Double Standards..

Or hypocrisy..

The Left has raised it to an art..

2016 Liberal Claim: Election Was Stolen From Hildabeast!  2020 Liberal Claim: Trump Saying Election Was Stolen Is ‘Incitement To Insurrection’

That word ‘insurrection’?

I don’t think the left really knows what it will mean…


You Can’t Argue This ..

Trump did do a lot of good for American’s over the last four years..

White House lists hundreds of Trump accomplishments

It will be available on the White House website until Inauguration Day next Wednesday. And it can be read here in a pdf file.

Not that you would have ever heard from the screeching harpies in Congress or the same in today’s so called media..

But facts are facts..

He was battered and beaten by those whom could not control him…Both American Politicians and Bureaucrats, along with Foreign Governments..

So here we are. About to turn into???

When does the cartridge box come out?

Because they have taken everything else away from us…


Unity? They Don’t Want Unity!!

Democrats drafting legislation to criminalize Trump rallies — ‘Classified as domestic terrorism’…

Of Course Obama Is Involved..

Michael, Not Barry..

The Night of the Tech Long Knives

The purge took place after Michelle Obama chimed in for them to do just that: 

Jeremy Carl


If you call yourself conservative you’d better decide quickly whether you side with Michelle Obama or @realDonaldTrump.

NBC News @NBCNews

JUST IN: Former first lady Michelle Obama calls on tech companies to permanently ban President Trump from their platforms and put policies in place “to prevent their technology from being used by the nation’s leaders to fuel insurrection.”

Pelosi’s Attempted Coup?

She is unhinged and deranged, has been drunk on power for years and it is disturbing now that the DemoRats control the House, Senate and Presidency..

But she still must be worried about Trump when she is pulling this crap..

Nancy Pelosi tried to arrange a military coup and that’s sedition

Defense Officials Confirm Trump Is Still Commander in Chief, Refuse to Participate in Military Coup to Oust Him

When you have such as Pelosi, wanting to pull this crap and then think about her anti gun stance.

What would she do if we were all disarmed???




Yet rabid, hate filled rhetoric is constantly to be on social media, of Leftists and SJWs. No facts, no truths, just accusations and threats…But those that post truth?

The Social Media Censorship Dumpster Fire

Twitter Suspends Accounts of Sidney Powell, Michael Flynn

Parler Removed From Google Play Store, Apple Threatens Ban

And of course….

Trump Permanently Banned From Twitter

Free speech?


Social Media Censorship and the Law




Shouldn’t be…

POLICE: Two known Antifa members posed as pro-Trump to infiltrate Capitol riot