Today ….

Got windshield replaced on the Toyota, the soon to be #2 Son’s car….

Like tomorrow!

Went to the range and put lead downrange from both the Marlin 336 and Remington 760..

Prepping for next Saturday’s Deer opener…

Barrels are obviously bent…

Or maybe my spectacles need adjusting…

Followed by another load of leaves taken to leaf dump…

Makes at least 9 or 10 trips so far this season

Barely made it…

But did..

I’m tired of leaves…and one Red Maple still to drop…



Reason #4: Stop The Incompetence. Stop Mark Dayton.

Reason #4: Considered Releasing A Terrifying Sex Offender
Stop The Incompetence. Stop Mark Dayton.

If only this had been a harmless Halloween stunt, but it wasn’t. A year ago Mark Dayton’s administration terrified many when it considered releasing a sex offender who had raped 60 women.

Reason #4: Considered releasing a terrifying sex offender

Check out the facts:

    1. Dayton’s Department of Human Services Commissioner, Lucinda Jesson recommended releasing Thomas Duvall from Minnesota’s State Sex Offender Program back into the public, and as the process began to unfold Dayton supported her. (Kare 11, 11/6/13)
    1. Duvall’s history is horrific. “In 1978, Duvall was convicted of raping a 17-year-old girl; Five months after his parole he tried to abduct a woman at knifepoint; three days after his release for that crime; he sexually assaulted two girls, ages 14 and 15 and was sent back to jail. Twelve days after being released for that Duvall raped a 17-year-old girl..threatened the victim with a knife” (Kare 11, 11/6/13)
  1. Duvall is a repeat offender who was “committed as a psychopathic personality in 1991” and had at least 60 victims. (Kare 11, 11/6/13)

After public reaction, Dayton later retracted his support. But why didn’t his administration do everything in its power to stop the release process from getting as far as it did in the first place?

Media BiASS: The Pro LIEberal Media….

NBC’s Todd Accepts Landrieu’s Charge the South Not the ‘Friendliest Place for African-Americans’ Like Obama


NBC News political director and Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd accepted the premise of Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu’s charge that anti-Obama racism is behind opposition to her re-election in Louisiana, relaying how she “told me” of the underlying reason for his low standing, which is “more acute here in the South and it was something that” Landrieu “told me has more to do with than his policies. Take a listen.” Viewers the heard her charge: “To be very, very honest with you, the South has not always been the friendliest place for African-Americans. It’s been a difficult time for the President to present himself in a very positive light as a leader.”


CBS Excuses Hillary Saying Businesses Don’t Create Jobs; ‘Just Overshot’ Trying to Please Liberal Base


The broadcast network blackout of Hillary Clinton telling an audience that corporations and businesses don’t create jobs ended on Thursday night as the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley brought it up during a segment that continued the liberal media’s hammering of New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie for confronting a heckler at an event on Wednesday. While CBS deserves some credit for finally mentioning this, they just as easily lost it when anchor Scott Pelley and CBS News political director John Dickerson rationalized away what she said as an attempt to please the Democratic base.


Anonymous Obama Staffer Trashes Netanyahu; ABC and NBC Fail to Cover


As of Thursday morning, both ABC and NBC have ignored the latest rift in the relationship between the United States and Israel as “a senior Obama administration official” told Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was nothing more than a “coward” and “chickens***.” Both the Wednesday evening and Thursday morning newscasts on ABC and NBC made no mention of this story, which further cements the chilly reception Netanyahu and President Obama have shared when in contact throughout Obama’s presidency.


NBC: Watch Jon Stewart Call Chris Christie A D**k!


On Thursday’s NBC Today, while scolding New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for his handling of a heckler, correspondent Kelly O’Donnell declared: “Christie’s week has been a lot like a series of battle rounds, from tangling with nurse Kaci Hickox over [Ebola] quarantine conditions….to the verbal towel snap Christie delivered in a live Today interview when Matt referred to the nurse’s lawyer as talented….to federal health officials who loudly criticized his rules but recommended their own.” O’Donnell then touted a profane attack from the media’s favorite liberal host: “Add the latest pop culture judgment from Jon Stewart.” A soundbite played of Stewart ranting: “Why does Christie have to be such a d**k about everything?”


ABC: Chris Christie ‘Lashes Out’ While Hillary Shows ‘Softer Side’


Good Morning America’s Jon Karl on Thursday couldn’t help but contrast Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton as “lashing out” vs. the “softer side.” Featuring the two possible 2016 contenders, George Stephanopoulos chided, “We’re going to turn to politics now and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie lashing out on the stump.” An ABC graphic underlined, “Caught on Camera: Chris Christie Lashes Out.”

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