Are always bad…When they want to take your Rights away..

Democrats Call for Secret Lists, But Don’t Worry Your Gun Rights Will Be Fine

Sure my Rights will be fine…

On Sunday, Bernie Sanders proposed the establishment of a “list” of “disreputable federal law enforcement officers” He also proposed federal funding to assist states in establishing similar “lists.” When in power, Bernie will surely establish all kinds of such “lists.”

Of course, membership on such a “list” is arbitrary, but permanent, and despite all phoney Democrat/socialist/Marxist/Communist drivel about “transparency,” such “lists” are secret, capricious, and ever-lasting.

Notice article refers to Stalin’s lists also..

And we know how that turned out!!




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We know what doesn’t work – laws that address “things,” not behaviors.

When you’re in a hole, stop digging.


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Being a DemocRAT is apparently a mental illness and should be treated as such..


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That’s asking to much of these assholes..


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Of course they won’t! They are all American hating dipshits!!


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About those ‘non-violent’ Antifa protesters…

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