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UPDATE: Xubuntu being installed on TC1000 now…Whilst wandering about…found this!!!  An ALl-in-One Ubuntu box??? Slick..

So I am playing with Linux, an old laptop (Compaq tc1000 tablet) and have Ubuntu on it…am searching for something a bit slicker and faster…Ubuntu runs fine on the desktop, but seems a bit (like damn slow!) laggardly on this old tablet….

Did venture out to fill bird feeders…and see I have 5 plump squirrels enjoying right now….Hmmm…new pellet gun..no one around…Squirrel Stew??

Do have to take the Jak for a walk…may have to dig the long johns out for that!!


Surprise!! Ubuntu 12.04!!

Fired up my Linux box today and surprise!! Another rendition of Ubuntu was ready to be downloaded and installed..
12.04 ‘Precise Pangolin
All went well.
I really like Linux and would use it on all computers in this house, but…not everyone else likes it and something about playing games..
Apparently is a hassle to do so with Linux..
But it is free and does all I want it to…
Plus there are many renditions to play with..
I have tried a few…

Maybe someday..

Windows Suckage

Maximum PC | Microsoft’s Windows 8 Management Angers Manufacturers.

This is why I do not like Windows and have an Ubuntu system, a iMac, an Android Tablet and dumped my Windows phone for an Android Phone..and I am looking at Linux Mint for my old tablet, that was Windows based until the Windows OS took a shit on it!

Microsoft is the big jock, bully asshole on the block that demands everyone like him and do as he says….hmmmm Kind of like a certain pResident! No?

Thats why I did not get along with the jocks, bullies and so called tough guys in school…

Is why I am always searching for and using the alternatives when I can.