Amendment DOES NOT Protect Individual Right

Not your not. Your a closet liberal!!

‘Republican Voters Against Trump’ Long on Smears, Short on Transparency

Huh? Armed Black Militia Are Apparently OK, But Armed White Militias Are ‘Scary’

Apparently it is ok for armed people of color to completely take over the streets of Minneapolis, but armed white people are considered alarming.


Trust government to protect you? You did not pay attention in History classes, or the government run schools failed you..

Gun Control Puts Your Life at Risk

In the 20th century, far more people were murdered by genocidal governments than by armed criminals.

The Leftist children having another toddler tantrum..


“ ‘As worrisome as this conservative court is for progressives right now, it can get a whole lot worse if Trump gets the chance to nominate another justice,’ said Brian Fallon, the head of Demand Justice, a liberal group. ‘Justice Ginsburg’s resilience is utterly remarkable, but hoping for her continued good health is not a sufficient strategy for Democrats. We need to rally around the Supreme Court as an issue and win this election.’”

Demand Justice, in concert with several other leading liberal groups, recently began a $2 million advertising campaign in key presidential election states trying to persuade voters that the direction of the court will be set for decades in the coming election.” Citation from a New York Times article, published on July 17, 2020, titled, “Ginsburg Says Her Cancer Has Returned, but She’s ‘Fully Able’ to Remain on Court.”  

RBG Outrage Proceeds at a Brisk Pace

Tim Walz…Hypocrite and asshole..

Walz Attends RBG Vigil with ‘Several Hundred’ After Telling Trump, Biden to Limit Events to 250 People

But NO ONE will be exposed to the ChinaVirus..

JUSTICE !! Dumbshit …

TDS: Triggered Biden supporter upon seeing a MAGA rally

And this will change anything???

Canadian Gun Owners Reject Trudeau’s Gun Ban: Anti-Ban Petition Sets Record, Gathers Over 230,000 Signatures

Unelect the politicians that brought you the Gun Control…


Gun Bits and Ridiculous ….

And he did nothing to support the police or business owners..

Progressive Chutzpah: MN Governor Asks Trump, FEMA For ‘Disaster Relief’ After Riots 

See above….

‘Minneapolis effect’: Crime spike follows anti-cop push

And they expected a tame beast??

Elites Starting to Fear the Liberal Monster of Their Own Making ~ VIDEO

Your Second Amendment Rights are in Jeopardy! Take a Stand #GUNVOTE

Cartridge box time?

Wake-up America, Democrat/Communists’ Efforts to Defund Police Departments Means War

You shouldn’t. None of you should. But..Government fails Americans…

NY Times Opinion: I’m a Black American. I Need a Gun to Feel Safe in This Country.

Yes it does. No matter what lies or BS you use…

Everytown’s Linguistic Gymnastics: 2A Doesn’t Really Mean ‘Bear’ Arms

Lying Democrat…

PolitiFact Busts Joe Biden For False 2A Claim

But that’s okay!!

Top ‘Anti-Racist’ Democrat Staffer Tweeted ‘N*GGA’ Over 20 Times, Targeted Asians, Indians, and ‘Super Homo’ LGBT Community

You should maybe ask your local Police what they think of this…Now with Feds it’ll be a free for all. But local? Not so much.

If the police were ordered door to door to confiscate firearms as Beto O’Rourke suggested, what would you legally be able to do to stop them as it would be unconstitutional?

Armed Protesters Square Off In Provo, And Something Amazing Happens


Walz …Failure At Governing..

Showing his fantastic…lack of leadership once again.

Showing his true colors and doing nothing to heal Minneapolis and Minnesota.

Tim Walz’ hates the police

It’s terribly apparent that Tim Walz, the DFL governor of Minnesota, isn’t a leader. Most of the time, he’s been a blithering idiot who couldn’t think his way out of a wet paper bag. During the COVID crisis, which Walz mishandled terribly, Walz used a one-size-fits-all strategy for the entire state. He didn’t detect the difference between downtown Minneapolis and downtown Little Falls. Yesterday, Walz took a cheap shot at the GOP state senate.

Agreed, divisive, petty little man. But he is a former school teacher, which in Minnesota equates to a liberal bitch.

And this?

