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How About….

We start with you and the rest of the United Nations thugs, rapists and murderers??

Christiana Figueres, the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, recently stated in an interview that the Earth is already over burdened with people and that we should look at depopulating the planet.

“There is pressure in the system to go toward that; we can definitely change those, right? We can definitely change those numbers,” Figueres stated.

“Really, we should make every effort to change those numbers because we are already, today, already exceeding the planet’s planetary carrying capacity.” she claimed.

“So yes we should do everything possible. But we cannot fall into the very simplistic opinion of saying just by curtailing population then we’ve solved the problem. It is not either/or, it is an and/also.” Figueres continued.

Figueres also blatantly stated earlier this year that the true purpose of the entire global warming scare is to kill off capitalism. Now, even after this admission, she’s claiming we need to get rid of a large percentage of the world’s population due to climate change. Of course, most of the sheeple in the world will ignore her admission as well as the undeniable evidence that climate change is the greatest science scandal of all time – as illustrated by the fact the someone has been ‘fudging the numbers’ that give credit to this scam.

UN Official: We Should Make Every Effort To Depopulate The Planet


Come And Take Them! UN Arms Treaty In Full Effect, Why You Should Be Worried…..

Come And Take Them! UN Arms Treaty In Full Effect, Why You Should Be Worried…..

“The United Nations is trying to establish what they call basic norms and bring international pressure on the United States to eviscerate our Second Amendment Rights and they have found willing allies in the Obama administration and John Kerry,”

Gun Rights Victory in the U.S. Senate!

Pro-gunners Squeak Out a 2-0 Victory in the Senate
— Rubio & Jordan introduce bill to repeal D.C. gun ban

Not a GOA member yet?  Make sure to join Gun Owners of America!

ACTIONContact your Senators and Representative. Ask them to cosponsor the GOA-backed Rubio/Jordan bill (S. 874/H.R. 1701).

Victory over Choke Point and United Nations!

We had hoped that a newly invigorated Senate Republican majority would have been a little more enthusiastic.  But, in the end, we squeaked out a couple of victories on the Budget Resolution last week — and blocked the Bloomberg brigade from ever getting to first base.

First, thanks to Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID).  Senator Crapo was able to add a committee amendment to choke the anti-gun Operation Choke Point.  And the “Bloomberglers” didn’t even try to take it out on the floor.

As you remember, Operation Choke Point is being used to try to convince banks to shut off credit to gun dealers and manufacturers. But we expect the Crapo amendment will probably put one final stake in the heart of that vampire.

Second, thanks to Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK).  An Inhofe floor amendment to shut down the UN Arms Trade Treaty passed the Senate by a vote of 59-41.  The amendment is so far-reaching that it has been accused, probably correctly, of potentially shutting down parts of the United Nations if that organization continues to push the ATT.

As you know, that treaty could easily mandate gun bans, magazine bans, and gun registration.  Like Choke Point, the Inhofe amendment probably chokes the life out of the UN Arms Trade Treaty, once and for all.

We were hoping to get votes on at least three additional amendments.  But here’s what happened.

Anti-gun Democrat Senators Chuck Schumer (NY), Dick Durbin (IL), Chris Murphy (CT) and Richard Blumenthal (CT) had submitted eight anti-gun amendments. They dealt with fraudulent non-issues like guns and domestic violence, guns and sex trafficking, and so forth.

Of course, it’s already unlawful to own a gun if you’re a convicted domestic violence abuser or are subject to a domestic violence restraining order.  But the fact that their amendments were based on fraud and deception hardly mattered to the weasely anti-gunners.

In the end, everyone, pro-gun and anti-gun, pretty well backed away from their amendments — in an exercise which was the Senate equivalent of a stand-off.

This doesn’t thrill us.  But 2-0 is a better score than a Bloomberg 0-2 defeat.

Rubio & Jordan Introduce Bill to Repeal D.C. Gun Ban

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) have introduced legislation, crafted with the help of GOA, which would repeal Washington, D.C.’s draconian gun ban.

The Rubio/Jordan bill (S. 874/H.R. 1701) would repeal Washington’s gun license requirement.  It would repeal the semi-auto ban and the microstamping requirement, and would turn D.C. into a “shall-issue” jurisdiction — an achievement which, while it wouldn’t be a big deal in pro-gun parts of the country, is a huge deal in this cesspool of anti-gun liberalism.

And make no mistake about it:  The Washington anti-gun establishment is going stark-raving-nuts over Rubio/Jordan.  Said The Washington Post:

If embraced by Republican leadership of the House and Senate, the legislation could force a Second Amendment showdown with President Obama just two years after he failed in an attempt to win stricter gun control laws nationwide.

D.C. politico Kimberly Perry said:  “This is a small number of politicians willing to sacrifice their small-government principles to appease interest groups.”  (P.S.:  The “interest group” is apparently us.)

