Where We Came From


Knowing the true history of the Republic helps one understand who we are (or should be) and how we got to where we are today. Understanding the journey is important. And if one asks how we can know the truth, I would point them to the original documents that are still extant from our founding. Marxist historians cannot accomplish their goal of subverting the Republic and its Constitution by referring to original documents, but to promulgate their lies must rely on the false history that was written after the fact by those with an agenda to denigrate our Founding Fathers, their ideas and ideals, and in fact, God Himself. As George Santayana said, “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

Now, if one learns a history of lies and corruption from documents that do not contain truth, the foregoing fundamental principle still applies. But they repeat…

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Gun Bits …

It’s a Republic and my Rights trump your feelings..

Gun Rights Not Up For “Democracy”


Half Of America’s Safest Cities Are In Constitutional Carry States

When your an asshole…

Warnock Mocks Armed Parishioners, Ignores History

Lame duck??

DeWine Wants Lame-Duck Session To Pass Gun Control


DeWine Responds To Impeachment Charges Against Him Over COVID-19 Restrictions


Globalist Elites at World Economic Forum Tell Public to Start Eating Weeds

Hell no!!! I’ve got some weeds for the Globalists to eat!!

Nwo Report

Source:Ben Wetmore

“Let them eat cake” was just too nice. Now our elites want you to eat weeds instead.

Elites plan to solve global problems by starving you, not producing more.

Globalists want you to eat your yardwork.

They’re at it again. Globalists at the anti-American World Economic Forum are doing what they do best: Soviet-style degradation and humiliation of hard-working Americans who are made to feel guilty for enjoying a cheeseburger. Every day working class people are the only problem they see.

The Forum recently featured 5 reasons why we should begin consuming wild plants to accommodate for global population growth.

The World Economic Forum is an organization whose stated goal is “improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.” Founded in 1971, its headquartered is in Geneva, Switzerland.


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Quick Bits ….

People wake up! Government and politicians of all levels are using this so called Pandemic to establish control. Of you and your lives.

They do not follow any rules, making them up as they go. The Constitution is being trampled and used as asswipe by them.

I was once made a statement long ago. On a gaming forum I frequented, way back in my online gaming days.

‘Rules? What are rules? I don’t need no stinking rules!!’

If they do not want to follow them, why should we???


Insult To Injury: Gavin Newsom Locks Down California, And Then Mocks Small Businesses

America’s New Normal – Silent, Obedient Consent

Supreme Court’s 5-4 Ruling Shows How Religious Liberty Hangs by a Thread

What Do You Call a Country Like This?

When the Ruling Class Needs to Steal Elections

America’s Future Is Liberal Fascism Sporting A Smiley Shirt And Armed With A Syringe

A World Most Could Have Never Imagined Awaits Us In 2021 As ‘The Perfect Situation’ Has Been ‘Created’ For The Globalists To Usher In Their ‘New World Order’

Doctors warn CDC to tell public about side effects of COVID vaccines, number of doses needed

Pope? Of what? I was raised in the Catholic faith, left it long ago..

Popes Ultimate Goal Is A World Church Supporting World Government And A World Economy

Satan’s minion…


Microsoft developing technology that allows employers to monitor body language of employees during staff meetings

What Pro-Second Amendment Moves Are Possible With A Pro-Second Amendment Senate?

Olbermann Unwittingly Demonstrates Importance of Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Hopefully well see Marlin quality return to what it was years ago.

Ruger Completes Acquisition of Marlin Assets

I likes my 336c which is older then yours truly….