My Blog, Not Yours. Offends you? Too Bad!!!

My opinions, my beliefs, my random thoughts and rants. Bothers you? Tough!


And I reserve the right to edit, remove, kick to the curb any damn comment I find myself not liking…

  • My viewpoints may differ from yours.
  • My beliefs..
  • My Opinions…
  • Is my Blog…
So do not come here and throw your sanctimonious crap and views at me.
Nor use CAPS.
I hate CAPS.
So you use CAPS..
And it is Bye Bye..
Remember that!!

The MaddMedic


64 thoughts on “My Blog, Not Yours. Offends you? Too Bad!!!”

  1. Found your blog and love it. Unfortunately I live in Western Australia where we have the most stupid firearms laws the social engineers can think up. Keep the faith. You will lose all that you have if you do not fight for it.

    1. You nailed it, Pete. “You will lose all that you have if you do not fight for it”. May I quote you on that? For us here in the U..S. right now, that is a great motto or slogan and the right way we ought to be thinking instead of acting like a bunch of dumbasses who believe everything the government and media tell us. President Trump is trying to keep his campaign promises but all it takes is for one federal judge – one person – to write a restraining order against a law Pres Trump is pushing forward and that’s it. He can’t do his job if a judge decides (backed by those against Trump) to stop him. It’s very frustrating to be an American today but as you said, we must keep on fighting so we don’t lose everything we have. God bless, stay safe.

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    1. Not sure what the hell you are talking about. Are you? Do you mean PANZER kaserne?
      And are you accusing me of something there Bubba?
      And no I am living no dream, damn nightmare with the current crop of NAZIs ruining out country led by Buck Ofama and WTF is ODs?

  3. I just happened across this post/page a few minutes ago. I just had to post something similar today. I’ve had a blog for a whole MONTH maybe, and have gotten a crap-ton of hateful, anti-gun leftists calling me a “murderer” among other things. A couple have called us “gun nuts” “crazy” and “not fit to live in this world” or “in a sane society”.

    I’m a little sick of the double standards they use. One for them, one for us who have our opinions which differ from their own.

    More of us need to be stating what we think, and ignore these Progressive people with impunity.

    Thanks for saying it loud and clear, Madd. Keep up the good work.

    1. Is called free speech. Is backed by the 2nd Amendment and if they think they are the only ones allowed to ‘speak’….
      They are wrong…

    2. Have you noticed (of course you have) how very extreme people are now with their opposition to opinions? Especially the younger generation. I’ve had people on Twitter actually threaten me and tell me to “go to hell with the rest of the deplorable basket cases” lol
      I’ve never threated anyone, yet someone or someones on Twitter who didn’t like my stance on the last Presidential election actually flagged me or something because the last time I tried to log on to Twitter, I received a pop-up message that said: “This account has been TERMINATED”. It was the extreme left wingers that did it, I’m sure because they couldn’t stand my allegiance to the flag, the Constitution, our Bill Of Rights, and President Trump. I posted links to videos of Hillary when she was having meltdowns. Maybe Hillary herself did it, LOL. Whichever doesn’t really matter, I don’t care for social media anyway. Twitter actually did me a favor because I am not locked onto my laptop anymore. I’m FREE. LOL
      Take care, stay safe.

      1. You’re added, sir.

        Oh, and I hadn’t realized that you already added us to your “Blogs I Follow” list.
        Much obliged!!

        One more thing: I just followed you on Twitter, as well (@KHBudig).
        I’ll do my best to stop by as often as possible…

  4. Stopped by after seeing a link to you elsewhere. Nice stuff. If you’d like to stop by my online home, feel free. And you can always use any material from there.

    Best to you!

  5. I run and we’re one of the largest conservative site in the USA and would like to chat with you about your blog. Thanks!

  6. I like the cut of your jib.
    A blog with an odd mix of guns, devotionals and unapologetic Conservative humor? Yes, please. Well done.

  7. Good afternoon to you! I hate to leave a comment on here but I work for People of the Gun and I wanted to tell you the badge you have of ours is actually broken and I wanted to get the correct code to you so you can replace it.

    We switched domains from to last year so please shoot me an email when you get the chance.

    Thank you,


  8. Love your attitude. I’m the one who is usually “offending” someone, even an entire group of people, ha. I laugh in their face and say “I’ll keep you in my prayers”, which makes many people run away from me, ha. My motto ( one of them) is, “Be the kind of woman who, when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says, ‘Oh crap! She’s up!'” ha.
    Keep on keeping on!

  9. MaddMedic, unless there is a legitimate grammatical use for caps, I would agree with you. Having said that, if you have a commentator who has vision problems, has a hard time seeing certain letters unless they are capitalized, what should be done?

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