Perry had led a sit-in on behalf of D.C.’s marijuana legalization laws, and may, in fact, have been smoking something when she argued that it was a “small-government” value for D.C. to trample, Big Brother-style, over constitutional rights.

In fact, D.C.’s Big Brother-like government is so wedded to its gun ban that, six years ago, it killed a bill to give Washington a voting representative in the House, rather than accept an amendment which would have repealed the D.C. gun ban.

ACTION: Contact your Senators and Representative. Ask them to cosponsor the GOA-backed Rubio/Jordan bill (S. 874/H.R. 1701).

Morning Miscellany ……………….

pResident Obama gets slapped by the Director of the Fraternal Order of Police…

“I would contend that discussing police tactics from Martha’s Vineyard is not helpful to ultimately calming the situation,” director Jim Pasco said in an interview with The Hill.




 Now that Holder is involved..

You can count on it that the situation will take a turn…

….for the worse in Ferguson!!


Activists asking the United Nations to ‘revise’ American laws?

I don’t think so..


New video ‘game’.

Kill Tea Partiers!


Obama wants to charge Israel with war crimes…

Again showing whom he supports…


A Hollywood Icon says this!

“The world is filled with violence. Because criminals carry guns, we decent law-abiding citizens should also have guns. Otherwise they will win and the decent people will lose.”


And where was Obama?

On vacation…


American voters..


Congress has the lowest rating ever..

And voters keep voting for..


What’s that say??

They enjoy being screwed??


Team 6. Civilian Army? Pointless UN! Milbank!

2 years and nothing from Buck Ofama in spite of his ‘promises’. His promises as are his rhetoric, are pointless and empty..

More than two years after President Obama reassured the father of a member of SEAL Team 6 that the government would look into the death of his son, the father is still waiting for a response, and his suspicions are growing.

 SEAL Team 6 families’ suspicions of gov’t grow


A civilian ‘Army”?

What the hell is the National Guard?

Citizen Soldiers is what they promote!
So why on earth do we need a ‘civilian’ army?

New DHS Sec Johnson Signifies Push For a Civilian Army

Any Buck Ofama supporter and crony appointed to head the Pointless Dept of Homeland Security, which has done more to harass everyday Americans then catch or stop any real terrorists!!

But didn’t Buck Ofama say something about this a while back?


Well maybe so…But the whole of the UN is pretty much pointless..

UN Security Council is Incompetent


Death threats? From someone in the cartel of the elite, politicians, lobbyists and rich assOs whom run Washington? Or from zealot leftists, you know, the non violent, tolerant left?

Yeah, now that’s a joke!

I hope Sen Cruz and his wife carry and are trained to use what they carry…

Police investigate disturbing death threats against Ted Cruz, family


First off you opinionated dickhead, one has to know how to lead…Obama has yet to prove he could lead a scouting troop!

Dana Milbank: Now, lead from the front

And his middle school childlike gloating after he refused to ‘negotiate’ and used everyday Americans and Veterans as pawns, further showed his lack of any leadership style other then bullying and temper tantrums..I do believe ‘Chicago style thuggery would be appropriate!)

So for you to claim this ‘Lead for the front’ tells me you wallow in the Obama Kool-aid and are a pointless, elitist liberal whom is clueless as to what middle class people are dealing and struggling with day to day..Of course you are most likely cluelass as to how anything works in ‘Flyover’ middle America

So suck up, snuggle up and enjoy kissing Obama’s ass…His time of reckoning is coming.

I don’t, won’t ever will trust Government again, even less then I did before the latest debacle of name calling and bad mouthing led by the so called ‘media’ (Obama’s Ministry of Propaganda!) DemoncRATS, RINOs, Repuplikans and leeches, parasites and non essential government employees…

Get a clue, we don’t have a President, we have a pResident destroying America, with you and your ilk blindly following and do all you can to help this happen..


Common Core! Drone Hunting!! Stare Down! Advisor? United Nations….

Common Core..

Not much liked..

Somewhat like Mooch Obama’s draconian school lunches, which are called O’Vomit by many kids..

What’s the REAL Problem with Common Core Down to the Nitty Gritty? (via http://www.thebrennerbrief.com)

Many people hate Common Core without really even knowing what it is… Ever since I first learned of Common Core, I began studying it. My wife is an educational consultant the type of districts my wife is invited into are those that are in danger of…


Drone hunting…With the 10 gauge? 12 Gauge? 3″ or 3.5″ Drone loads?

Forget rabbit, duck season — it’s drone season for hunters in Colorado town


And the leftist media went wild….To bad they did not show Putin’s stare down of Buck Ofama…

Buck Ofama actually looks like he is trying to be tough…

Barack shows Vladimir his meanie face!

Putin…Not so much…Natural it appears..


Buck Ofama’s expert on Syria???…No wonder he fails at most everything, except effing over America and Americans!!!!

Obama relying on student’s spin on Syria?


The United Nations..Making demands?

Boot the bastards!!

The United Nations Plays the Race Card… Demands Answers on Zimmerman/Martin Case