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Wired. Ammo. Stop Lights. SpongeBob. Drug Testing.

Wired does an AR..

And likes it..


Don’t Piss Off A Texan: Man Draws His Gun After Some Idiot Cuts In Line For Ammo


The Nanny Staters in St Paul got it right for once!!

Senate committee defeats traffic cameras


Sponge Bob, SquarePants…New Russian Marching Song!!


One has to pee to get a job..

Indiana House Passes Mandatory Drug Tests For Welfare Recipients

Then one should have to do the same to live on my job for free.

About damn time this happened should be done everywhere by anyone receiving welfare benefits!!


Buck Ofama paid 5 Million dollars to seal his records?

Where did the worthless assO get 5 million? Sounds like he bribed someone!!