Gun Bits and Ridiculous…..

Real NAZI …

WATCH NY Nazi Governor Cuomo: “I’m going to close the synagogues.”

Fuhrer Cuomo goes after the Jews

A tough nut to break…

Trump vs The Military Industrial Complex

Crime Prevention Research Center Releases Report, Carry Permits Soar to 19.48mil(.)+

ICYMI: Biden Would Ban and Criminalize AR-15s and MSRs

“Joe Biden’s gun grab isn’t original but is it is shockingly honest that they admit the end game. His campaign promise to confiscate guns rips the mask off the lie told by gun control for decades,” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF Senior Vice President, and General Counsel. “Yes, they are coming for your guns. The Biden-Harris campaign literally spelled out how they would do this and would violate their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, but instead destroy it.”

Leftist Claim Rittenhouse Attacker was “Unarmed Man” Murdered “At Distance”

Swalwell Reminds Us That Democrats Won’t Stop With A Gun Ban

The Do or Die, Join or Die Election

And they are using it to scare the feeble minded left…

New WHO estimate puts coronavirus death rate at only 0.13%

George Soros’ Christian Lackeys

Go ahead Joe, keep insulting people and showing your far left beliefs..Just like your mentor, Buck Ofama..

Biden Threatens Religious Freedom, Suggests Christians With Certain Traditional Views Are ‘Dregs of Society’

Fahrenheit 451 Predicted People Would Demand Tyranny

Spineless, needy, entitled people..

HT: ZendoDeb..

Seed The Narrative Early and Often: How “Journalism” Works, According To CNET

‘Journalism’ and ‘works’ in the same sentence??

Examples please!!

Does Trump not do absolutely anything right for the US? Because all I hear from the media about him are negative things.

But Trump does do right, the media jackals lie and misinform the weak minded…

Plenty of examples of who how he has at link..

And finally…Go over to ZendoDeb’s place and read this…

On the Arrogance of WordPress Developers

Is about the hated new ‘block editor’ WordPress has foisted on us…


Ridiculous …..PM Version..

Shut up!! Brain dead bitch…

Ilhan Omar Says ‘White Privilege’ Exonerated Michael Flynn


Worked for Obama? Her lips moved? Of course she was lying…

Former Obama Official Admits She Lied About Having Evidence of Russian Collusion



Academic Who Infamously Mocked Barron Trump Gets Censorship Gig from Facebook

Another butt ugly, liberal ‘academic’….


Sick…But to be expected…

WHO Comes Under Fire for Saying Kids Under 4 Should Be Taught About ‘Early Childhood Masturbation’


Crocodile tears bitch….Wait….

Michelle Obama’s Documentary doesn’t receive any good reviews



Ridiculous……PM Edition..

‘What is this, a military state now?’: NYC residents annoyed at ‘Orwellian’ cops monitoring their every move on sunny day at public parks

Appears so..


W.H.O. owned lock, stock and barrel by the Chinese Communists…

W.H.O. Continues to Obey China, Ignores Taiwan Coronavirus Success


Oh hell no!!!

Democrat Operatives Launch ‘Committee to Draft Michelle Obama’ for VP

Although this one might have balls…


What the hell happened to Kansas City??…

Kansas City Now Allows Religious Gatherings, But Requires ‘Records of All Attendees’

Gestapo tactics…

So much for Freedom of Religion and separation of church and state..


Ridiculous …

Public Government Education Indoctrination Fail!!!

U.S. 8th graders don’t know much U.S. history



MN Senate Republican Leader: If Walmart Can Stay Open, So Can Churches


Hypocrisy…As only a Democrat can do.

Pelosi Praised Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Ford’s ‘Courage,’ But Ignores Biden Accuser Tara Reade


Why? China appears to own you!!

Dr. Tedros Says the World ‘Should Have Listened’ to the WHO, Gets Absolutely Dragged In Response


Shock Jock?

Jackass works better..

Howard Stern suggests Trump supporters take disinfectants and drop dead



Los Angeles Lakers Received $4.6M From Federal Coronavirus Relief Program 


Thanks Walz!!!

Minnesota Has More Deaths Per Million Than Neighboring States Who Have Not Sheltered In Place



Damn commies..

War of words: Chinese state media blasts Trump for ‘destroying America’s democracy, freedom and human rights’ as he vows to make Beijing pay for the damage of the coronavirus pandemic

As they should pay….

