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Ethanol! Eggs!! Racists! 68 Times! Florida! The Nuge!

Ethanol. Subsidized, forced on us. Uses lots of water, takes more energy to produce one gallon of Ethanol then it produces…

Let alone one it has done to food prices.

Is a losing cause. Lousy return. And without the Gov. mandating we use it, would fail. As would everything else the Gov. mandates and subsidizes.

Drama is high these days for ethanol makers, whose fate is on the line in Washington – fitting for an industry dependent on government.


Ethanol industry has EPA as ally in battle against big oil


And the truth about eggs! I loves them…Fried, poached, boiled, scrambled.

The whole damn egg!!!

Are Whole Eggs or Egg Whites Better for You?


The real racists. Whom have no plan. Just hollering and screeching. Demanding we whom produce be unarmed and left unprotected. So as to make it easier for these leeches and parasites to steal from us.

Protesters Denounce Fox News, Stand Your Ground at Sharpton Rally


And the problem with this is?

Died of Natural Causes
Looks like Florida has a sheriff like Arizona has . . .
Polk County Florida Sheriff – “You kill a policeman it means no arrest…no Miranda rights…no negotiations…nothing but as many bullets as we can shoot into you…PERIOD.”
An illegal alien, in Polk County , Florida , who got pulled over in a routine traffic stop, ended up “executing” the deputy who stopped him. The deputy was shot eight times, including once behind his right ear at close range. Another deputy was wounded and a police dog killed.

The murderer was found hiding in a wooded area. As soon as he took a shot at the SWAT team, officers opened fire on him. They hit the guy 68 times.

Naturally, the liberal media went nuts and asked why they had to shoot the poor, undocumented immigrant 68 times.

Sheriff Grady Judd told the Orlando Sentinel: “Because that’s all the ammunition we had.”
Now, is that just about the all-time greatest answer or what!

The Coroner also reported that the illegal alien died of natural causes. When asked by a reporter how that could be, since there were 68 bullet wounds in his body, he simply replied: (BEST QUOTE ever) . . ..”When you are shot 68 times you are naturally gonna die.”


The Nuge…Not PC.

Ted Nugent: Trayvon Martin was a ‘dope smoking, racist gangsta wannabe’


Sarah Palin was ostracized by the LameStream State Press for comments after the Gifford shootinig and ‘target’!
Yet I bet not one damn thing will be said by the same pointless press over




Fishbowl! Gun Free Zone! Alarmists! Homeschooling!

“Public virtue cannot exist in a nation without private, and public virtue is the only foundation of republics. There must be a positive passion for the public good, the public interest, honour, power and glory, established in the minds of the people, or there can be no republican government, nor any real liberty: and this public passion must be superiour to all private passions.”

John Adams, letter to Mercy Warren, 1776


Fishbowl…If you call this Free! This being the government‘s spying on you…You are not only part of the problem, you are the problem!!

Living in the Government’s Fishbowl


What stops a killer in a school? It is not some stupid ‘Gun Free” sign, hasn’t stopped one yet..Is not a multitude of laws, has not stopped one yet..

What would stop a killer ? An armed teacher, administer, staff member or four…Is what would. But the hysterical non thinking unicorn loving anti gun crowd is clueless..Completely and totally…clueless…

This Will Drive Gun-Grabbers Crazy … And Change Our Schools Forever

Otherwise the bad guys laugh at your stupidity and shoot fish in a barrel….

This is all about lies, false data, regulatory boards such as the EPA making up regulations for problems that did not and do not exist until they create them..SO therefore creating a reason for the EPA to exist..
And for those creating the falsehood to make millions and billions off of hard working folks..
All effing lies..

Climate Alarmism’s 10,000 Commandments


Government cannot allow this! This would enable the People to think outside the proscribed Government box and see what the hell is happening today!! People would not be indoctrinated! They may think Freedom of Choice, Liberty and Happiness is real!!!

Lord knows the Fascists/Racists in Washington cannot allow THAT!!

Homeschooling Growing Seven Times Faster than Public School Enrollment – Will Government Restrict It?


Gun Stuff and More Talk and Such..

“That the people have a right to keep and bear arms; that a well-regulated militia, composed of the body of the people trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defence of a free state; that standing armies, in time of peace, are dangerous to liberty, and therefore ought to be avoided, as far as the circumstances and protection of the community will admit; and that, in all cases, the military should be under strict subordination to, and governed by, the civil power.” –Recommended Bill of Rights from the Virginia Ratifying Convention, 1778

Played. Like the gullible sheep we are…

EPA kills

The Obama Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says no law empowers any judge to stop it from conducting illegal scientific experiments on seniors, children and the sick.

Is why we need to be able to defend ourselves, our families, our friends, our lives…
Bloomberg wants our guns. Bloomberg is a rich assO whom wants to dictate our lives.. Bloomberg and his Mayors against my freedoms can go to hell.
Gun confiscation…How it is done and how easy it will be with Buck Ofama controlling the Media and Hollywood…And you stupid effers believing your safe..
Why every gun owner needs a .22 or 5…From 22Plinster..

EPA’s “Science” Experiment Evokes Nazi Death Camp Memories

Washington, DC –(Ammoland.com)- The “EPA has admitted to a federal court that it asks human guinea pigs to sacrifice their lives for regulatory purposes—and $12 per hour.” That was a recent news item reported by JunkScience.com’s founder, Steve Milloy.

EPA’s Plans for Implementing UN’s Agenda 21

Both the EPA and UN. Need to be gone, one abolished, one kicked out of the US..
We would all be better off for it..

Gds44's Blog

EPA’s Plans for Implementing UN’s Agenda 21 – thenewamerican.com.

Written by  Larry Greenley

One of the most successful grassroots campaigns during the past year has been the Stop Agenda 21 movement both at the local level and state level. However, we haven’t heard as much about Agenda 21 implementation at the national level.

Of course, there were President Bill Clinton‘s establishment of the President’s Council on Sustainable Development by executive order in 1993 and President Obama’sFederal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance” executive order in 2009. And, many federal agencies have been incorporating sustainability into various aspects of their organizations. Still, virtually all Stop Agenda 21 grassroots activity has been focused on the local and state levels.

The establishment of Clinton’s President’s Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD) started a pattern of denial by federal government agencies regarding any connection with the United Nations…

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