The Walz ultimatum

The Pioneer Press’s Dave Orrick translated Walz: “Attempting to leverage an uncommonly visible bully pulpit and channel widespread outcry for police and racial justice reform in the wake of George Floyd’s death,…Walz Wednesday fired a shot across the bows of state Senate Republicans, suggesting they’re the only group in the state standing in way of morally compelling change… To be clear, Walz, a Democrat, never uttered the word ‘Republican’ or mentioned any lawmaker by name.”

What an ass…

Walz is the guy, incidentally, who has devastated the state with his shutdown order predicated on 74,000 projected COVID-19 deaths in Minnesota alone. His shutdown orders devastated the state in advance of the destruction he has overseen in the Twin Cities over the past week. In this case the order to “put your money where your mouth is” sounds like attempted extortion. The video below starts at about 01:15:00.

As if he has anyplace to throw ultimatums around after his complete failure with the Chinese Virus and now the rioting that neither Walz nor Minneapolis Mayor Soy Boy Frey have been able to contain, until many hundreds of businesses had been looted, vandalized or destroyed. And the dumbfucks don’t seem to realize whom took the brunt of the rioting..

What. The. Hell…???

Minn Governor’s Daughter Was Tweeting Intel to Looters and Rioters Just Like Ilhan Omar’s Daughter…



Similar tweets supporting the rioters were being tweeted by Minnesota Democrat Governor Tim Walz’s daughter – Hope Walz. She later deleted her account. This appears to be how Democrats and Islamists are communicating instructions regarding the riots – through their children!


Government, at least the Democrats and their allies seem to be in cohorts with the terrorists pillaging Minneapolis..

Appears the ballot box has failed us..

Leaves one box left..


Ridiculous ..

This has to stop. We need some leaders, which we don’t have, to step it up and put an end to this….Someone with the fortitude to make the hard decisions.


Incredible list of businesses damaged, looted in Minneapolis riots

Minnesota Gov Is About to Eat His Words on Who Is Really Causing Chaos in the Minneapolis Riots

Soy boy, beta male Frey…

Minneapolis Is Giving Out Face Masks To Rioters

As Minneapolis burns…He gives out masks…What an idiot..

America Aflame: Violent Protests Erupt In Cities Across U.S.

Supporting criminals. Is the Leftist way…

Biden Campaign Staff Donates to Organization That Bails Out Rioters Arrested in Minneapolis

Campaign staff for Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden are bragging about their recent donations to a far-left organization that bails out rioters arrested in Minneapolis.

Animals. Mob justice….

WATCH: Rioters Drag Chicago Police Officers

More animals and  why you need to be armed….

GRAPHIC WARNING: Man Reportedly Trying to Defend a Local Business Savagely Beaten By Rioters in Dallas

And have friends whom are armed..


Nashville Mayor Urges People to Join Him at Black Lives Matter Protest — Then Leftist Mob Torches City Hall And the Nashville Courthouse (Video) 

When you fear for your safety and live and have family to go home to.

You do what you have to..

And another failure in leadership…Democrat…De Bloviate…

WATCH: NYC Burns, NYPD Vehicles Set Ablaze, Crazed Protesters, Violent Riots, Mayor de Blasio Says “I See My Own Privilege And Understand So Much”


And It Continues …

This has moved well beyond a ‘protest’.

Anarchy has arrived and our so called leaders, Democrats here in Minnesota seem to be unable or unwilling to do anything.

Minneapolis Anarchy: Lack of National Guard and Police Protection Leads to Another Night of Looting and Destruction

A curfew was imposed, but of course, no one is following it. Did people think that would be adhered to in this situation? It’s anarchy. It’s chaos. And I guess we cannot be shocked, given that the political leadership gave a stand-down order last night and allowed rioters to overrun and burn down a police headquarters.

And the threats worsen..

Rioters Blast “The Purge” Message Through Loudspeaker: “Any And All Crime, Including Murder, Will Be Legal For 12 Continuous Hours”

But wait!!

They’ve Arrived: National Guard, Police Deployed Just in Time to Protect the Smoldering Ruins of Minneapolis

A little late..

And it’s spreading…

White House Lockdown Lifted, But a Street Fight Erupted Between Activists and Secret Service

Some talking sense..But to little, to late?

Lil Wayne on George Floyd: Stop Blaming Every Cop and Making It About Race

But it is always about ‘race’ these days, the Leftist America hating politicians, the media, have been making it all about ‘race’..

And CNN gets protection…