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Vegans Sux! Duct Tape! MAIG Mayor! Signals. Benghazi! More Benghazi! Idiots! GM in China!

Remember you vegan grass eaters..

.My food shits on your food!!

Vegan students at Calif. high school accused of bullying agriculture students online


Does it all!!


MAIG Mayor blames what?

Another Nanny Bloomberg puppet. Proving we need firearms to protect us against these scumbags!!
Our esteemed leader…Working hard to destroy America as we know it!!

Obama Sending Secret Signals In Speeches


Buck Ofama, Shillery, Rice…Liars and accessories to murder!

Benghazi “stand down” order confirmed by new testimony


Buck Ofama’s own are turning on him like the rabid LIEburals they are!!

Benghazi: Democratic Party lawmakers slamming Obama administration


What the hell does Benghazi have to do with Joe Biden‘s anti-gun rhetoric?

What? MSM seems to want to spin the bull!!


Failed border security…All Buck Ofama’s fault!!

US negligence in securing the southern border puts us all in danger


Your taxpayer dollars..

Hard at work..

Creating new plants and jobs…

For General Motors…Government Motors..

In China, Communist China!!!



Top 5! Bite Me!! Gun-Do! Get High and Die! Marker. What Attack? Code Brown!!

This works!

Top 5 Reasons to Own a Gun

1. Because you can’t (legally) poke Michael Bloomberg in the eye.


At least..

Conservatives Must Build a ‘Bite Me’ Coalition


From a Doc…Go read it!!

Gun-Do Trumps Judo When Lives Are In Peril


What are your Teens doing for fun? As a Father of 2 I am always watchful…As a Paramedic I know all to well what kids can do and what can happen…

Straight-A teen dies after inhaling computer cleaner amid ‘huffing’ trend

Oregon teenager dies after inhaling helium at party


Marker. Paintball. Fun..But tell me…What would a ‘lethal’ Paintball Marker be?

Heckler & Koch P30 CM (Non-Lethal Paintball Marker)


WTH? Sounds like…never mind just go read it..If you dare!!

Cops: Escort charged in penis attack


Problem?? I don’t see it..

Pelosi: ‘Very Little’ Gov’t Left If Spending Cuts are Matched with Debt-Limit Increase


In my world we would call this a ‘Code Brown’..

Medics called after man falls into toilet pit