Quick Bits …

Why does CNN have any viewers? Anyone with at least a room temperature IQ realizes the stupidity within CNN..

CNN Blames Parties For COVID Upswing, Ignores Riots

Remember the ’70’s? I do. It appears to be repeating itself 50 years later..

America’s “Days of Rage”: The Extensive Left-Wing Bombings & Domestic Terrorism of the 1970s

When your woke..And it does not work out as you planned…

Woman angry at Trump 2020 flag outside pizzeria tells owner she’ll put him out of business. But her plan backfires bigly.

Trader Joe’s refuses to change packaging critics say is “racist”


HCQ-touting doctor says she has been fired after appearing in viral video touting the drug as a COVID-19 treatment

Well this may be snark, but…I can see this mouthpiece for Bill Gates saying this..

Dr. Fauci Recommends Encasing Your Entire Body In Bubble Wrap To Protect Against Coronavirus

No their not. But when you are a Democrat, you’ll never accept responsibility or be accountable for your actions or lack thereof…

Right Beetlejuice?

Chicago Mayor: It’s a ‘Gun Problem’

What will become of this??

Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew, Bill Richardson and … Bill Clinton: All Named in Epstein Court Documents as Involved With Underage Girls

Probably nothing. The Swamp protects it’s own..

And where else will you see this?

Video: Hero bystander pulls unconscious man out of burning car, saving his life


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

So having a hissy fit over Feds in your lousy city has gotten you…gassed!! And Booed…


Portland Mayor Gets ‘Booed By Residents, Gassed By Feds’ During Day 58 of Protests 


Listen closely—the threat I am describing is not years away, it is not even months away, it is days away. Yes, absolutely, we are days away from the new excuse the Democrats are preparing to use to wipe out both the First and Second Amendments to the Constitution.

I’d say no. But if they teach the truth about the violence and terror Islam has brought onto the Earth…Then yes!

Biden Says Schools Should Teach About Islam, Quotes Muhammad During ‘Million Muslim Voters’ Summit 

This sumbitch ….

Trophy Pic Of BLM Soldiers Holding Down And Kneeling On White Baby’s Neck Ignored By Mainline Media

As opposed to the Demo Rat Flu….

Nancy Pelosi Brands Coronavirus The “Trump Virus”

Kalifornistan…Bringing the stupid..

California State U. to Require Course on Ethnic Studies, Social Justice


McCloskey Prosecutor Ordered Inoperable Gun Made “Lethal”

Bingo! It is all the Left wants. To beat Trump and they don’t care who gets destroyed along the way…

Hurting Americans to Beat Trump

Not a problem here. And have not paid much attention to ammo stocks in stores.

The Covid Ammo Panic

A Context On The Ammo Shortage

Preparation. Is important.

Five UPS Workers Busted In Gun Theft Ring

No comment …


Untested Man Informed by State Health Department That He’s COVID-19 Positive

Good …

Trade group: “There has never been a sustained surge in firearm sales quite like what we are in the midst of”


Gun Bits and Ridiculous…

Bit behind today….Busy..

Not sure what to think about this but the local government Demo Rats are doing nothing. And since they won’t let the taxpaying citizens join the fun….

Trump Suggests Nationwide Rollout Of Federal Response To Antifa Violence Coming

See above….

DHS says police, local officials should expel anarchists in Portland, as liberals cower

What liberties does the ACLU protect? Not mine..But if you want to riot and destroy other peoples properties and live…Well go right ahead!!

ACLU Sues Federal Agents Deployed in Portland

Because as legal, law abiding, tax paying gun owners. We do not agree with your side..So you cause a shit storm, you deal with it..

Dear Revolutionaries: You get the same support we got from you.


More Lefties demanding that we gun owners fight their battles for them

Not happening and when you come to wreak mine…Expect a response..


UK study shows COVID-19 antibodies fade quickly, rendering vaccines pointless

Do they most of these new gun buyers are women and minorities? Heaven forbid they ever get their facts right!!

WaPo Blames Spiking Violence on Racist Gun Buyers

But getting their facts right would involve journalism…Something have forgotten..

Inept does not quite cover it …

NYC Shooting Surge Highlights de Blasio’s Ineptness and Futility of Anti-Gun Edicts

Important. In Minnesota we are supposed to run away if we can. I am 63 with 2 back surgeries and a hip replacement..I ain’t running bitches..

Know When to Stand Your Ground and When You Have a Duty to Retreat (Part I – Stand Your Ground)

With all the Black Lives Matter murders—

Where are the calls for more “gun control”?


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

It’s time. Enough of the Antifa, BLM hate-fes, stand up, they can kneel…

Massive nationwide “Back The Blue” rally planned Saturday July 18. We will be silent no more.


Gimme a break..

Meghan Markle eyeing 2024 presidential bid: report

It’s not Biden’s gun control plan. He can’t remember where the hell is most of the time. It’s the anti gun crowd’s plan..

Lefty Explains How Biden’s Gun Control Plan Will Hurt The Poor

Bipartisan? From a Trump hater?


‘Captain America’ Actor Launches Bipartisan Website to Inform Citizens

This Portland Police Officer Confirms What We Know: The Real Problem Is White Liberals

White Liberals keep digging holes..It’s time to fill them in before they get out!!!

Vote for who? Biden? If he is your choice, your not Republican nor Christians…

‘Trump Is Using Us’: Christian Republican Group Launches Ad Urging People Not to Vote for Trump

Going to hell in a handbasket…

Leftist Protests, More Sacred Than Church Services

The what?

Joe Biden vows to completely outlaw new production of gas-powered cars if elected

Prelude to November??