Damn commies…Oops repeating myself…..


And horror is is..

Coronavirus and the Horrors of Democrat Control





Once a meathead, always a meathead…

Rob Reiner: ‘I Call on Bush, Obama…to Stop This Insanity and Save Human Life’


What?? Fake news!!

Must Watch: New Video Catches Media In The Act Of Creating Fake News Concerning Medical Worker Counter Protest


Hang him…

Exposing Harvard’s Chinese Agent Charles Lieber’s “Virus Transmitters”


If this were true…Someone should pay…

W.H.O. Pushed Draconian Lockdown Rules that were Followed by Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx to Ruin US Economy


What a stupid thing to say!!

Gov. Whitmer: ‘In World War II, There Weren’t People Lining Up at the Capitol To Protest’



A spike in New Yorkers ingesting household cleaners following Trump’s controversial coronavirus comments


The tiny virus that further sickens the ‘fevered mob’



Now suppose as a Christian…

Minneapolis: Muslim call to prayer blasted over loudspeakers 5 times a day in U.S. first



Ridiculous ….





While millions are jobless amid COVID-19, millionaire Nancy Pelosi shows off freezer full of ice cream that gets her through ‘these trying times’



WWE Considered Essential. Churches Still Closed


This will turn out well…

Florida Alert! Stop Releasing Felons Back to the Street over Coronavirus

Not so much I bet…


Clown show…

MSNBC Host Wonders If Joe Biden Should Create A ‘Shadow Government’ To Counter Trump (VIDEO)

You have to be a total idiot to listen to these clowns…


What? On what legal grounds??

Michigan Judge Directs Healthcare Workers To Arrest Covid-19 Patients


A special dickhead…

65-Year-Old Bicyclist Catches Chris Cuomo Breaking Quarantine, Gets Threatened


Of course he wasn’t!

What politician does today?

NJ Gov laughed, “I wasn’t thinking of the Bill of Rights when we did this”


I’m sure they didn’t…

WHO found no evidence coronavirus started in lab, China says..

If you believe this bullshit…Your probably a Democrat…

Now this is probably closer to the truth…

Fox News Reports That COVID-19 Accidentally Leaked From Chinese Lab And WHO Was Complicit In The Cover-Up



Or pissy little bitch?

Michigan Gov. Threatens To Extend Lockdown Measure Because Of Protests 


Commentary: Tyrants are using the coronavirus to bully the American people. It’s time to put a stop to it.


AOC playing stupid and winning..

Ocasio-Cortez blames ‘late stage capitalism’ for recent job losses, not the coronavirus




Gun Bits …

What did they expect?

St. Louis Reports Spike In Property Crime Amid COVID-19


Below The Radar: S Res 110


Go ahead. Expect the police to protect you…

Should we buy guns to protect ourselves during the COVID-19 outbreak in the USA, or rely on the police?

See how it works out for you..


‘Nother rich bastard whom wants total control of those he deems unworthy…

Bloomberg Urges Politicians Ignore Homeland Security on Guns


More Bloomberg..

Bloomberg to Gun Culture: “Help Me!”

No chance!!



Wuhan Virus Watch: WHO Director Threatens Trump With ‘More Body Bags’ After POTUS Targets Agency’s Funding

Quit funding these anti American assholes with WHO and boot the UN out!!!



Covering Their Asses??

The Who Health Organization and China?

Reading this article makes me wonder what kind of shit are they pulling?

What The Rest Of The World Can Learn From Taiwan’s Success Containing Coronavirus

Or covering up..

In the meantime, the director of the WHO, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, hasn’t commented on Taiwan’s success. Instead, he continues to sing Beijing’s praises despite Beijing’s deliberate cover-ups, which not only caused great suffering within China but also contributed to a worldwide panic as the numbers of confirmed cases and deaths outside China keep rising.

The WHO also lumps coronavirus cases reported by Taiwan under total cases in mainland China and continues to refer to Taiwan as a high-risk area even though Taiwan’s numbers are minuscule compared to mainland China’s 80,739 cases and 3,120 deaths. The WHO is kowtowing to Beijing during this crisis, and by allowing politics to dictate health-care decisions, it has ruined its credibility and reputation.

And of course here in the USA, the Left and their propaganda ministry, the lame stream media. are creating chaos and panic with their crap reporting and claims about the virus..