Say What!!???

I mean really???

Woman finds cougar in living room, says telepathy got it out…

(Mind tricks again!)

Woman finds cougar in living room, says telepathy got it out…
(Walls, for us, but not for you!!)
Walls work?
(Someone call the Nursing home, let them know we found their missing senile old bitch!)
Move over Jake and Elwood, Maxine Waters is on a mission from God. After acknowledging the children in the audience, the California Congresswoman….
(Because you could poke an eye out!!)
San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors has voted unanimously to ban single-use plastic straws, making it the second major American city to do so. The ordinance outlaws not just plastic straws, but also plastic splash sticks, toothpicks, and….
I want compensation, too, Rep. Crowley..
Seattle mayor blows $52 million on new streetcars that don’t fit tracks . This anti-Trump whacko might be the biggest dufus in American politics. The city is filling up with homeless, had to retract the “head tax” after Amazon and…

2 thoughts on “Say What!!???

  1. nootkabear July 25, 2018 / 9:11 pm

    Thanks! You made me laugh after a hard day! I wouldn’t have thought it possible.,,

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