After GOP Wins Landslide Special Election – New York Democrat Says He Refuses To Concede, Wants Absentees Counted

Well the Mayor does nothing, the Governor does nothing..What did the clowns expect/

A New Player enters the Portland Riot Games. Lefties are not happy.

And a little site to look at..


Quick Bits ….

When your an asshole…

Biden Says Police Have “Become the Enemy” and Calls For Cutting Police Funding  

She has learned how to get rich at politics apparently…

Ilhan Omar has paid new husband’s consulting firm $878,000, filings show

Trump is that. Has shown how bad the ‘swamp’ is and how much Democrats hate Americans…


What can be said or done about this??

Gun-related online businesses bemoan growing Big Tech’s suppression of the Second Amendment 

Another one done…

Subway Folds on Open Carry After (Slight) Pressure from Anti-Gun Groups


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

He is so busy pandering to the ‘progressive’ movement..He has forgotten ..America!!

Joe Biden’s 4th of July Video ‘Most Anti-American’ Speech by Presidential Candidate — Ever

New cartoon on the way? Or woke and going to regret it..

Colin Kaepernick Signs Big Deal With Disney/ESPN To Create Social Justice Films Including A Docu-Series About Himself

When you trip over your own hypocrisy …

CNN Demonized Trump’s Visit to Rushmore, 4 Years Earlier Celebrated ‘Majesty’ of Bernie’s Trip

Not in my world…

Does Wearing A Mask Intefere With Lawfully Carrying A Gun?

Hmmm…What next Newsom….

Californians DEFY Governor Newsom and PANIC Democrats

When our government allows lawlessness…

You get this…

Choosing Self-Reliance: New NICS Record


Why Millions Of Americans Might Be About To Ditch City Living

Could not live in a ‘big’ city…Heck 20,000 is to big for me…

History ignored or just ‘woke’?

Minnesota Lt. Governor: Mt. Rushmore Is A “Symbol” Of “Genocide”

Don Lemon:Is a waste of oxygen…What a bag of shit..

Black Lives Matter doesn’t mean all Black lives matter, only those killed by police


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …..

You never can be certain and with how some segments of the population are acting today……So be ready!!

Best Guns For Alien Invasion

Four Forgotten Heroes Of The War of Independence

Must be one of them ‘Uncle Tom’s…

Burgess Owens Rips NFL Following Decision to Play ‘Black National Anthem’ Before Games

How Did the Liberal Media Cover July Fourth? It Can Be Summed Up in Three Words.

we hate America

It’s damn well past time…

It’s Time To Fight Back

Orange Man BAD!!!
Media worthless…

TDS: CNN calls Mount Rushmore a ‘monument of two slaveowners’ after extolling its ‘majesty’ with Obama 2016 and Communist Bernie Sanders

Ridiculous….Stupid people, doing stupid shit…

Report: Crowd attacked fire, EMS responders trying to save crash victim.

Kaperingdick at it again, or still…

Colin Kaepernick condemns 4th of July as “celebration of white supremacy”

Truth..And the left is in hysterics..

Trump: American children “are taught in school to hate their own country”


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

Warms my heart! And although I do not ‘need’ one right now..I almost feel it is my duty to go buy one!!

Record-Setting Gun Sales Could Leave Stores Dry

NICS Gun Data Sales up 137% Last Month, Highest June in History

But maybe….This one..

Smart man…

Black Florida sheriff has a message for would-be rioters: I will deputize gun owners if you think you can bring your lawlessness here

Independence Day Heralds in a Marxist Counter-Revolution


‘Republicans for Biden’ are Gun Owners’ Enemies Inside the Gates

Today’s politically motivated education…Fails..

Scholar forced to resign over study that found police shootings not biased against blacks

Vote Trump….Or get screwed..

Biden vows to increase taxes: I’m going to get rid of most of Trump’s tax cuts ‘and a lot of you may not like that’


Thousands of U.S. judges who broke laws or oaths remained on the bench


Doctors’ prescription: Disarm

Today in History – 2 July

1964 – U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act of 1964 meant to prohibit segregation in public places.

One of two unspecified governors on Air Force One: Why do you want these War on Poverty and Great Society programs so much?
President Lyndon B. Johnson: I’ll have them ni**ers voting Democratic for the next two hundred years.

Just the next step in a long line of steps to get Orange Man Bad!!

MSM spreading misinformation regarding reports about Russian bounties for U.S. service members

I would support this fine lady..


Unfortunately finding similar around here, would be impossible..


Gun Bits and Ridiculous Pieces….

Never did care for this dude…Nor his music..

Bruce Springsteen Condemns Trump, Warns Americans ‘Judgment Day’ Is Coming: ‘Vote Before It’s Too Late’

The pointless United Nations, once again spouting their nonsense..

U.N. Shares Antifa Flag, Tells U.S. Antifa Has Right to ‘Freedom of Expression’, ‘Peaceful Assembly

Yes they do have a ‘Right’ to peaceably protest. But when have they done that?

What I like about Trump. He ‘triggers’ the Left…

Trump Triggers Leftists Again

Judge says city can ban churches to keep downtown ‘fun’

Another Judge whom has apparently never read the Constitution..

Wonder why? Because it is turning into a Progressive utopia, a shithole…?

A Staggering Number Of Homes Just Hit The Market In Minneapolis

Is it?

Is Gun Control Dead?

Gun Control Satire

Defund the Police they say…

One Dead, 11 Injured in Minneapolis Shooting

Government. Continuing it’s record breaking streak of failure…

4th Of July Fireworks Still Canceled, But Juneteenth Celebrations Were Allowed

Moron’s Spouting Nothing But Crap …

MSNBC: Trump Fans ‘Super-Spreaders’ But BLM Protesters Show ‘Extraordinary Courage’