New vehicle…

Went in with financing arranged through our Credit Union..

Dealer tried to convince us to go though them for financing..


Tried to sell us this warranty, that warranty, this clear coat job, that clear coat job..


Just sell me the damn car already!!!
Have the money!
You want it or you want me to go down the road??

Was getting my pissed off mood into high gear…

They gave up and quickly finalized the deal..

Here it is..

2005 Honda Accord…

Now my youngest gets my old 2001 Toyota with 160,XXX..




V6 – 255 hp..

Rated @ 29 – 37 mpg.

Loaded with goodies..

I’m happy…

MBWITW is happy..

Just keep it quiet that it is a ‘Hybrid’…


I have a reputation to maintain!!


Really Now?

Found this in my inbox!
Based on the ‘petitions’ I’ve signed?

Based on petitions you’ve signed, you might be interested in supporting Americans for Responsible Solutions.

Americans for Responsible Solutions
Americans for Responsible Solutions, co-founded by Gabby Giffords, works to prevent gun violence.


Help Gabby Giffords take on the gun lobby.
Make a contribution to reduce gun violence.
Donate $10 today.

Dear Madd,

My name is Gabby Giffords. Almost four years ago, when I was serving in Congress, a gunman opened fire on me and my constituents.

I was shot in the head, and it’s been a long road to recovery. But it wasn’t my own shooting that drove me to work for sensible gun policies.

What pushed me and my husband Mark into action was the killing of 26 people — including 20 children — at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Having lived through our own tragedy, we knew what it was like to have those we loved taken away by people with guns. Then Mark and I went to Newtown and saw the pure grief and anguish on the faces of parents and siblings, teachers and neighbors.

Mark and I felt that we had no choice but to dedicate our lives to stopping any other person from knowing the pain of having loved ones taken away by senseless gun violence.

Can you contribute $10 to support our work to prevent gun violence?

Despite our best efforts, grief turned to disappointment when Congress failed to pass legislation that would reduce gun violence in our communities last year. Now the gun lobby is spending millions of dollars, yet again, to block anything from happening next year.

I will stop at nothing to make sure Congress will pass laws to prevent gun violence. But I need your support to make that happen.

Every contribution you make supports our work to prevent gun violence. I hope that you can contribute $10 now. contribute_oct

Thank you for listening to our story, and for supporting our work.

Gabby Giffords
Americans for Responsible Solutions

Donate $10 today

Regaining the Art of Community

Regaining the Art of Community

October 25

"But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin (1 John 1:7).

I have a friend who spent three months living in Israel with Jewish believers. During one of their conversations the Jewish man noticed how often my friend came to visit him only to discuss a project. He turned to my friend during dinner and admonished him: "You western Christians! You always seem to need a program or an event to get together. Why can’t you fellowship with one another just because you love each other!?"

My friend was convicted by his assessment. They began to talk about how Jesus modeled love for the disciples and how they simply hung out together because of their love for one another. "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another" (John 13:34-35).

Jesus often spent unhurried times of fellowship with the disciples. They shared countless meals together. It is often during such times we get to know others at a deeper level.

Love for one another is one of the greatest signs of faith in Christ. However, the pace of life often contributes to a life being lived for the next event instead of a relationship rooted in the love of Christ.

How many relationships do you have in your life that would allow you to fellowship simply because you cared for one another?

Two Ways to Honk a Horn

Two Ways to Honk a Horn
James 1:19-27
"… man’s anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires." (v.20)

We continue meditating on the fourth fruit of the Spirit — patience or good temper. "Temper," someone has said, "turns to bad or good according to what is behind it." Remember that the word "temper" simply means "a disposition of mind" and really requires the words "good" or "bad" to be prefixed to it if it is to be clearly identified. Dr. Stanley Jones says that there are two ways to honk a horn — the Christian way and the non-Christian way. The Christian way calls attention to a situation; the non-Christian way not only calls attention to the situation but it also calls attention to what the honker feels about it. In the USA I once saw a sign on a car that said: "Honk away — it’s your ulcer." Ulcers are usually visible signs of an ulcerated spirit — ulcerated by irritation and bad temper.

Whenever we lose our temper and take it out on people around us, we do the utmost harm, not to them, but to ourselves. The one who is out of sorts with someone else is usually out of sorts with himself. He projects his inner problems on to others and fails to see that the cause and remedy are in himself. I once witnessed a SundaySchool superintendent lose his temper in a committee meeting, and when reprimanded by another for his bad spirit said: "I have to lose my temper in order to get anything done around here." Our text for today contradicts that view. Listen to it again, this time in the Phillips translation: "For man’s temper is never the means of achieving God’s true goodness." Wrong means lead to wrong ends — inevitably.

O Father, help me to meet all impatience with patience, all hate with love, all grumpiness with joy and all bad temper with good temper. In Jesus’ Name I ask it. Amen.

For Further Study
Matthew 5:1-26; Psalms 37:8; Proverbs 14:17
1. What did Jesus teach about anger?
2. Are you angry with anyone?

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